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After scouring the college looking for pretty girls, one of our fans posted a comment that the first girl in that collection shined with many millihelens of beauty.  She asked for more pix of that cutie.  I found seventeen really pretty pictures of this babe, which show off her beauty.

1. Here she is, falling in love with the camera, as you can clearly see…


2. What an angel!


3. I wonder if she knows she’s beautiful?


4. I’ll admit it, when I see a beautiful topless girl, I sometimes glance at her breasts.  But not so much this beauty; her eyes draw you in, don’t they?  Don’t you love that backlighting?


5. More terrific lighting…


6. Her little smile goes a long way to cheer you up, doesn’t it?


7. What a lovely shape she has!


8. I flipped this picture around to highlight her pretty face, and I’m glad I did.  This may be the best picture in the bunch, although it’s so hard to choose I’m really not sure.  Let me list some of the things I like about it…  Her smile, her nipples, the way she crosses her legs, the way she holds her hand, um, let me think, her smile…


9. Once again, what a pretty face!  And like number 8, she crosses her legs in a way that lends her an air of mystery, while at the same time her arched back says look at me.  I’m lookin’!


10. Just as coy, here she is lying on one side…


11. …and the other.  Is that a smile I see starting to curl her lips?


12. Or is it a pout?


13. No, it’s a smile, or maybe even a laugh!  What a sweetie!


14. What’s the sexiest part of a girl?  Some answers to that question seem obvious until you take a close look at each one of her parts.  I’m starting to think it’s her shoulder.  No wait.  Her lips.  No wait…


15. …her ears?  Her nipples?  Her nose?  So hard to choose!


16. I know now what the prettiest part of a girl is.  It’s her cheeks.  I’m sure of it.  Or her hair, which caresses her lovely shoulders…


17. And here again is the picture that started it all.  Can you see how that could happen?


OK, that’s it.  Are you wondering why I included so few pictures of her pussy?  I recommend you scroll back to the top and start over, this time looking at her more closely.  This girl is a living doll.  The sooner you recognize that, the happier you’ll be!




Hi. Richard Hertz where can i read all ur stories?
Comment By idealisttee At 3/12/2008 5:07 AM

Nice tribute, Dick 🙂

Hi Idealisttee. You can click ‘List all’ in the menu at the top right of the site – or you can insert this url in your browser address line:

Comment By Grinch At 3/12/2008 12:03 PM

thankx you very much grinch, but what i meant was the links to all the contribution by Richard Hertz, you see he’s works is in All over the internet in all the different types of web platforms like blog, web groups and tradional webpages.

What i hope was having a page where all his works(yes! i mean all!) posted on either as a links or in archieved/ziped files.

ps. i have almost read all hertz’s stories. i don t want to miss anything.

Comment By idealisttee At 3/13/2008 6:32 AM

just go here to see all his works:
Comment By carlos At 3/15/2008 6:50 PM

also 2 all the viewers here is his last 3 sites that i know of:




thats all the old sites i know off enjoy

Comment By calos At 3/15/2008 6:55 PM

Whose dick hurts?
Comment By Richard Hertz At 3/17/2008 10:08 PM

Yours does!
Comment By jo At 3/21/2009 1:07 AM

You didn’t need to show any pussy shots. Picture #4 is incredible. The eyes are beautiful. The nose is perfect. Those lips are to die for. The twin points on the upper lip and the pouting lushness of her lower lip, my kingdom just to kiss them. Plus she has nice breasts. I almost didn’t see them. My mesmerized gaze was above. Who is she?
Comment By Boogy At 10/1/2009 6:10 PM

Boogy, you were right about one thing: she is so beautiful and captivating that it is impossible to forget her. It is for this very reason that I was able to recall her name the instant I saw the first picture. She is a Met-Art model that has been praised by all who know of her existence as far as I know. Her name: Goldie A. However, you were wrong about another thing; pussy shots are still an important part of a balanced gallery. It would have been nice to get a pussy shot pre-arousal, as that is when I believe it looks the best.
Comment By …? At 3/31/2010 11:08 AM

You kind of see pussy in picture 7 ?
but i agree with ‘…?’
Comment By Gale At 7/26/2010 5:47 AM

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