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Crop top

Some girls complain and complain about the dress code; however, Honey has adapted and thrived on the campus fashions. She loves wearing little crop tops and short skirts. This sort of outfit used to get her in trouble with her high school teachers and principal.

Here at college, it is quite the opposite. She gets wear her little outfits with confidence. She never has to worry about professors or the inspectors seeing her panties or bras. She doesn’t wear any. She can stride across campus without fear of an inspector stopping her.

Quite simple to prove she is in compliance. Since she often wears these sort of outfits, the inspectors know she is good. They tend to seek other girls for inspection since they know she will be in compliance.

Honey only gets inspected on “slow days” and she laughing calls them “show days.” She doesn’t mnd the inspectors doing their jobs. She appreciates them for keeping her from falling back to wearing panties when she knows she doesn’t need them.