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What should a girl do if she wants to wear one item, but it’s raining outside? This is the problem I faced last night when I went out to dinner. My girlfriend challenged me to wear just one item of clothing to dinner. No problem, I said. I picked out a sexy minidress, and was all set to go out when I saw it was raining. I put on my raincoat over my minidress when she saw me and said “Uh uh uh”. Wagging her finger at me, she told me I agreed to wear just one item of clothing.

My raincoat, then. I’ll just wear my raincoat. She said OK, but I would have to check the raincoat, and eat dinner naked.


I didn’t know what to do. My only two choices were to ruin my sexy minidress in the rain or else eat dinner naked with her laughing at me. Luckily I thought of another alternative! I have a “raindress” that I bought a long time ago for exactly this kind of occasion. It’s a plastic dress that can be worn in any weather. In the rain, it keeps the drops away. In the sun, it lets me tan.


I admit, this dress is a bit daring, but it sure beats sitting there naked, We had a wonderful dinner, and I enjoyed the chance to prove myself in spite of all the obstacles nature placed in my way!


Another solution to the rainy day problem is to carry your outfit in a baggie. Once you reach your destination, you can wear a dry outfit. Of course, your skin will be wet, but if you can wait a couple of minutes before dressing at the restaurant, your skin will dry.

Some girls prefer the fashionable wet tee shirt look for rainy weather. Think about it. All across America, fashion competitions are held devoted to the wet tee shirt. Next rainy day, when your raindress is at the cleaners, join the wet tee shirt fashions.

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