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Strip To Enter
“No, Crysta, don’t make me go in there!” complained Donna. “It’s one of those ‘Strip to Enter’ clubs.” The girls had been having a fun time — they had dinner at a bottomless buffet (don’t ask) and afterwards they had been going from one club to another, dancing and, well, a little drinking. So far, Donna had managed to fend off all of Crysta’s attempts to get her out of her clothes — she still had on her shirt and jeans.

“Well, let’s just look, then,” Crysta said, taking her adorable roommate by the hand. They watched as the girls lined up to go inside the club. At the front of the line was a little stage, about six feet high.

There was a guy with a microphone, who asked the girl at the head of the line to step up onto the stage. “Step forward,” he said. The girl was wearing a miniskirt and top. She hesitated before stepping forward, but she knew she had to comply, so forward she stepped. The girls saw why she hesitated: no panties. Her pussy was well-lit by lights shining up from the edge of the stage.

“Nice shave,” Crysta commented to Donna as they watched to see what would happen next.

The guy in charge said, “Guess which one: unbutton your shirt, or pull your skirt down to your knees.”

The crowd started yelling. “Unbutton your shirt!” some said. “Pull it down!” others said. If she guessed right, she could go inside the club. If not, she had to wait for another choice. She fingered her shirt for the longest time before finally unbuttoning it. She just stood there on the stage for the longest time with her shirt unbuttoned before the guy with the mike said, “It was sweet of you to unbutton your shirt, honey. But can we just take a little peek inside?” She was afraid he would ask that. But she had no choice. Slowly she opened her shirt, revealing her perky little tits. The crowd quieted down, waiting for the answer (and hoping she had made the wrong choice). After a suitable pause for suspense, the guy said, “Correct! Go on inside. Next?”

The next girl timidly stepped onto the stage. She was wearing a t-shirt tucked into her jeans. “Panties or bra,” said the guy.

The girl hesitated before asking, “If I take off my panties, can I put my pants back on then?”

“Panties or bra!” he repeated. The crowd offered their suggestions.

“Panties, then,” said the girl. The crowd roared. Having committed herself, the girl fumbled with her pants, finally dropping them to her ankles. Her shirt was big enough to completely cover her panties, which disappointed the crowd. “Ohhh,” they said, and then laughter as everyone realized their common disappointment at not having an opportunity to see the girl’s pussy. She stepped out of her jeans, and pulled off her panties, and handed them to the guy with the mike. “Can I put my pants back on?” she asked. The crowd told her no, but the guy just shrugged. She put her pants back on with a sigh of relief.

“I’m sorry,” said the guy. “It was bra. Now you have a new choice: bra or pants.”

The girl thought carefully. Would it be bra twice in a row? She had watched a number of girls already get tripped up with this kind of question. It seemed they always made the wrong choice. Why didn’t I take off my bra in the first place? Now it would be too easy for me to just take off my bra, so it couldn’t possibly be the right answer. “I’ll take off my pants.”

“Good choice,” said the guy. “Go ahead.”

The girl took off her pants once again, letting her shirt cover her naked bottom. She handed them to the guy.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “It was bra again. Now you’re down to just two articles of clothing, your bra and your shirt. Which one will it be?”

Her heart was racing now. She knew her shirt would cover her, and she could just whip off her bra without even lifting her shirt, and slip it over her arms and out her sleeve. Then she would be free. Thank God I wore a nice big shirt that covers me, she thought. But what if it’s not my bra? What if he wants my shirt? Then if I take it off, I can keep my bra on, so at least I won’t be naked. But is it really better to wear a bra than to be naked? Well, yes, she thought. I can cover my pussy with my hand, or I can sit down, and then no one will see it. Plus the psychological feeling of wearing something will help me feel not so naked. “I think I should take off my shirt,” she said.

“Go ahead, then,” said the guy.

That’s just what he said last time when I made the wrong choice! she thought. “No, wait. My bra.” It was my bra twice in a row and I didn’t take it off. What if it’s my bra again?

“That’s fine, too,” said the guy.

The girl pulled her arms inside her shirt and unfastened her bra. Then she put her arms back through her sleeves, and handed her bra to the guy. The crowd hushed, knowing she was down to her last item of clothing. They desperately wanted to hear that she had made the wrong choice, AGAIN. With just the right hesitation, they guy said “You were correct!”

“Whew!” she breathed a sigh of relief, and went into the club wearing just her t-shirt.

“Do you want to give it a try, Donna?”

“No, not yet. Let’s watch one more girl first. If she gets in the club without stripping herself naked, then I’ll give it a try.” The next girl made her way onto the stage. “Oh, look, she’s already topless!”

“Thanks for pointing that out,” she said to Donna.

“Sorry.” Donna put her hand over her mouth. She didn’t realize she was talking so loud.

“Since you’re just wearing one item,” said the guy, “I’ll offer you an interesting choice. You can unzip your pants, or you can unzip them and let me crimp your zipper.”

“Crimp my zipper?” she asked, not understanding.

“Yeah, I’ll flatten your zipper with these pliers so you won’t be able to zip them up again.”

“OK,” she said, unzipping her pants. “Crimp me.”

The guy came up onto the stage, and pulled her pants down far enough to get a good purchase with his pliers. She didn’t resist, even though her pussy was fully visible. Then he squeezed them, destroying the zipper. She pulled her pants up, barely covering her pussy again. Everyone waited to find out if she made the right choice.

“Correct!” he said, and let her go into the club. As she walked in, her jeans fell down, making the crowd laugh.

“Your turn, Donna,” said Crysta.

Donna looked around wildly, hoping another girl would jump onto the stage, but no one was around. “Come with me,” she said.

“I can’t come with you,” Crysta said. “Go ahead. You’re next.”

The guy with the mike overheard her, and said, “Sure, you can both go up together.” Donna mounted the stage and waited. Now it was Crysta’s turn to be bashful. “Go ahead, Crysta,” said the guy. He must have heard the girls talking to learn her name.

“Do you girls want to get naked?” asked the guy.

“Not really,” Donna said.

“Well, think about it,” he said. “because your choice is to kiss each other for a full minute fully clothed, or kiss each other for a full minute naked.” The audience went wild.

“And then we can put our clothes back on again?”

“Yup,” he said, “but if getting naked was the wrong choice, then you’ll have to stay for another challenge.”

Crysta said, “Well, I’m sure naked is the right choice. He wouldn’t dare tease the crowd with the idea, and then not let that be the right choice.”

Donna disagreed. “He wants us to *think* we should get naked. But the crowd would be even happier if we get naked, and then we have to stay here because that was the wrong choice.”

Crysta said, “But if you’re right, then we should keep our clothes on and kiss. And if that’s the right choice, he’ll have to let us go, and then the crowd will be really disappointed.”

Donna thought about it, and finally realized that Crysta must be right. “OK, we’ll get naked and kiss,” Donna said. I can’t believe I just agreed to get naked in front of all these people, she thought.

“I think you should undress each other,” said the guy. The crowd roared its approval.

Donna asked Crysta, “Can I undress you first?”

“That’s OK, I’ll go first,” Crysta replied, reaching for Donna’s jeans. Donna tried to lift Crysta’s dress over her head, effectively thwarting Crysta’s efforts to “pants” Donna. A scuffle broke out as the two girls clawed at each others’ clothing. The crowd cheered and laughed as the two girls fought it out — Crysta with her dress over her head, apparently her one item of clothing, leaving her naked ass mooning the audience at every turn. Finally, the girls managed to rip each other’s clothes off, leaving them lying in shreds on the floor. Without skipping a beat, the naked girls embraced, and kissed each other passionately. They groped and kissed while the crowd hooted and cheered.

They kept at it long after the one minute time limit, so the guy with the mike had to step in like a referee at a prize fight, and separate the girls. The crowd cheered as the guy told the girls they could put their clothes back on. They picked up what was left of their tattered clothes, and put them on as best they could. One of the straps of Crysta’s dress was broken, but she managed to cover her boobs with it anyway. Donna’s pants had been ripped from the bottom of the zipper to the middle of her inseam, and the button was ripped clean out of the fabric, so she couldn’t zip them up or button them. Luckily, she had a belt, which she used to close them. Her pants fit well enough that the zipper hole closed up when she stood up straight, so she felt OK in her pants. Now she just wished she had not lost her panties earlier in the evening. As far as her shirt was concerned, Donna wasn’t nearly so lucky. Crysta had clawed at it, ripping it literally to shreds. She draped the shreds over her sexy body as best she could, barely covering her breasts with the thin fabric.

“I’m sorry,” said the guy, “but you should have left your clothes on for that kiss. You made the wrong choice.” Donna felt her pussy moisten at the thought of further exposure before they would be allowed into the club. “Now you have an interesting choice to make,” said the guy. “But before I tell you what it is, I need to get your solemn promise not to talk about it to each other, and not even to look at each other. Jim, roll in the partition.” The crowd turned to see a man rolling a fabric-covered frame toward the stage. He lifted it onto the stage, and with the guy’s help, positioned it between the girls. “I will give you one minute. In total silence, each of you will decide whether to get totally stark naked. If exactly one of you gets naked, then you will be allowed to go into the club.”

Donna interrupted, “What if—”

“No talking!” said the guy. “If either of you says anything or tries to communicate in any way, you both lose this challenge. The minute begins now.”

Donna was beside herself with frustration. To win this challenge, one of the girls would get naked, but it wasn’t clear if that girl would be allowed to put her clothes on again, or if she would have to go into the club naked. She wanted to ask, but she knew that would disqualify them. So she guessed that the naked girl would be allowed to put her clothes on again. Would Crysta get naked? Probably not. Donna thought, I know Crysta is shy about her breasts, and that she had been after me all evening to loosen up and take off some clothes. I bet she expects me to get naked now, so I should. Slowly, Donna began taking off her clothes, starting with her shirt.

Meanwhile, Crysta was thinking, my dress barely covers my tits any more, since Donna broke it, so why not get naked? I feel sorry for Donna, since I’m always pestering her to get naked. I should give her a break. She peeled off her dress and layed it on the floor. She waited, naked, for the minute to be over.

When the guy wheeled the partition away, the girls looked at each other and laughed, because they were both naked. The crowd, which had been quiet all this time so as not to give the game away, roared with cheers and laughter. “You lose again, girls. Go ahead and get dressed.” As the girls put on their tattered clothes, he continued. “OK, one last game. If you lose this one, you both go in the club naked. Are you ready?”

The girls nod, each one feeling warm and comfortable now that they’re both fully covered, but each one knowing this feeling may come to an abrupt end.

“You will need to agree on this one, and I’ll let you discuss it if you like. As a team, you will choose to give up one item. Will it be Crysta’s dress? Or will it be Donna’s belt?”

As the crowd offered their suggestions, Crysta spoke. “You should give up your belt, so neither of us is naked.”

“But I might as well be naked without my belt, because my pants are broken, remember? Without the belt, my pants won’t stay up at all.”

“But you can hold them up, at least. And even if you didn’t have any pants, you still have a shirt.”

“But what if it’s the wrong choice?”

“Why don’t we cross that bridge when we come to it?”

Donna paused a long time. “OK,” she said, reluctently. “My belt.” She took it off, and spread her legs apart so her pants didn’t fall too far. She covered her face with her hands because she was so embarrassed her pussy was out.

“I’m sorry,” said the guy. “That was the wrong choice.” The crowd cheered, knowing they would soon get to see more of the girls. “Now the choice is Crysta’s dress or Donna’s shirt.”

Crysta said, “The same logic applies. You should take off your shirt, so that way neither one of us is naked.”

“Oh, a lot of good your logic did us last time,” Donna said sarcastically.

“Fine, I’ll take off my dress then,” Crysta said in a huff. She started reaching for it.

Donna stopped her. “No, that’s OK. I’ll go topless so we can both keep our pussies covered, more or less.” Donna took off her top, and let her perky breasts see the neon lights once again.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said the guy. The crowd cheered, and the girls sighed. “No,” he said, “I’m talking to the crowd. I’m sorry, because the girls got it right this time!”

Donna jumped up and down for joy and hugged her roommate. She was oblivious to her pants falling to her knees as the girls danced their way into the club.

That guy is a genius. the best seats to the show are from inside the club. He does find the prettiest girls to strip out of the clothes. And just to keep them coming back, he often lets them win back their clothes AFTER having them strip bare on stage.
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