Preventive Medicine Health Project, Second Session

A week had passed since the first meeting in the volleyball gym. They took it easy, went to classes, and acted normal. The Dean had given each of the girls special bracelets, exempting them from Dress Code inspections. He needed them to be in a natural condition. Knowing the rules and being good girls, all ten of them followed the Codes as closely as possible, anyway.

No one wanted an inspector to have any reason to notice her at all. The rare inspection exemptions would only make the inspectors be extra strict with the girls when they had to turn in the bracelets.

Their careful Code compliance seemed to work. The normally shy girls dressed, if you can call it that, in a manner that removed any question of whether or not they were following the Code. The women’s wear sections of local shops enjoyed a very good sales week. Several were totally sold out of see-through, fishnet, and extremely brief clothes.

The inspectors could merely look on in admiration. Quite a few of their classmates hoped that a new trend in fashion was starting.

Chrysta, Donna, Audrey, Melissa, Becca, Ashley, Jen, Nikki, Mika, and Beth talked things over often during the week. None of them could come up with a way to solve the issue that stymied the instructors at the first session. Namely, the jump rope ball end size to give each girl to test their Kegel muscles during the tug ‘o war competition.

(Read “The Preventive Medicine Health Project”, posted Dec. 28, 2012, for all the incredible details of the inaugural class.)

Meanwhile, Project Director Megan Martin and PE Teacher Eddie Wilson dismissed the idea of using the four boys drafted into being tools to measure the relative vaginal tightness/size of the ten participants. Too many variables in the equation for the peer review process. In order for the Project to be awarded certification, the results must be duplicated successfully by independent scientist/educators at other similar institutions. It was important for the University to remain at the cutting edge of academia.

Finally, they decided that the only way an accurate, fair measurement could be made was to use the same tool on every subject. Eddie’s tool was the best choice for many reasons. The Director knew intimately the dimensions of said tool, Mr. Wilson had signed the Non Disclosure Agreement with respect to the particulars of the Project, and he had been an experienced inspector during his collegiate days were chief among the stated reasons.

And Eddie Wilson never suffered from “stage fright”. This trait was necessary to the test.

Monday morning, ten beautiful girls, dressed in their unbelievably Code compliant gym uniforms, strolled to the volleyball court. Jaws dropped, penises raised, nipples poked everywhere as the fashion standards were lifted once again. Campus inspectors did a land office business all day.

While normally modest, the girls saw no sense in wearing more than the bare minimum today, because they would quickly strip down in class. Good college girls so busy studying, had little time for laundry. The less worn, the less to wash. Just common sense.

Chrysta, Donna, Audrey, Melissa, Becca, Ashley, Jen, Nikki, Mika, and Beth removed and neatly folded their uniforms. Becca took them to the corner of the court, placing the uniforms in a stack. An amazingly small stack, barely ten tiny items total.

All ten lined up in a straight line as Ms Martin called roll. Megan naturally wore the same barely lip-length, scoop-necked tee-shirt as last session. She graduated the year before and ingrained habits are hard to change. Megan also thought that her behavior might help put the girls at ease.

Mr. Wilson wore silk boxers. Comfort is king when engaged in strenuous research.

Ms Martin called the class to order explaining the new methodology. To insure strict fairness in the test their relative vagina sizes would be judged by Mr. Wilson alone. Ms Martin would make digital confirmation, before and after the judging round.

The upcoming Peer Review of the Project results report required close examination at every point in the process. The University’s reputation in the academic world rested on their diligence. Megan and Eddie took their responsibilities seriously.

Audrey, Melissa, Ashley, and Jen thought the method unusual but really the best way. Donna, Becca and Chrysta were willing to go with the flow. Another day at school.

Mika, Nikki and Beth having somewhat less experience at school than the others, suffered some nerves, but the University was depending on them. The three had agreed, participated in the initial session and the result, while surprising, was quite pleasant. Besides, college was a time for personal growth. Noticing Mr. Wilson’s preparedness, they decided that his “personal growth” was soon to be a part of their college experience.

Megan told Mika to get the lubricant from the equipment locker. The girls paired off, every pair getting one tube of KY. As before, a girl applied the gel to her partner. Ten pussies, already moist in anticipation, were softly and gently lubricated for the test. The eleventh, seeing the thoroughness of the girls actions, positively dripped in approval. No matter how the Project went, these girls were going to receive excellent marks in classroom participation.

Ms Martin, seeing and smelling how ready the girls were, lined them up. She had them lean over resting their palms on their knees as she confirmed their wetness. Digitally, Megan gently probed and massaged each pussy as required by the new regimen, pushing each girl nearly over the orgasmic edge.

Mr. Wilson doffed his boxers and donned a blindfold, making sure his decision would be impartial. The scientific method mandated a blind test.

Megan, holding him by his erection, led him to the first to be judged. Eddie was more than ready to start. Ms Martin placed him in position. Mr. Wilson entered slowly, taking care to savor the sensations, as he knew that Ms Martin was recording his opinions.

Eddie, in the best interest of the Project, stroked several times as Ms Martin massaged the girl’s clitoris. They had determined beforehand the orgasmic vagina clinch was an important factor in gripping the jump rope handle during the tug ’o war. The girls appreciated their consideration of all factors involved.

When the first girl came, the instructors moved to the next subject and repeated the procedure. After the fifth, Eddie panted to Megan that he was on the edge himself. He could not come inside one of the subjects and upset the uniformity of the control lubrication. Megan therefore bent over and told him to shoot in her. Megan was so primed that she came almost as soon as he entered her pussy. He followed immediately with his orgasm. Megan was glad she thought of such an elegant solution. Not to mention that it left no splat to clear from the floor.

They resumed the judging until the tenth girl had reached completion. Megan and Eddie requested that the girls keep in their positions while the results were tabulated. It was very close. Mr. Wilson needed to re-enter each test subject once or twice again to double-check the result. Again the girls appreciated the search for fairness shown by the instructors.

In front of the group of witnesses, Eddie then fucked Megan again to fulfill the double blind requirement of the project. Both were about screwed blind, by the time the session was over.

Ms Martin told the ten students that the results would be revealed at the next class meeting after she and Mr. Wilson verified the numbers. Passes were given to all so their professors would excuse the absence during class, but each girl had to make up the work. They were still in school, after all!

Chrysta, Donna, Audrey, Melissa, Becca, Ashley, Jen, Nikki, Mika, and Beth strolled to the showers. They cleaned each other through and through until they sparkled.

Forgetting about the gym uniforms, the girls wrapped themselves in clean towels and went back to the dorm. Homework called.

4 thoughts on “Preventive Medicine Health Project, Second Session

  1. base

    “Good college girls so busy studying, had little time for laundry. The less worn, the less to wash. Just common sense.” Indeed, yes, common sense. I wish common sense was not so damn uncommon.

  2. Keith

    I had almost forgotten this story, wasn’t really expecting a sequel, and lo and behold a very pleasant surprise! I enjoy what i’ve seen so far, looking forward to more.

    1. photony Post author

      We have yet to chronicle the actual tug ‘o war Kegel muscle strength competition! How could the story end now? Incomplete stories are a no-no.

      I wish Chrysta’s Outreach Program would continue.


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