Rooming with the Swimteam: Part I

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This is Victoria, my roommate.


I know what you’re thinking. Yes, this school does allow coed rooming situations. No, she is not my girlfriend.

Let me back-up. As you know, our school’s athletic department as well as the number of student athletes attending our school has almost tripled in the last ten years. This is due mostly to the fact that girls’ sports have become so popular with the student body and community. People say it’s because of their new away game uniforms…


…or their home game uniforms…


…but either way there are always plenty of well-toned and sporty young girls on campus who, due to the our great institution’s dress codes, are usually in some state of undress. At first my girlfriend didn’t like this, and even insisted that I instead join her at the community college across town! Obviously, I didn’t listen.

Being a distance runner myself, my freshman year I registered for the all-athlete dorm on campus, thinking that I would have an easier time rooming with other guys who were as regimented about their training as me. I’ve always been a disciplined student-athlete, and viewed my training as a passion and profession. After all, I had a full-ride, so my entire education and future depended on how I performed. I hoped that the housing department was able to match me with another runner from the team, someone who I could train hard with, but who still liked to have fun. College was supposed to be fun after all.

So on move-in day last Septmember my mom, dad and I showed up with all of my stuff, ready to move me into a room that hopefully also housed another dedicated guy from the track team.

Instead, upon walking through the door we were greeted with this view


“Oh my gosh hi! My name is Victoria. It’s so nice to meet you!”

She was definitely not what I had expected. My mom just stared, her brow furrowed, and my dad, well, he tried to look away, but something about Victoria kept all of our eyes fixed.

Her bright pink swimsuit—if you could even call it that—barely covered those large, perky breasts, which happily were big enough to push the suspenders away from her skin, leaving very little of her wonderful body left to imagination. Even so, my imagination, at this point, was running wild.

“Oh where are my manners?” she said and walked forward, arms outstretched.

She proceeded to hug each of us in turn as we introduced ourselves to her. First my disapproving mother, who seemed to shrink back as if in horror, and then dad, who put on an air of great reluctance for my mom’s sake. And these weren’t side hugs either. Victoria fully embraced both of my parents, and I could see her beautiful tits and luscious hips press in tight against their bodies for several seconds as she hugged them.

By this time I had a raging, barely concealable hard-on under my athletic shorts. As Victoria turned to me for our introductory hug, a thousand thoughts flashed through my head. Will she notice my boner? Will it creep her out? Who the hell is this girl and what is she doing in my room, on the men’s side of the dorm, dressed like this?

But it was too late, Victoria stepped forward, leaned in, and all at once I felt her warm breasts squish up against my lean frame, felt her soft cheek brush against mine, and found myself wrapping my arms tightly around her. Suddenly, she pushed her hips in close, and I felt my protruding dick slip between her uncovered thighs and slide under her pussy lips. The only thing between us were a couple thin layers of fabric, and I could feel the moist warmth of her pussy through them. It was all I could do not to cum at that moment, though if my parents hadn’t been there, I may have just let it happen.

Victoria backed away, seemingly unaffected by the fact that my member had just pressed so obviously against her pussy. Like playing “just the tip” with our clothes on.

“I bet the three of you are wondering why I’m here” she said cheerfully, tits bouncing as she talked.

I mustered a nod.

“Well with all the new recruits for the women’s swim team this year, there was just not enough room us. So the housing department gave us this entire floor!” She said excitedly. “With the exception of course, of you.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “I was told that this was my room, room 304. But now you’re saying that this whole floor is for the girl’s swim team?” This girl was a total babe, but she wasn’t making any sense.

“It is,” she said, “and you’re right! You see, your application stated that you really wanted to be placed in this dorm with another hard working athlete, and since my roommate transferred at the last minute—something about not liking the dresscode here—they put you here with me! In 304. See? Both of our names are up on the door.”

Sure enough they were.

“Ahhh…” my dad said. “So that’s why you’re wearing, umm… that little outfit” pointing to her bikini.

“Oh this old thing? It’s just one of my old competition suits” Victoria said as she looked over her shoulder at the mirror behind her.


“It’s really seen better days. See how loose it is up here?” she said, thumbing the suspenders.


“These silly things are always slipping right off when we’re at away meets. Don’t get me wrong I don’t care that it leaves my tits hanging out, or even that the boys ogle me. It really just slows me down in the pool.”

I could hardly focus on what she was saying, instead straining to catch another glimpse of her glorious nipples as she spoke.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up. “Oh my gosh, since we’re roommates now, would you guys like to see our new suits? They’re sooo cool. Stay right there.”

Before we could protest, Victoria was around the corner and rummaging through a drawer that she had evidently already unpacked into.

Meanwhile my mom had silently given up her disapproval. Victoria did seem very sweet, and if she was going to be her son’s new roommate, then it would be better to get off on the right foot. She exchanged glances with my dad, who just shrugged.

We heard Victoria coming back. She must have found what she was looking for, I thought.

“Oh well. I’m so sorry guys! I think I left it in my friend Carli’s room. I can’t believe I misplaced it already!”


For the second time that day, my parents and I stood stunned by Victoria. Her now completely nude body was just a few feet away from us. We could see every inch of her slender figure. Her pussy was completely shaven and I even noticed that her labia was partially visible. And those tits!

Sensing our shock and glancing at my now obvious bulge, she said “what, did you not read the school’s dress code?”

“No” I replied. “Err, not completely anyway.”

Victoria just smiled. “Well, we have a lot to catch up on then. I think this will be a fun semester”.

…to be continued…

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