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Self Inspection

How many times have you run off to classes thinking, “Did I brush my teeth?” Well, of course, you brushed them, but do you actually recall brushing them? I don’t. It is a habit to brush my teeth every morning. I do it without really thinking about it. If you ask me, “Did you brush your teeth?” Well sure, but could I be 100% certain? No. I just do it. It is all part of my morning ritual. I shower cleaning my body. I shave my legs, underarms, and pubes. If I shampoo, I make sure to dry my hair and brush it out. I do these things without thinking about them.

This is where the self-inspections come into play. Yes, I shaved my body hair today. Or did I? What if I was in a hurry to get to class, and I simply forgot to shave somewhere? No crime in leaving stubble under my arms, right? Shaving daily means my leg hair never really has a chance to grow. Some mornings, the showers are packed, and another girl might squeeze into your shower stall. This happens often, so no big deal, right? Well, sometimes, when a third girl tries to get into the same shower stall, it gets a bit crowded. I might forget what I was doing, and end my shower before fully shaving myself clean. A self inspection is needed to make sure some campus dress code inspector does not find you in violation.

So whenever they hint of doubt hits me, I quickly make sure I have performed my daily hygiene tasks. Just pull your panties open and look. Feel. Make sure you are smooth. Then you have no fears of an inspector stopping to ensure you are shaven, given your little red panties.

Now, when an inspector does ask you to remove your panties, you can do so with confidence. No more self doubts whether you’ve forgotten to shave or not. Besides, on nice days, isn’t it wonderful to feel the sun and cool air all over your body? Since going naked is not allowed, unless you’ve been cited or given a sentence of nudity, being inspected is one way I can feel the pleasure of being naked outside in the sunshine. A little side note. Wearing red panties attracts attention, even of the most jaded inspectors. Pulling them open to self inspect really draws the inspectors in closer for their own inspection. So unless it is your desire to be fully inspected, I recommend less bright panties, especially for self-inspections.