Stirrings of Discontent, Part Ten (archived)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Judy didn’t wait for the crowd to start dispersing before she went over to Ashley. Her naked friend was talking with Amanda–her arch-enemy (sort of)—as if there was no animosity between them! She grabbed Ashley’s elbow and stage-whispered in her ear “We need to talk, right now!”

“I know Judes, I know. I know you probably want to skin me alive right now. But you need to know the whole story. Let’s go someplace private, is that OK?”

“I’d like to come too, just so we can get some things cleared out.” Amanda’s request came at a shock to her, but she was getting used to shocks this morning. Judy glared at her for a moment, then nodded.

They walked a few dozen feet from the main quad area and sat down under a huge tree. Both Amanda and Ashley, Judy noticed, had to examine their sitting spot a little more carefully: It wouldn’t do to have ants crawling all over you in that state.

They sat under the shade for a few seconds, then Judy broke the silence. “What the HELL is going on here, Ash? I thought you were my best friend, and here I see you planning God-knows-what with this bitch!”

“Please please please calm down Judes. It’s not what you think. Or maybe it is. It doesn’t help when you call people names. You know me, right? Do you think I would do something to hurt you?”

Judy breathed deeply for several seconds, her method for containing anger. “Yeah, I do. I just don’t like my friends doing stuff behind my back.”
“I know babe. Please give me a chance, please hear me out.”
“I’m listening.” She said this, but her folded arms across her chest and her still-angry glare weren’t very promising.

“Last night, when we were, uh, discussing what you were going to do. I realized a couple of things. First, I knew that you were going to go through with this. You liked being naked, and you couldn’t figure out any way to get Amanda off your back without going all the way, right?”

“Second, I realized that I wanted this for myself. I’ve enjoyed watching you walk around naked for the last month, and you just seemed so happy. I’ve admired you and wanted to give up my clothes too, but I was too shy and too scared. So I needed a big motivator to get me to jump off the ledge.”

In an instant Ashley’s metaphor brought back all Judy’s recent thoughts about Saeko. “And that was. . . ?”

“My best friend was basically forced to do something she wasn’t ready for. But I was. The more I thought about giving up MY clothes, the more exciting it was for me. So after you went to bed, I made a call.”
“To Amandabitch here?”
“You really shouldn’t call her that, Judes. We talked for at least a couple of hours last night. She’s not really a bad person. She’s very passionate in what she believes in. She took it too far, but she never wanted to really hurt anyone.”

Judy glanced at her arch-enemy’s face, and immediately regretted calling her that nasty name. Amanda looked really hurt, and appeared sincere.

“So Amanda and I talked, and we made a new deal. Instead of you becoming an Absolute, I would become one.”

“And so Amanda gets exactly what she wants.”

“No, not exactly.” Amanda’s first words since sitting under the tree caught her by surprise. Her soft voice held some regret, some sorrow, and some actual humility. “I wanted you to give up your clothes, willingly. I wanted to watch you burn your clothes in that quad, take off my own clothes, and make love with you right in this open field. I had quite a few encounters with my toys based on that fantasy!”

She then turned her head down and continued “But then Ashley called and offered me what I had said I had wanted all along: A beautiful girl to spark a new movement on campus, a new chapter of YWNA. And if I wasn’t willing to go along, she threatened me too.” A grin betrayed her sense of amusement.

“Threatened you?”

“Yeah, Judes. I told her that if she didn’t go along with my counter-offer I would notify the head of the YWNA at BlankeSchande. I didn’t think they would be too keen on Amanda’s methods of gaining recruits.”

“No, they wouldn’t. So I agreed to her terms.”

“And there’s more, babe.”


“In return for my cooperation, Amanda has agreed to back off from you.”

“What do you mean?”
“What she means, is that our little war is over, and you’ve won. I’m going to talk to Todd this afternoon. You’d be amazed how accommodating he can be after a 30-minute blowjob.”

Ashley interrupted: “You can do that?”

“Oh, yes, with a little practice. Anyway, starting today no one is going question you. If you want to be a part-time nudist, you can be one. If anyone actually starts investigating why you don’t wear any clothes, Todd will make sure you’re covered, so to speak.”

“So this mean I can wear whatever I want?”

“Not exactly. If you wear any clothes, you’ll be subjected to inspections like any other goofy girl who hasn’t gone Absolute. But if you want to just walk around naked, you can, just like before.”

“Oh, thank you!” Overjoyed, Judy spontaneously hugged Amanda, their breasts crushing together. Judy then gained control of herself and disengaged, slightly embarrassed by the subtle arousal the embrace had engendered.

“So the only question on my mind, Judes, is why are you still wearing clothes?” Her best friend’s sly grin on her face brought one to her own.

“I guess because my two friends haven’t stripped me yet!” She stood up along with the others. The two nude girls wasted no time in pulling the dress over her head. “Wait a minute, what’s this?! Bra AND panties!?” Now Amanda was fully into the game.

“Come on guys, it was for the ceremony!”

“No excuses BITCH! You’re getting naked, and those clothes are going into the trash!” Of course there was a smile on Amanda’s face, so it was clear there were no hard feelings leftover from before.

“Less talking, more stripping!” Ashley cried as she quickly reached behind to undo the bra, while Amanda pulled her panties down her legs. Judy stepped out, and her friends tossed her remaining garments to the side.

There were no further words, nor was there a need for them. It turned out that Judy’s dress did serve a purpose that morning: For at least one of them to lay on while another girl went down on her in the time-tested 69. While two girls tried to burrow their soft tongues as deeply as possible in each other’s pussy, the third knelt by their side, caressing a breast or an exposed butt-hole, just to make things more interesting. Of course, having been raised to be polite, they took turns on the dress.

A few minutes later, while all three sweaty girls lay side-by-side on the grass, Judy contemplated her future. She only had a few minutes before her next class, so they only had a short time to recover. Her arms outstretched above her, she happened to brush up against the dress.

“Can I do it?” She thought to herself. “Ashley’s done it officially, and Amanda’s doing it tomorrow. I know I really want to. I think the only reason I was so mad at Amanda before was because she was exposing my lack of courage. On the other hand, can I really go through with it? Go all the way? Permanently?”

Up until that point, she’d been running the material through her fingers, but at that moment, she balled up what she held in a fist. And knew she had made her final decision. . .
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Hope you liked it. This will probably be the last part I write about Judy and her adventures. I’m usually more of a ‘concept’ guy vs. a ‘details’ guy, and actually writing this out has been very difficult. If anyone wants to pick it up, I would be thrilled. Maybe Saeko, or even Mom and Dad, could come and visit. . . 😉
Comment By Keith At 11/4/2009 6:41 PM
Great ending to a great story! Shows how well things can come about with the help of a conniving friend, or two.
Comment By Blatant Coward At 11/5/2009 6:35 AM
OK, I admit it, I’m a complete comments whore. If you liked the story (or if you didn’t), please let me know what you thought.
Comment By keith At 11/7/2009 12:42 PM
Just back from holiday. Wonderful story. I agree, sometimes close friends know us better than we know ourselves.
Comment By base At 11/15/2009 11:16 AM
I just have to say, a great story. I just hate when stories get boring or monotone after a short while. But here, every chapter had some kind of surprise or highlight that kept the story interesting and me reading.

Since i’m also into d/s, this story was just perfect for me.

I’d love to read more of that stuff 🙂
Comment By gnahgnah At 2/1/2010 4:34 PM

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