Springtime on Campus

Springtime on campus. I heard some of the seniors and juniors talking about how the beautiful weather with the flowers and trees in bloom changes people attitudes. I laughed it off thinking it was just another prank to fool us freshman girls into showing more. I actually laughed aloud. Well, walking across campus after a daylong schedule of classes I just stopped and in my tracks and started laughing again, for much the opposite reason.

You see, all I was wearing was a little babydoll top that I hadn’t bothered to tie closed. Do not ask me why. I do not know. This week was a strange one for me. It started out like most others.

Monday going to classes, I wore a long polo shirt dress. It practically covered my butt, so when an inspector stopped me, I half understood his reasoning. Off came the shirt dress. Rather than trying to hide myself as he made certain the outfit did not have a hidden bra or something, I felt the warm sun on my face and front. I actually spread my arms wide as I closed my eyes and faced directly into the sunshine. Oh, it felt wonderful. It was the pinch on my bare butt that brought me back to reality from my daydream. Inspection over. I could dress and be on my way. I walked off carrying my dress and slowly slipped it back on before entering the building for my class. After class a friend came running over to me to ask why I was wearing my dress with its hem at my waist. I blushed. I had no idea I had spent the entire class bottomless, including standing up reciting my poem for English Lit. I pulled down my hem.

Tuesday morning, I was running late getting ready for class. I knew an inspection would cause me to be late for class, and being late to Professor Higgingbottom’s class meant being stripped and forced to stand the entire class. Many girls skipped his class if they were not in their seats when he entered the classroom. Me? I always made sure I was never late, never again since that first week of class. I learned my lesson. Or so I thought. Today, I was going to be late if I did not hurry and avoid an inspection. I grabbed a sheer nightie. Sure, everyone could see my body through the fine material, but at least I was covered. No groping allowed. No reason for inspectors to stop me. I dashed to class, and went straight pass the row of inspectors on the bridge. I recognized two girls from class. I made it to class just in time. I darted in the door before the professor and found a seat in the front row right by the door. As he started the lecture, the girls I passed arrived at the doorway. One entered the classroom. The other stopped and turned around. The girl stripped without being told and stood next to me. After class, we talked. She just grabbed her dress and carried it as we strolled outside. It was another beautiful day. I mentioned her going nude, and she pointed out I was practically nude myself. Practically is far from being nude in my opinion.

Wednesdays. There is this one inspector who strips any pretty girl that is not showing her butt and pussy. Some of us have realized his ways, and whenever we see him, we simply raise our hems to freely pass. I’ve been known to wear really short dresses, too. Avoiding a full inspection just makes sense. So, that was on my mind as I grabbed something from the closet this day. Something short to avoid inspection. Well, I avoided it without having to raise my hem. I was bottomless. My top would never be confused with a dress. In fact, this top was one I often wore with a skirt. Today? No skirt. Why? To avoid the inspection and having to flash myself to the inspector. Did it make any sense to stroll across the entire bottomless to avoid flashing him for a few seconds? No, but that day, I was not thinking about my southern exposure. I was thinking how it was a beautiful day, and how much I wanted to avoid the inspection. Going bottomless was a bit extreme, and I honestly hadn’t even considered myself going bottomless. I was just avoiding that inspector. Right? justĀ  avoiding him? I ended up walking back with a friend that got stripped by him, and after he returned her dress, I stayed and chatted with him as he undressed several more girls. He actually is a very nice guy.

Thursday is a day I have just one class. A friend text’d me to suggest we lay out after our class and get some sun. I was not surprised to see many other girls wearing a towel to class that day. The weather report was clear sunny skies, and that morning it was already warm. Many of us spread out our towel on the Common Grounds and sun bathe nude. Easy access to the outdoor showers to cool down or rinse off the lotion after finishing the sunbath. Nude? Well, sure when laying out, but for a purpose. And I was wearing a towel to class, like some other girls. Sure, they grabbed a beach towel, but I hadn’t washed mine since my last sun bathing session, so I was wearing a bath towel. Getting my butt cheeks pinched just reminded me how short the towel was. It was either exposed butt cheeks of exposed nipples. And one guy in this class loves grabbing nipples and twisting them. He’s learned to stand back to avoid an “accidental” knee to his groin. The sun felt great laying out in the sea of naked girls trying to get a full tan early. Most of us were not able to vacation for Spring Break where getting full tans was possible. We took advantage of sunny days when we could. I never bothered getting more dressed than my towel all day. No real need to do so. Back at the dorm, some of us grabbed our dinners and sat outside to enjoy the pleasant weather. We used my towel as our dinner table in the grass.

Finally Friday, and me wearing an open babydoll. I did not like going nude if I could avoid it – sunbathing excepted. I grabbed the babydoll as something to wear. I had plenty of time to tie the front, but I didn’t bother to do that. As I walked across campus, the slight breeze slipped the shoulder strap and side off my shoulder. Having the sun hit my shoulder and breast was wonderful. I left the babydoll hanging by one shoulder strap and dangling off my other arm.

As I was returning from a full day of classes, one of the senior girls from my dorm stopped me and mentioned how I laughed about them saying the weather affect girls’ attitudes about showing more. I actually debated her on it as I walked with only my back half covered by the babydoll. I mean I was living an example of how the weather played no role. Right? Well, sure the nude sunbathing, but that we did on sunny weekends regularly and for me, sunny Thursdays. That was different.

Then she said, “Polo shirt not covering yourself. Sheer nighty on Tuesday. Wednesday you went bottomless. Thursday, as you just admitted was nude sunbathing, but also nude dining. Now today, you are practically naked.”

“Practically naked is far from running around naked. See? I was right. You girls were just trying to trick us freshman girls into believing we’d end up exposing more due to the weather. I was wearing something all week. Even yesterday. I wore my towel walking around campus.”

She smiled and gave me a kiss on my lips. She reminded me this weekend was more sunny, warm weather. Perfect weather for us to sunbathe together. I mentioned I’d need to do laundry to have a clean towel for laying out. She laughed and told me I could share hers. I agreed to meet her the next day.

It was after she left, I started laughing. No towel for sunbathing? I was planning on going nude walking across campus. Totally and completely nude. Oh dear! Just the thought of being so exposed on purpose was causing me to think about things I best get to the privacy of my dorm room.


4 thoughts on “Springtime on Campus

  1. MzM

    When will these girls learn that almost naked doesn’t mean naked? I’m still bothered to see how so many of these girls keep clinging to small articles of fabric to preserve the smallest of demure.

    That Wednesday inspector stripping girls who don’t show pussy or butt may sound a bit harsh. But he’s not that different than that teacher that was tough on you so that you’d excel academically. They’re not doing it for any self pleasure. They’re just looking out for you.

    The real world is harsh out there after college. I’ve had to take my bra or panty off in various situations in the work place. Sometimes, they both have to come off. Last week i had to do the full week in office just a panty and black stiletto heels. Things normalize, though. Going to work with your tits exposed everyday becomes easier by Friday. Its Mondays that are a little tough but day by day, you settle into a new comfort zone. Yeah, sitting naked with coworkers and bosses ogling you is very humiliating and often super embarrassing. But you gotta grow up.

    By Friday its often the case my Manager is sick of seeing me in panties because it’s true that they are distracting to my peers. Yes, i preserve a tiny moiety of modesty with them, but guess what? Everyone is wondering what my ass and pussy looks like through my panties and it really impacts productivity. So when i see my Manager give me that look, i know i better take my panties off.

    When you do that, just keep in mind, the panties usually weren’t covering much to begin with. Plus, if you’re like me you can give them as a present to one of the boys in the desk over. They love to sniff them and that way you can bribe them into doing a bit of your work.

    Thanks for that story, base.

  2. Jason

    Ok I just shot some cum after I saw these beautiful big natural breast, I Love it! Oh my tight little penis has just sprayed the price! I love you LOL!!


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