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Monday, February 23, 2009

Judy stood and leaned against the brick building, a glance at her watch telling her that it was five past eight. She crossed her arms over her chest and let out a nervous sigh. The only thing worse than the prospect of her secret being exposed was the waiting. She thought, “Five more minutes, and then I’m done.”

She had just decided to leave when she heard some light footsteps coming up the sidewalk which led to her spot. Listening more closely, she realized that there was more than one person coming, maybe two or three. She held her breath, and exhaled when she saw it was three of her pretty schoolmates: Amanda, Sophie, and one more girl whose name she couldn’t place. Amanda was with her in her Chemistry class, and they had been assigned together on a semester project. Amanda and she had spent quite a bit of time together, and was progressing beyond acquaintance into friendship. Not to the point of sharing her secret, but getting there.

“Uh, hey guys, whatcha doing here?” she stammered, hoping that whoever was threatening her wouldn’t think that she was defying them and would make good on their threat.

“Hey Sweetie, we’re here to meet you, just like we said. I guess since you’re here you read the note.” Amanda had a strange smile on her face that Judy hadn’t seen before, and it tightened the knot that had been forming in her stomach.

“Wait a minute, the note was from you? What’s going on? I thought we were friends?!”

“Hold on, just calm down, we’re still buds. I promise, things aren’t as bad as they seem. Can we sit down and talk for a minute?”

“Sure why not, since you haven’t given me much of a choice. What do you want from me?”

“Ok, the first thing I want is to find a better place to talk. The reason we picked out this place is not just because it’s out of the way but because it’s next to the woods. Lori here knows a little abandoned shack that’s only about five minutes away, and we can be sure we won’t be disturbed. Please, just come with us, and I promise it’ll be all right. I know it looks bad, but you’ll thank us when this is all over.”

Naturally Judy was very reluctant to go with the three girls, especially her fake “friend,” but she had calmed down from her hysterics of a minute ago enough to join the girls. Not a word was said on the path that Lori took them on: Judy didn’t want to talk because of fear and anger, and the other girls apparently didn’t want to discuss anything until they were assured of absolute privacy.

Finally, they reached the shack in question. It obviously could use a touchup of paint and had a few cracks in the windows, but wasn’t too filthy for them to at least talk. Lori had to yank open the front door which had gotten stuck, and they all entered. The inside didn’t really look “abandoned,” at least not recently. There were some folding chairs and a large notepad chart standing on a tripod. The chart had some scribbling that looked like some names, but Judy didn’t look closely enough to be sure.

Amanda gestured to one of the chairs in invitation, and sat in one herself. The other girls took the other seats. Judy just sat and glared at her for several seconds. For some reason, Sophie and Lori were fidgeting in their seats, and seemed to be the nervous ones in the room.

“Ok, sweetie, first off, let me apologize for getting off on the wrong foot. We debated back and forth about how to approach you, and finally decided that we had to put a little scare into you to get you to listen to us. I’m really sorry about that.”

“So that was all a bluff? You’re not really planning on telling the Dean?”

“Well, not quite. Just hear us out, ok?”

“Fine.” Her glare didn’t soften, and her arms were still crossed in front of her, revealing that she was still guarded.

“All right. Sophie, Lori, me and a few others are the local chapter of YWNA. We’re small, but growing.”

“So it’s like a club?”

“Sort of. More like a non-profit association that brings like-minded people together for a special purpose.”

“What purpose? What does YWNA stand for, anyway?”

“The Young Women’s Nudist Association.”

Judy’s jaw dropped, and she just stared at Amanda for several seconds. As if on cue, both Sophie and Lori stood up and whipped off their respective dresses, and they weren’t wearing anything else. Not showing any modesty, they placed their hands behind their heads, crossed their ankles, spread their knees and leaned back in their chairs, adopting a relaxed pose. In fact, they both seemed much more at ease than a minute ago.

Amanda nodded their way, then stood up and quickly stripped naked like the other two. She casually tossed her thin dress aside and sat back down, grinning at Judy.

“That’s much better. Why don’t you join us and get more comfortable?”

“No thanks.” True, under most circumstances, she would in fact be a lot more comfortable without the dress, but she still wasn’t too at ease among people who had threatened her.

“OK, I understand. But you might want to get used to being naked. If we have our way, you’re going to be naked at lot more often anyway.” Again with the grin.

“Huh? Now I’m really confused.”

“Let me start at the beginning. Have you ever heard of BlankeSchande College?”

“A little bit. That’s the college where girls have to attend naked?”

“Yep. As soon as any girl starts attending and steps onto the campus as a student, she has to be in the nude at all times. But she only has to be naked when she’s actually on campus. If she goes into town, or visits family, then she can put clothes back on. Most BlankeSchande girls don’t wear clothes when they go into town, but a lot of them wear clothes at least when they visit their family. At least at first.”

“So what does this have to do with me?”

“Just be patient, I’m getting there. Among the female students, there’s a group called the Absolutes. These are the girls who have given clothes completely.”


“Yep. In order to qualify as an Absolute, a girl can’t even OWN any clothes. She had made a vow to not own any clothes, and she won’t cover up for any reason. She won’t even use any bed sheets. Just a mattress cover.”

“I’m still waiting for where I come in. Are you guys Absolutes?”

“In a way. The Absolutes have started a missionary outreach, and that’s the YWNA. We believe that EVERY girl, if she feels confident in her body and sexuality, should become adopt the Absolute lifestyle. We’re starting chapters in colleges all over the country, and our goal is to convert every girl we can. It’s only then that nudism can be finally accepted the way it should be.”

“So you guys are kinda like missionaries, telling girls that they need to give up clothes. I get it. For the last time, what does this have to with me?”

“For someone who was scared stiff of getting blackmailed a minute ago, you’re getting awfully snippy. Ok, here’s the problem. We approached the Dean a few months ago, and asked him if we could start a chapter of YWNA here on the campus. They’ve got the chess club, all sorts of political groups, MENSA, so why not us? You might guess how we were received.”

“Turned you down, huh?”

“Threw us out of his office. Kept raving about how they’ve put a lot of effort into promoting modesty among the female students, and they weren’t about to alter the Code of Conduct now or ever. We were pretty discouraged, but we couldn’t just give up. And then I met you in our Chem class, and I knew we had found the One. I noticed you had basically stopped wearing clothes after about a week after school started. By the way, that all-over tan you’ve been sporting is a dead giveaway.”

“I’m sorry, the One what?”

“You’re going to be our Rosa Parks.”
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More Please
Comment By BareLin At 2/24/2009 3:12 PM
Wow, I’ve been noticed by one of my favorite authors of all time! I’m glad you liked my story so far. Chapter 3 is now up.
Comment By Keith At 2/26/2009 12:33 PM

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