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Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 4.0

“WOW” was the collective opinion voiced the following Sunday night. The Ten MuskeTits had finally gotten the chance to review the purloined video. “We sure looked really great.”

“And really hot!” And various other similar comments.

Beth and Miki were astonished. The two of them had lead rather sheltered lives, were virgins before coming to Central University, had avoided becoming aroused during the rare Dress Code inspections they had suffered their first months on campus and, as a result, their “virtue remained un-compromised”. Until now.

Never had either ever dreamed their lives would change so dramatically. Nor had they dreamed they could look so good, feel so wonderful, and be so embarrassed as they were initiated into womanhood. Not that their “first times” were on the video (that experience happened during a previous class, untaped), but Miki and Beth had extremely vivid memories.

The other eight MuskeTits (Jen, Melissa, Ashley, Chrysta, Donna, Audrey, Becca and Nikki) were equally delighted at the video. So delighted that all ten found themselves quite moist. Since the MuskeTits had literally piled into a standard dorm room and were bunched on the side opposite the TV screen, they felt obligated to help each other explore the moisture. That’s what friends are for!

Soon, the room turned into a squirmy mass of tongues, twats and tits. It ceased to matter to whom the girl parts belonged. Everybody brought everybody to several orgasms, and then to one final, simultaneous group orgasm that left them all barely conscious. Not to mention wet and sticky as the room cooled.

Becca and Audrey rousted the mob, reminding the tangle of girls that class would arrive too soon tomorrow. Nikki noted that tomorrow was already here and that they needed to get cleaned up. Sleep would come easy.

The Ten MuskeTits marched to the showers with their black towels, unaware that Lisa and her new friend watched from down the hall. Lisa, her curiosity in overdrive since seeing them come home from the “new night club” Friday night/Saturday morning, slipped into the unlocked dorm room. The smell was overpowering. Marti, a transfer student, saw the TV screen glowing blue and pointed out the tape player on top.

Lisa, knowing how long ten girl showers took, quickly rewound the tape and pressed “play”. “Play” took on a whole new meaning. Both she and Marti watched, dumbfounded, as the preparations for the tug ‘o war contest progressed before their eyes.

“Oh. My. Fucking. God!” Marti whispered. Lisa could only agree. But what Lisa did not know was that Marti’s sexual experience was even less than that of Miki and Beth before they came to the University.

Marti had transferred from Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt Parochial Preparatory School. When she was deciding which college to attend, her ancient advisor, Sister Margaret Magdalene ran across the brochure from Central University of New Town. The Sister, impressed by the academic credentials of the institution, was even more impressed at the obvious morality of any school that had a Code of Conduct for young girls. Without bothering to read the Code, she insisted that Marti transfer as soon as possible to this fine, upstanding college, eager to see at least one of her charges embark on a good, clean path to her future.

Marti, being a typical student in an all-girl school, was no stranger to pushing a dress code. She frequently rolled her uniform skirt waist, showing more thigh than allowed, wore sexier underthings than specified in the rules, and perhaps her blouses were thinner than the Sisters preferred. Marti was a normal teenaged girl, pushing at the boundaries of womanhood.

To Marti, in her innocence, the Dress Code at the University did not seem unreasonable, nor did it appear to differ in purpose from the code at her current school. Marti saw herself as a good girl basically. She did, however, have a secret streak of exhibitionism the new Dress Code might allow her to indulge. Thinking of having to endure an Inspection caused a tingle in her sheer panties, the severity of which she had never felt. Little did she know how hard the streak of exhibitionism would be pushed. Short skirts, sheer blouses and sexy underthings would soon be like child’s play.

Working with the Sister, her application completed, Marti found herself enrolled at the University in mid-year.

Which brought her to Donna and Chrysta’s dorm room this night, dressed, if you can call it that, only in a long tee-shirt with Lisa, dressed in a birthday suit. Why did Lisa not act like any thing was unusual? Why was the aroused girl smell so strong? Where did that tape come from? The questions swirled on Marti’s head until she felt dizzy. She also felt a bit tingly.

Lisa was green with envy. She wondered why her ten girlfriends were in the volleyball gym, involved in some sort of competition, athletic and sexual at the same time, why was it under the supervision of Ms Martin and Coach Wilson and, mostly, why did it seem like so much fun? Mostly, she wondered why she was in the dark.

Never a girl to back away from a mystery, Lisa returned the tape to its original place, grabbed Marti and left the room. Marti, still in a daze, followed meekly, letting the more forthright girl take the lead.

These facts Lisa knew:

The ten friends had the class at the gym Monday mornings.

No other girls in the dorm had any idea what it was.

They had been seen wearing the black towels to class.

They seemed exempt from inspections.

Lisa went into Sherlock Holmes mode, conscripting Marti as Dr. Watson. The girls got dressed enough to sneak off campus and into town. Oddly, there was a housewares store open 24/7 nearby. Two black towels later, they were back in Lisa’s dorm room. Plans needed to be made, plots had to be hatched.

They, in the dark of night, dressed in black, snuck over to the gym. It was not locked. (The Dean, in his haste to leave after getting the camera, forgot to lock the door.) The girls could not find anything out of the ordinary except the empty tripod facing the exercise mats. Marti, like a good Dr. Watson, remembered her Mom’s going-to-college present: an HD video capable digital SLR! All Lisa and Marti had to do was run back to the dorm, get the camera, return to the gym and conceal it in the bleachers. Piece of cake!

Running across campus in a wrapped towel was a novel experience for Marti. Cool night air wafting against her pussy and nipples, the towel flapping open, the chance of being seen and watching the cute Lisa in the same situation combined to excite her beyond measure. Her nipples were so hard she thought they might pop off! Her pussy was leaking like a waterfall. It was all she could do to get to her room.

Lisa was in the same condition even thought she was more or less used to being naked at school. But never like this. She could see that Marti was in a daze again and needed help. Lisa tugged both their towels off and embraced the new girl. Diamond hard nipples pressed together, the girls hugged as only fast friends can. Lisa’s hands fondled Marti’s soft bottom, slipping between her cheeks to feel the wetness. Marti followed suit, finding comfort in the closeness of girl friends.

Without thinking, they kissed and fell into Marti’s bed. Soon, Lisa and Marti were in a sixty-nine, bringing both to a very happy ending.

They realized that time was slipping away and the game was afoot, indeed. The conspirators must get back to the gym quickly, unseen. Unfortunately, the dark of night was going away. Not needing to get quite so distracted, they thought to pin the towels closed this time. The cool air still stimulated their tender girl parts but the towels remained properly wrapped. They were even able to hold hands to celebrate their new level of friendship.

Marti and Lisa entered the volleyball gym, looking for a place to hide the camera. Spying a perch in the middle row, they squeezed behind the seats to place the recorder. The first flaw in the master plan: No way to attach the camera and keep it concealed. Lisa, being the mastermind, pulled Marti’s towel off the startled teen, ripped a strip from the edge, using it to tie the camera to a seat support brace. Lisa draped the rest of the material over it to hide it in the shadows.

Marti, shocked, was frozen stiff, much like her nipples. How had she come to be stark naked, under the bleachers, in the volleyball gym? That slight exhibitionist streak had blown up into a monster. Still very aroused from the return trip, Marti came like crazy on the spot, dropping to the floor in a flood of her own juices. College life was not all like the brochure Sister Mary Magdalene read to her back at Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt Parochial Preparatory School. Not at all!

Eventually she came to her senses enough to notice Lisa’s astonished stares. Lisa knelt down to comfort her woozy girlfriend. Comfort became caress and Lisa went to the same sweet zone as her soft companion. Marti was about to suggest that they tear the remaining towel in two so they could cover sufficiently to get back to the dorm when the doors opened! In trooped the Ten MuskeTits, black towel clad, with Ms Martin and Coach Wilson close behind, barely clad. The under-the-bleacher girls, not so much concerned for their nudity (maybe Marti was more concerned than Lisa), suddenly came to the conclusion that they were trapped in a place where they had no business. And no clothes except for one towel, which could not be torn in two without making too much noise. And no way to exit without being seen.

Nothing for it but to put on their big girl panties and tough it out until the gym was empty. But they had no panties to put on! Marti’s little exhibitionist streak was now a few miles across and she began to hyperventilate. Her excitement became contagious, infecting Lisa like the plague. It was all they could do to merely sit still and quiver.

Yet another flaw in the master plan reared its head: the fancy camera had no remote control. Some girl had to be close enough to press the start button! They best laid plans of mice and teen girls….. At this point, the girls were pretty well laid by one another, but the plan was left hanging.

Lisa, wrapping herself as quietly as she could in the one towel, moved forward to turn on the video function. Being left naked, almost in public, turned on Marti, causing her to blush over her entire cute body creating shades of red never seen. Lisa made it back, sitting naked on the wooden floor beside the cherry-red girl. Removing the towel from herself, she covered both of them as well as she could. Both of them held the other tenderly, hands automatically moving between her friend’s legs trying to sooth the nervousness away. They quietly brought the other to a sweet orgasm, relaxing for the wait ahead. Their juices cooled on the bare floor.

Another flaw: they had no idea that the view screen on the camera illuminated their faces to anyone who looked closely at the bleachers. The master plan clearly needed work!