Stirrings of Discontent, Part Six (archives)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Taking a deep breath, Judy stepped out the front door of the dorm, took the steps down to the sidewalk, and started on her way to class. She had taken all the weekend to psyche herself up for this, and now the moment had come: the much-anticipated and much-feared confrontation with Amanda. Her sandals scraped along the sidewalk, and she purposely picked up her feet. Her book bag slung across her shoulder carried the textbooks she would need for today, along with a couple of notebooks. Instead of going to the cafeteria for breakfast, she had had her first meal in her room, putting off the inevitable as long as possible. Her chemistry class was the first one of the day, and Amanda usually sat right next to her, since they were going to share a semester project together.

As she passed by students and a couple of teachers, she couldn’t help noticing that some of them stared at her. Of course, they tried to hide it, being polite, but she could still feel their eyes upon her. She picked up the pace a little, knowing that she would be late if she didn’t.

She entered the science building, walked briskly to the classroom door she needed, and sat down in her chair at the long desk that accommodated ten students. Amanda’s head was turned away from her as she sat down, talking to another student. Her former friend, now blackmailer, turned her head, took one look at Judy, and audibly gasped. “Judy?! What in the WORLD are you thinking?!”

Judy just smiled and replied, “Just thought I needed a change of pace.” For Judy was wearing. . . .clothes! Not just any clothes, not like last Friday night when she wore a short thin dress that was almost see-through. No, this was a demure, modest dress that reached almost to her knees! And the top barely had ANY cleavage at all!

“Don’t give me that shit. I don’t know what type of game you’re playing. . . oh waaaaaaait a minute, now I do. I get it. You thought you could just go back to being a textile, huh? Just go back to wearing those. . .clothes like nothing happened, right?” Amanda’s disgust with the word “clothes” showed clearly in the way she spit it out, like a swear-word.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Amanda. I decided to drop my ‘grievance’ and start wearing clothes like normal people.” The air-quotes she made when saying the word “grievance,” along with the wink, made it clear to Amanda that she was still keeping up the pretence of having filed a complaint.

“If you don’t get out of those clothes RIGHT NOW, I’m going to march to the dean’s office and expose your little game that you’ve been playing for the last month. Like I said before, I like you, but this is not cool. You’re not going to get away with this.”

“Again, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now, if you want to bother the dean with something I did last month, go ahead. Do you really think he’s going to pursue it? Go back through the records, find witnesses to interview, go to all that trouble? Really?”

Amanda stared at her and fumed for a moment, then admitted, “No. You’re probably right. But you can forget about being a part-time nudist. If you start walking around naked like you did before, I WILL make it an issue with the dean. And I know you, Sweetums.” Again, her beautiful face broadened into a grin, and now Judy finally realized what her smile meant, what emotion it was expressing. Lust. Amanda was getting off on the idea of stripping Judy of all her clothes permanently, and she was not going to rest until she saw it happen. Her insight into her classmate almost prevented her from hearing what she said next. “You hate wearing clothes as much as I do, and unlike me, you’ve had a taste of freedom for the last month. I HATE covering myself with these nasty things, but I have to in order to accomplish my mission. You’ve gotten used to the wonderful freedom of the lifestyle, and your body’s used to it. You won’t be able to handle it, Sweetie. I give it half a day, and you’ll be stuffing that dress into a trash can.”

“You might be right. You just might be. But it won’t come to that. Follow me after class, and you’ll see.”

With that, the bell rang, signaling the beginning of class. Usually Judy didn’t have that much trouble paying attention, but this time she did. She knew what she was going to do in order to thwart Amanda, but that didn’t change the underlying question: Would she ever be able to wear clothes again, on a regular basis? She was trying to work against Amanda’s plan, all in the name of being free to wear clothes when she wanted to, but why? Why fight for a right to do something that, deep down, she really didn’t want to do? Why not just give in?

No! Ashley was right. If Amanda had just approached her and openly asked for it, she might have volunteered to the first Absolute on campus. But it was the principle of the thing—she didn’t like being forced to do something, even if that person was right in forcing her to do it.

The class bell rang at the end of class, disturbing her thoughts. “Well, here goes nothing” she thought as she rose from her seat and walked out the door, an angry (but curious) Amanda following at a short distance.

Inspectors are pretty easy to spot, and this one she’d seen before. He hung around the science building, and she passed him almost everyday. She boldly walked past him, pretending that she didn’t notice him. She knew that he didn’t have another co-ed to inspect so her modest dress would definitely catch his eye. She heard “Stop! Halt! Inspection! You in the blue dress! STOP!!!” but took her time to stop, letting him catch up to her. He was a little out of breath, but managed to get out “Didn’t you hear me?!”

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. Can I help you?”

“I need to inspect you to make sure that you’re conforming to the College Code of Conduct.”

“I don’t think so. I’m going to be late for class, so I don’t have time for this.”

“You don’t understand. This isn’t an option. Remove your dress so I can ensure you’re not violating the Dress Code.”

“Take off my dress? You can’t be serious! I’m not going to strip in front of this crowd!”

“You either take off that dress, or I can get some volunteers to assist you.”
“Get away from me, you jerk! I’m not stripping for you or anybody!”

“Ok, you leave me no choice. Can someone assist her in compliance?”

Immediately two strong men stepped forward and held her arms. She pretended to struggle, but it wouldn’t have mattered much if she did. Holding her gently but firmly, they prevented her from interfering in any way while the inspector unzipped her dress and pulled it off. Underneath, she was stark naked. She had contemplated wearing underwear for this, but decided against it. Bad enough she had to wear this stifling dress for almost an hour.

He held the dress and performed a perfunctory examination of it, supposedly looking for double layers. He didn’t find any, but the outcome of this little drama was never in doubt.

“Your dress is actually within the Code, but I’m going to have to cite you for lack of cooperation. If you’d just complied with my instructions, this would have taken just a minute and you’d have your dress back by now. As it is. . .”

“No! You can’t mean. . . !” Really, she should try out for a spot in the school play next semester, she thought. Or maybe not.

“Yes, I mean it. I’m confiscating your dress. Here’s your citation, and your hearing is set for Thursday at 11 AM, but for now you’ll have to attend your classes in the nude. In fact, you’re required to stay exactly as you are at all times until the hearing.”

“You can’t do this! You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to FILE A GRIEVANCE AGAINST YOU!”

“Feel free to do that, miss. The Grievance Office is open from noon to one. In the meantime, I think you said you had a class to get to?”

As she walked away, Judy tried but failed to suppress a grin, especially as she caught sight of Amanda. Boy, if looks could kill. . .

As she glared at Judy’s firm ass, Amanda fumed and was about to spit teeth, she was so angry. Then the grin returned. “So that little snit thinks she can get one over on me, hmmmm? She wants to file an actual grievance, and have a real excuse to walk around naked? Is that her plan? Well, I’ve got a little surprise for HER.” She pulled out her cell phone, hit a speed-dial button, and waited for someone to pick up. “Hey, it’s me. Listen, stud, I’ve got a small favor to ask. . .”
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