Preventive Medicine Health Project Part 5.9

The two teachers launched into the testing phases immediately. The new girls got tested first. The object was to calculate how much force was needed to pull the plug from each subject’s vagina. The digital scale, attached to the pink plug, was pulled slowly until the plug popped out. The measurement process was repeated on all the girls.

The plugs were inserted again, turned, turned to ‘high’, and the sequence repeated again with each subject undergoing vaginal stimulation, measurements being dutifully recorded by the assistants.

The final phase consisted of measuring the force required to remove the plug while the subject was in the middle of an orgasm. The subjects were aided by one of the assistants who massaged the subject’s clitoris until orgasm was achieved. The subjects were released from wall bondage and helped to the mats where they recovered from the tests.

The four assistants collected the pink devices, taking them to the locker room where they were cleaned thoroughly and wiped with alcohol towelettes. The helpers rounded up the balance of the testing supplies, storing the equipment in a cabinet in Coach Wilson’s office with the clean plugs.

The test subjects recovered quickly. They were, after all, teenaged girls with very resilient bodies and minds. Ms Martin set them to work making the gym tidy enough to sleep comfortably tonight. The assistants had returned by this time. Everyone pitched in to police the area. Conversation was minimal. The teens, as they moved around the gym, quietly assimilated the experiences each had been through. To a girl, they knew they had become stronger, more feminine as a result.

Once the girls’ new home was presentable, Coach Wilson hustled the group to the showers. He and Megan joined in the gentle fun. The polished and shiny bunch piled onto the mattresses, waiting for sweet sleep. Soon the only sound in the room was the soft breathing of happy tired teenagers. And two equally pleased teachers. No one remembered having a final thought.

Thursday morning greeted a tangled mass of warm teenaged girls piled haphazardly on, under and around themselves and the teachers. The first to move awakened the whole group, which devolved into a huge tickle fight. The giggling eventually subsided as the girly mob became extremely interested in breakfast. Eddie assured them that they had the cutest bed faces ever seen on the planet. The teens blushed all over. He told them that their sweet bodies were cute in the morning, too. That got him brighter blushes. He and Megan went to the office to check messages and confirm delivery of the new furnishings. Both were astonished at what they found out.

In the kitchen, the teens made scrambled eggs, toast, bacon and hash browns. Armed with juices and coffee, the bubbly cooks delivered the whole feast to the conference room. Breakfast was consumed quicker then it took to make.

Eddie and Megan addressed the sea of happy satisfied faces. Megan said, “We are going to get you all excused from classes today. The disruption caused by the near tragedy at the dorm has thrown the campus into frenzy. We do not need to add to it. Assignments will be emailed. Facilities and Purchasing have made miracles. Your entire wish list will be here today!”

Eddie had to wait several minutes for the cheers to end. “We all need to forget the dress code for most of the day and wear comfortable, sturdy clothes. I do not want you scraped or bruised while we move the new furniture into place, then move it some more. I anticipate a busy day.”

Megan rushed the teens off to find them something more protective than the slightly colored air they usually wore. Between Eddie’s gym wear, extra volleyball uniforms and the few things the girls had, all were suitably attired to work their cute butts off. And they still radiated girlish sexy innocence. It was incredible how the babes maintained that aura. They soon passed the new inspection. Eddie and Megan pronounced them the cutest schleppers ever.

Megan had them move every thing they owned into the office or conference room and lock it up.

There was a knock at the door. Eddie answered as Roxanne’s voice asked; “Ya’ll decent in there?”

“Not now, not ever, but come on in.” the girls chorused. Roxanne entered with a crew of women ready to move the world.

“The furniture and appliances will be here soon. Let’s clear the decks make you a new home fit for princesses. Ladies, you know the drill. It’s party time!” Her crew laughed and set to work like a well-oiled machine. The teens followed suit. Mattresses and mats were stacked by the ladder wall to preserve the testing space. Floors were swept and mopped.

A parade of delivery people, flat trucks and hand trucks trooped into and out of the gym for the next three hours. After the vans were empty and the bounty unpacked, Eddie called for a break and ordered almost the entire deli menu. “Please deliver ASAP. We have some dangerously hungry people here.” He warned, hearing the laughter through the phone.

The mob walked around the space, knowing exactly where everything belonged. Using flat trucks and furniture glides; they moved things around until stuff was generally in the area it needed to be.

The deli guys arrived and saved the day. Everyone washed up, delivery people, teens, Roxanne’s crew included. They settled on the floor to eat. Roxanne would not let them use the new seats until they had clean duds. “No way am I going to let it get dirty before I leave!”

While they munched, Eddie asked how the ‘conference’ with the contractor went. “I let him live but it was close. That no-good bastard threatened my girls for a few pennies extra profit!” she growled.

One of her guys said, “Yeah. Roxy went all mama bear on his butt. We thought we might find enough pieces to fill a pizza box at his funeral.”

“I let him live so the cheap bozo could pay up, for a long time. It will be a cold day in Ecuador before the Dean gets his claws out of that creep’s ass!” That cracked up the room.

The guy said that she really didn’t punch him out too much but he wet his pants before she stopped “chewing him a new asshole. It matches the one the Dean’s wife gave him.” They continued the meal in companionable laughs and chitchat until Boss Roxy sent everyone back to work.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but if Roxanne had been foreman on the job, they would have finished before lunch and started on Naples!” Eddie said. Roxanne laughed and told him to move that sofa two feet to his left.

Megan watched Roxanne good-naturedly push her crew hard no harder than she drove herself. She worked smart with minimal wasted motion. She seemed to see the room and the contents as a giant puzzle with one optimal solution. It did not take her very long to see how the pieces fit. The girls responded well to Roxy’s attitude. ‘They could have a worse role model’ she thought.

By sundown, Roxanne, her crew and the delivery people happily trooped out, leaving no trace to suggest that the gym had ever looked different. Testing, sleeping and living areas were well defined and arranged. They actually left room to play volleyball! Megan and Eddie built generous tips into the delivery invoices where possible. The ‘generous’ contractor took care of the Facilities crew through the Department overtime charges.

Eddie locked up behind her and the very happy but exhausted girls followed Megan to enjoy some much-appreciated showers. Voluntarily, the teens stayed gloriously naked when they entered their new home. Eddie and Megan did the same. They young girls still tittered at exposing their pretty titties but Megan thought the teens liked the teensy thrill. Eddie appreciated how perky that little thrill made the girls. Megan noticed how perky he became looking at perky teenagers.

Ms Martin lightly gripped Coach Wilson and led him by his dick to the conference room, calling out to the girls to “make some dinner before the big monster devours Tokyo.” The giggling girls took a good hard look and decided to take their time. Eddie growled comically and was led to his seat. The crazies headed to the refrigerator, arguing about who got play the part of the Ginza Strip when Godzilla rose from the sea.

They threw together a light dinner of baked chicken tenders and a chef salad, serving it up on the huge table. Most of the talk was about how cool it was that they all lived together. The sense of serendipity included the realization that they might have been blown to smithereens if the Coach and Ms Martin not made plans to upgrade the dorms.

“Most us might be only a memory if not for the Project and our experiences as parts of it. No matter how far out of our comfort zones we were lead, we are better, more feminine girls because of it. The pain really does become almost unbearable pleasure and if not for Ms Martin and our Coach, we might never know what being a strong, resilient girl was or what it felt like to be really alive in all senses.” On Donna’s passionate declaration, dinner was adjourned, the room cleared and the kitchen cleaned. Dishes, too.

It was late, the girls were tired, physically and mentally, so they all crashed on the giant bed in a warm soft heap. Eddie checked the doors and doused the lights except for a light above the testing area, using it a nightlight. He crawled in among the pile of girly parts and nodded away. Godzilla would have to wait for morning. The all had Friday off school. And he had a volleyball game Friday night. Sleeping late sounded better and better.

They did, indeed, sleep late. To the college girls, getting up at 9:00 am was positively sinful. What Audrey, Jen and Beth did to Eddie’s morning glory was pure heaven. They took turns, switching off before he blew. The four assistants, having missed the grand finale last night, took face rides. A good time was had by all, especially Georgette, who asked the other girls if they minded if she tried something she had read in a cheesy romance novel. It was called Sixty-Nine. The girls were stunned. Little Georgette was crossing a line.

Megan was pleased. This young girl, whose every sexual experience had begun somewhat involuntarily, was politely and very shyly, asking permission to try a new position. Curiosity had overcome her embarrassment. Georgette wanted to push her own envelope and must be feeling secure enough to let her new family watch and assist.

The teens put Eddie on his back. They had Georgette straddle his face on her knees, helping at every step. Georgette was blushing hotly. She radiated embarrassment. Claire spread her knees further apart, dropping her pussy onto Eddie’s questing tongue. The brave little girl jumped like she had taken an electric jolt.

Marti got Georgette’s attention and pointed to the dick in front of her. “You know what to do. Lick Master’s cock like a lollypop. Wrap your lips around the head and suck gently.”

“I can’t reach it. I’m not tall enough. What do I do now?” Georgette sounded disappointed.

Crysta propped Eddie’s head (the one with a face full of Georgette twat) up with a pillow. “Looks like you need another pillow. That little hussy is really short!” Donna observed.

Now the show could go on. It took three pillows before Georgette could reach her goal without losing contact with that talented tongue. The eager teens continued to give her tips and pointers. “Never let your teeth touch, that hurts. Swirl your tongue around; boys say that feels real good. See how much you can suck in. Stop when your gag reflex kicks in. Do you like how we taste on Coach’s dick? We spiced it up just for you. Now fuck that cock with your face.”

“How does it feel when Coach licks your pussy? Wait until he finds your G-spot and sucks your clit at the same time. Wow. Coach wet his thumb in your cunt juice. He’s going to stick it in your ass. Feel it going in? If you ask politely, maybe he will butt fuck you while we watch you give him your last cherry.”

Georgette was in a daze. She wanted it all, but was asking was too humiliating to bear. But if the Coach or the Director or the teens made her do it all, then it was OK. It was not her choice to feel guilty about. Georgette needed them to ‘force’ her to do what she was afraid of and wanted so badly.The humiliation and shame made it better. Much better.

“He’s going to cum. You better swallow every drop. Good cunts don’t spill.” She rammed her head down as she came as hard as ever. She felt his dick go down her throat and start spurting straight down her throat. She came harder. Eddie lifted her off his face, spun her flopping body around and sat her on his cock.

Georgette felt the sudden motion then, felt his dick fill her pussy in one stroke. Georgette could look down and see what everyone else had seen: his fat dick pumping in and out of her soaked cunt. That is what she saw, her slutty cunt. She could see and feel it being stretched open at the same time. She could see the others staring at her stretched cunt. She watched her fingers play with her pussy and could feel their eyes see her pussy clinch the dick that had been in every girl in the room. She felt her breath leave her heaving lungs behind the tits his hands were torturing so well. Georgette could feel the bones keeping her body whole turn to jelly. Her orgasm filled her world. Eddie’s orgasm filled her cunt.

Coach lifted her one more time. She felt him enter where his thumb had been before. It didn’t hurt bad. It hurt good. So good. She pumped on her own power, powerless to stop. His fingers replaced hers at her wet pussy. Everyone watched her clit move under his fingers. Georgette put her arms back, propping her sweaty hands on his knees. She felt her tits thrust out, was proud that girls wanted to be her. “Please, my titties,” she heard her smutty mouth beg. The same mouth that sucked her first cock and swallowed every drop. She knew it was Thea and Franny pinching and twisting her inflamed nipples. She needed the girls to know how hard they were. She didn’t have the words to tell them how deep he was.

Her world narrowed to the strange feeling of the Coach coming in her ass, filling it up until she felt it spurt out. Georgette screamed her joy as she had the most intense orgasm ever.

She collapsed on his chest trembling, crying and laughing and hugging the Coach as hard as she could for what seemed like hours. She felt complete. She been taken every way possible and had given everything and was proud that she had allowed them to make her do what she was too ashamed to admit needing.

The girls were in awe. Georgette took her self around the world in 60 minutes. Megan revised her opinion: Georgette was not expanding the envelope. She blew that bitch to pieces.

Twenty people lay around the bedding catching their breath. “Georgette. You seem to have come out of your shell. Are you OK?” Ms Martin asked, reaching out to hold her hand. Georgette nodded, hiding her face in Coach Wilson’s chest.

“Ms Martin, not only did she come out of her shell, she blasted it to pieces.” Donna said, “And that is how you play the girl game.”

“I hate to be the one to break this up, but we have a busy day. We need to do the morning thing quickly. The team will be here at noon for a last minute light workout and strategy session. We travel to our last regular season game tonight. They need the open court.” Coach began, “Let’s get the bedroom straightened up, our faces fed, and bodies showered. Dress code for the day is whatever you want, or don’t want. If you must go out, and I do not advise it, dress warm. It’s cold and wet. Make up a grocery list. We’ll call it in. Turn the storeroom into a pantry if you have to. We will probably be here for at least a year.”

The teenagers loved that idea. The sisterhood had a home.

“And we need to do some laundry. We have two day’s worth, plus a truckload of towels and linens. Some of you might have class work to catch up.” Ms Martin, the teacher stepped in, “Check your email. Coach has his own wi-fi router in the gym. All wireless activity goes through the gym’s secure server, separate from the University’s main hub. Turn your web cams off. That is not a request. Do not use the photo function on your cell phones. People have seen plenty already.”

“Be careful about what you tell your friends. Keep the Project secret. Not a word gets out.” Coach Wilson cautioned, “As rotten as it is outside, Facilities is delivering a huge portable classroom today. Access will be through the ‘Exit Only’ door by the living space. A short breezeway will connect the gym with the bonus room. Sometime later the foreman will knock and give me the key. That’s all we have to do.”

“OK, you little hotties, let’s do this thing!” Megan set them in motion and the day began. The group got the bedding changed, the mega bed made up and the laundry sorted and started.

Next, the naked girls terrorized the kitchen until the morning munchies were subdued. Clean up was quick.

Showers were not quick. Nineteen naked gigglers and one guy towering over them was the usual sexy chaos. The chaos resulted in Eddie fucking Crysta against the shower wall and Janie on the floor, doggie style. He didn’t ask, he just did. They were taken by surprise, but were taken none-the-less. Neither girl seemed to mind all that much. Between fucks, Marti and Beth practiced their deep throat technique. The remaining teenagers and Megan ate and fingered each other until the little cunts came several times.

Twenty shiny, glowing and naked housemates eventually made it out of the locker room to face the day. The girls chose to stay naked until the volleyball team arrived. There was no discussion. The teens were becoming comfortable around each other.

The TechTwats set up shop in the conference room and practiced their considerable skills on the University’s server farm. With astonishing ease, Mika and Nikki hacked every single account, corrupting every picture of the Project participants. Becca checked the gym server and found several ‘backdoors’ the installers left plus two spy bots that seemed to originate from the Administration offices. They were dispatched to cyber hell. The TechTwats backed out of the University servers, leaving no traces of their visits.

They finished their IT homework while networking themselves a little bit.

Claire started writing a press release disguised as an article for the campus paper about the Health Project. Kate, Georgette and Thea checked in with their editor, Martine, who told them to cover current events. So the trio called friends, local building inspectors and College officials, doing interviews about the near tragedy at their old dorm.

Franny and Janie, aided by Marti and Lisa, began to compile the test data. Spreadsheets were created and data was entered.

Megan, with Beth and Jen, worked online with the Student Health Department trying to clear her desk. The two girls helped Megan keep up with appointments and commitments.

Crysta, Donna, Melissa and Audrey inventoried the refrigerator and kitchen. With input from the other girls, grocery lists were made and called in. Donna phoned Ms Clary to ask for some restaurant grade shelving and another refrigerator. Irene agreed with the necessity and set to work getting it done. She would try to schedule delivery and installation Saturday. “That will give me a chance to bill that sleazoid contractor for some overtime. Roxanne will love it.” She was laughing as she hung up.

Eddie was in his office checking with the motor pool to make sure the bus was ready. It was. But he also discovered that the cheerleaders would not be accompanying the team.

Two were down with colds and several were still disrupted by the dorm room shuffle. He really wanted to minimize the ‘home court advantage’ and the girls who regularly attended girls’ volleyball were in the same fix as the cheerleaders.

However he had a house full of sexy babes available to step up and out. He rushed out and got everyone’s blouse size, telling the girls, “It’s a surprise.” Back in the office, he called Mona’s Dress Shop and, after introductions, talked to the owner. “I need to know if you can supply sheer shirts, ten in white and ten in light gray. They need to have billowy, harem girl long sleeves. Also, they have to end just below the breasts and be designed to be tied easily at the bottom, leaving the midriff bare. No buttons required. Can you help me?”

“Coach Wilson, you are a lucky man today. We just received a shipment originally ordered for the College clientele. Our buyer graduated from Central and thought the style would become popular in the springtime. We know it’s not even Halloween yet, but buying off-season lets us offer clothing at a better price. What sizes do you need?”

Eddie told her and said he would be there in 20 minutes He advised the group that he had errands to run, dressed warmly, grabbed his wallet and car keys and headed to see Mona. She had the bundle packed and ready to go when he arrived. He gave her the charge card and got his receipt.

Yet another demented idea popped up. Eddie rushed to the ‘adult only shop’. Entering the sex emporium, he asked the clerk if she had small bullet or egg shaped vibrators with remote controls.

“Of course! We are a full service establishment. Those are some of our most popular items. We them in radio controls in different frequencies to avoid interfering in another couples fun.” She could not stifle a laugh

“What are the dimensions of each kind?” he inquired.

“The little eggs are an 1×2 inches with a short flexible antenna to use for a handle. The bullets are 1×3 inches and will fall out if not contained by clothing. Both kinds come, so to speak, in four separate frequencies. We have a switchable master control unit to change devices and speeds to manage all four frequencies. You have three speeds to chose from.”

“Great,” he said, “I’ll take ten bullets in one band width, six each in the other bands. Please make sure that they are color coded to differentiate one frequency from another. I’ll wait here.”

“I’ll just be a few minutes.” She got busy, too polite to ask if he was having an orgy.

Eddie paid again by his Project charge card, glad that he’d warned the college. He zipped back to the gym, just as the team began to arrive. Going into Coach mode, he sent the team to get dressed out. He hurried to his office to stash his purchases away. His Project girls were in for a treat later!

He returned to find Bridget putting the team through a light workout The official uniform was like the one used in beach volleyball, a brief bikini. The material on the bottom was a bit more substantial for protection. The top was very thin, almost see-through and more likely to ‘slip up’, as costume malfunctions were sure crowd pleasers. The team members did not mind. They knew they had nice tits wanted the fans to know it.

Coach had them practice serves and returns. His best server, Monica, would always go for the ace. The first string would work on set plays based on where the first girl began the volley. He would shine a laser pointer where he wanted the spike to go. He sent in the substitutes one at a time to get them involved in the team dynamic. The team worked up a light sweat, but was sniper accurate. Monica’s service kept them on their toes.

After about 45 minutes he let them cool down as he reviewed the scouting report on the opponent, Southwick Academy. They were known as a snobbish rich girl’s school but were better than average in sports. Mum and Daddy could afford the best summer camps and the best personal trainers for their little princesses.

Eddie told them that since it was an all girl school, their braggart of a coach had a standing offer to play strip volleyball with any visiting team. The terms are best of five games, loser of each game to lose one item of clothing for every two points difference. Uniform is limited to jersey, shorts, bra panties and shoes. Sensibly, shoes and socks are to be considered one item and most be removed last.

Eddie said that the Academy had never lost more than their shorts and jerseys and had stripped three teams naked and posted their pictures on the school website. What did they think about accepting the challenge?

Bridget conferred with her mates. Reporting to the Coach, she said confidently, “Coach, if you will let us wear our tank tops over the bikinis or an exercise belt, we will take them on. We’ll still be spotting them one item, but I bet we can have them naked by the fourth game. It might be fun.”

“We’ll go with the belts and put the punks in their place! Now eat a late brunch and get some rest. The game starts at 8:00 and it takes about 2 hours to travel to Montvale. We will want to stretch out from the ride and get ready in time for the match. Bus pulls out at 4:15 prompt. Don’t miss it.” He dismissed them to the showers.

He called the opposing Coach, telling her that the bet was accepted if they would play a set at Central next season. The woman was so eager to humiliate another team that she faxed an agreement immediately. She immediately bragged to her academy director who in turn called our Dean tweaking him about the bet.

The Dean called Eddie within fifteen minutes. “Are you sure your girls can take that pompous ass down a notch? If so, I’ll bring my wife, the Parsons’ and Ms Clary. And whom ever else wants to come.”

“Dean, my team is so confident, we are spotting them one piece. If you will bring Martine, she can send the story online and make tomorrow’s edition.”

The Dean was a happy man. His counterpart at Southwick had gloated once too often. Time for payback

Eddie finally got a soda from the kitchen and sat in the living area to catch up with the teens and Megan as they finished their own chores.

The groceries had been delivered, the mobile unit was in process, and the newspaper articles were written. He called Martine. “You might want to hold some space in the Sports Section. There will be late breaking news about tonight’s game. Expect a call from the Dean. By the way, you looked stunning in the paper. That’s a good style for you. See you later”

The teens and Megan finally arrived and sat around bringing everyone up to date. Megan mentioned that her office was bent out of shape because their image files had been corrupted. The TechnoTwats immediately volunteered their time to inspect their computers for bad behavior. They reported finding out the gym server had been compromised by some very snoopy people, but that the door had been slammed on their respective noses. The gym network was truly secure, even from the University.

The construction boss left a voice message saying that the mobile unit would be ready before dark and that the keys would be in the breezeway accessible only from the gym door.

Eddie told them to be showered and naked by 4:00 pm. “We’re going with the team to be a pep squad. The cheerleaders cannot make it to our last match. You are going in their place to keep the crowd from being so one-sided.” He told them about the bet. He assumed that the gym over there would be packed. “It’s a really snobby school. Bridget and Monica want to take them down hard.”

“After showering I will tell you about the uniform of the day. I think you will be pleased, eventually.” Coach gave the teens his best Evil Dictator look. They just knew he had some adventure up his pants.

They ate a light early meal, policed the area and readied for the showers. Eddie managed to conserve his strength. He only fucked Audrey because she wanted to watch Georgette practice her blowjob skills. Well Georgette did very nicely controlling her gag reflex and made herself come when Eddie came down her throat, thinking about everyone seeing her be such a slut.

As usual Eddie was good for more than one, so he jumped on Audrey and tried to nail her to the floor. After she blasted, Eddie grabbed the nearest pussy and nailed Kate beside Audrey. For reasons soon to be apparent, he insisted that Megan swallow his load, eating her cunt at the same time. The horny hotties were helping themselves to themselves when he exited the very noisy room.

Eddie dressed in his visiting coach’s suit: tan slacks, white shirt and navy blue blazer. No necktie and some very nice sneakers completed his ensemble. He was the picture of the modern young head coach. The girls started to drift in. “Hustle up, you Heavenly Hotties. I want to take to the game naked as you are, but it’s too cold. So I have compromised. Wear your new strappy suits tonight. Your sweet pussies will be warm and remembr to wear the chained nipple clamps. Those will keep your pointy little tittie tips modestly covered. I have some nice blouses to top off the look. Yes, you, too. Ms Martin.”

They squealed at the idea of going to another school nearly naked with their rapidly hardening tits hanging out, exposed for all to see. “I wonder what thrills Coach has in mind, tonight?” Megan asked the teenagers.

“We will soon find out. But it ain’t gonna be boring,” Crysta answered for all. Once they were appropriately half dressed, Eddie passed out the blouses, gray to the girls wearing white and white to the others. He personally checked the tension on the nipple clamps.

“Not too tight, but I do not want to see them fall off. You must have them on until we board the bus to come home. But remember, if you have to take them off, even on the bus, you have to take everything off. And stay naked until tomorrow, victory celebration and all. Now tie the shirttails tightly. Just see-through enough to tease.”

The team arrived, so he held the Project girls indoors as the team disappeared into the bus.

“Before you board, there is one more surprise.” Eddie pulled each girl’s cunt strap aside and slipped a small object inside. ‘This little present will remind you all night that you are cute girls. After a while you will only feel it on your G-spot when you jump up and cheer the team. Keep your suit snug enough to keep it in place. Hurry out and board our ride to victory over those soon to be more-naked-than-you snobs.”

Eddie made sure Lisa and Claire had cameras.

He got them in the bus before they actually realized what he had done. Ms Martin, dressed and inserted like the rest, looked the now nervous little girls over. “He comes up with more sexy stuff every day. At least we look good in these cool blouses.” The teens agreed with that and settled in for a long ride.

He had matched the vibrators with the Project’s duty grouping. The ten original girls, next the four assistants, and finally, Megan with the four recruits on a third frequency.

His demented drama set. He settled in and plotted game strategy.

The Dean’s people met them as they loaded out the bus. Each one wished the team the best of luck. Vera, Betty and Irene fussed over the girls sexy cheer suits. Vera wanted to know where she could get one to wear around the house. The Dean’s grin went from ear to ear. Eddie told them to talk to Arlene, Franny’s mom, at the fabric shop. She had the specs.

“Arlene is your mom?” Vera exclaimed, “She graduated a year or so before us. She was head over heel for your dad but she was one funny girl. She pulled the best pranks, ever.”

“She’s still at it. I’ll tell you the latest at intermission.” Megan laughed. She rushed the perky peppy girls into the Southwick gym, and got them seated behind the visitor’s bench in two rows. The Dean, Mr. Parsons and the three ladies occupied the next row back. Chrysta and Donna saw Roxanne with her crew behind the Admin people.

The other girls spotted a few more students from Central, girls but no boys. “I guess the boys don’t support the girl’s teams unless they can rape the fans,” said Ashley. All of the others sadly agreed.

“Girls always stand up for girls.” Nikki said. That got her a dozen or so high fives

A quick count had less than fifty Central fans in a sea of hundreds of preppy Southwick people. Their boy/girl ratio was about even. Lots of parent looking types and teachers, boyfriends and voyeurs hoping to see some Central tits. The gym held more than 600.

The dean leaned over and said to Megan, “I hope that Coach Wilson is right. I’m going to hate it if that bum gets to gloat some more.”

“Don’t worry. We’ve watched the girls practice. We predict that the preppies will be playing in their skin after the third game. They cannot forfeit or the school will be ineligible to compete for five years in this league. Their administration would be more embarrassed than the girls on the team. Your friend, the insufferable bum, will force their coach to pay up.” Ms Martin assured him.

The lights suddenly dimmed everywhere except for center court. The announcer welcomed the old and new fans to Southwick Academy, home of the Fighting Barbies. The crowd went wild.

“Welcome the visiting team, the Vixens of Central University, coached by Eddie Wilson.” The gym was silent but for the cheers of the loyal people at the Central bench. Eddie caught Megan’s eye, grinned like the spawn from hell and thumbed the master control, giving the nineteen pussies two seconds at medium. Nineteen voices screamed even louder. The spirit was contagious and all of the Vixen fans were hooting and clapping, some for different reasons than others. They were almost drowned out by the lewd catcalls from the rude partisan crowd.

Ms Martin called to her girl mob, “The coach has planned a very interesting evening. Are you ready?”

Crysta laughed, “Told you so, girls. It isn’t gonna be dull!”

All of the teenagers waited to see what the coach’s next move would be.

The announcer called for silence when he introduced the home team. It was like he read their stinking resumes. The coach was treated the same.

The announcer said that he had a special note to read from the coaches. “We are pleased to announce that the teams have agreed to play under the rules of the famous standing bet. We will be witnessing another game of Strip Volley ball. One piece of clothing removed for every two points difference in the score after each game. If the losing team is naked before the match is decided, their coach must strip immediately and coach naked. The match is for the best of five games. Our foolish opponent has spotted us one piece. Let the match begin .Get your cameras ready. The Vixens will look nice on our Facebook pages.”

The referee and linesmen got into position. The Captains shook hands and flipped for first service. It was clear from Monica’s first serve that the Vixens were inspired. She hammered it to the back right corner. The Barbies acted like they were caught off guard. They settled down, only to have the Hammer fall on their primary setter. She was bowled over. The Vixens were up 2-0 after two serves. Monica decided to make a game of the next one. She gave them a high lob. They grinned and set up a spike in front of Bridget. You do not challenge the Swedish Amazon and walk away unbloodied. Bridget’s teammates stepped out of the way. The crowd figured they were trying to get away to avoid injury. The Vixens were giving her lots of room to lower the boom while covering the rest of the floor if the Barbies muffed their play.

The Barbies chief threat delivered a good hit. Bridget put it back in her face and knocked her down. Score: 3-0, Vixens favor. When they were up 6-0, Eddie pulled the starters to let the subs start to gel as a team and to get some game experience. He asked them to “let the Barbies keep their panties and shoes for the second game at least. We want Martine to get good shots from both sides of the net.” The subs went in, toying with the Barbies, who had never been this close to losing. The happy girls ended the game up 21-15, as planned. The moment of truth had come to Southwick. The coach sent the scared girls to the net and told them to strip to their panties, now or forget playing for their third consecutive championship. “Suck it up and strip!”

The Barbies began to remove one piece at a time, dragging out their inevitable humiliation. The referee said, “Get a move on or I will penalize you two points in the next game for delay.”

The crowd and especially, their parents could not believe their eyes. Their little golden girls were stripping down in front of hundreds of business associates and strangers like common trollops

The embarrassed Barbies got down to their panties. As they tried to hide their tits behind their hands, Eddie’s girls were laughing and pointing, clearly becoming excited at the humiliation they were very familiar with. Eddie set everyone’s little gift to low and left it on. All nineteen stared at him. He grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at Megan who stuck out her tongue.

Side out and the Barbies had serve. It’s really hard to hit a winner with one hand. Back Line Barbie hit the net twice. Side out. The Vixen’s first string ripped through them like they weren’t there. The Southwick coach screamed, hysterically, “Stop being such pussies. Forget about your tits. If you dumbasses don’t start playing with both hands, you are going to be stark naked through the entire third game. And my ass will be hanging out, too!”

That idea did not seem to make her happy. It made the Central fans delirious. They made their approval of the score known to the home team crowd. Eddie pretty much controlling the enthusiasm level by remote, kept his cheering section leaping, screaming and squirming on command. He alternated between medium and high, mixing up the groups. Just the ten, then just the assistants, then assistants and recruits with Megan, he kept them guessing who and how long, He just had to watch his team. They were mauling the Barbies at will.

It became clear the Vixens were going to skunk the opponents, leaving the entire team and the coach stark naked and barefoot, having to play the third game in front of 500 people or more. With cameras and Facebook accounts with thousands of friends and websites…

The referee mercifully called the second at 16-0, and waited for the coach to come to center court and pay off the bet. The coach could not decide if she was more embarrassed at stripping naked on home court or more humiliated at losing the bet so badly to the Vixens. She did decide she was pissed off.

She peeled off. The girls were frozen. The furious coach called all the subs and team managers to the court and ordered them to strip now or have it done to them. She started a ten count and got to two before the entire team was totally naked and blushing. The angry coach lined them up on the out of bounds line and marched them around the court single file. She heightened the humiliation by making them do it with their hands behind their backs.

“You stupid cunts will remember this the next time you try to lose a game at Southwick Fucking Academy. Make fucking sure you shake those baby tits at your Daddies and Brothers. Make ya mama proud. Ya Damn Losers!” She was on a roll as she marched the crying team around a second time. The referee called them for delay of game, shortening their exposure time by several minutes.

The stunned audience was silent, having heard every word of her obscene tirade.

The Vixens, with nothing more to prove, beat them as quickly as possible. Game score 16-0. Match 3 games to zero. They shook hands and got the hell out of there as the fans mobbed the court, some to console the shamed players, many looking for more. The announcer called for security and a riot broke out when the guards got the naked girls safely back to the locker room

The Central Univ. group, trying to escape unseen, pushed against the tide. Roxanne stepped forward and glared a hole in the crowd. If people thought Bridget, The Swedish Amazon was intimidating, wait until they see Roxie the Power Lifter and her Crew in full-blown Mama Bear fury. The Prince of Darkness and his Hell Spawned Demons would have considered a new career path under the heat of the glare. The crowds parted like the Red Sea before Moses.

The various groups moved to their various rides and began the long ride home. They agreed to delay the victory celebration until Saturday because it would be so late when they got back to campus. The Admin people left in Robert Parsons’ Escalade, The Roxie Enforcers in her extended van and the team with the Project girls in the activity bus. Bridget, the only person with a commercial driver’s license other than Coach Wilson, asked to drive. The passengers seated themselves team first, Coach and Ms Martin next and the squirmy girls last.

He had turned the vibrators off only during the exit. Now that the bus was on the highway, he told the teenagers to remove their little shirts. Eddie liked watching their tits bounce with the motion of the bus and told them so. As the girls lost the sheer covering, he turned the bullets to medium. Nineteen already hot girls got hotter. Coach did a nipple clamp check finding some in danger of falling off. Those he tightened slightly. Some he thought too tight. Those he loosened.

Coach Wilson ordered them to keep the noise down and sit still. He needed to talk to the team. He left the hotties simmering on medium and went up front to his regular seat behind the driver.

Bridget said, “We have been listening to the radio news. The sports talk programs are going nuts!”

‘Shut up and drive.” Monica told her, “Coach, the listeners are saying things you wouldn’t believe. The good news is that the security guards managed to get the naked team back to the locker room with their tits intact. They were groped thoroughly and several attempted assaults were stopped but they are physically OK.”

“Ok, except for the Vicky Victims” one of the subs laughed, “Vicky pounded a lot of boobs tonight.”

“Looks like our sneak plays worked.” The Coach smiled. He explained to the girls listening in back, trying to act normal as they simmered. “The subs, not having a dominant Amazon to match up with Bridget in scrimmage, turn to stealth and deviousness. The setter fakes a high set to the leaping spiker, but tiny Vicky jumps instead and hammers the ball just as it clears the net, usually hitting their blockers right in the tits in mid-jump.”

Vicky laughed so hard she actually fell out of her seat. “Naked tits and a hard volleyball must be an unpleasant combination. They seemed to get rather gun shy.”

“It’s a tough choice. Save a point or get a boob job?” Bridget asked.

Coach said, “Girls, you all were scary. The setters were razor sharp, mid-court volleys were on the mark, service was sniper accurate, and every girl who rotated to the net played like a champions.You were awesome tonight. And you didn’t break a sweat.”

The Central/Southwick Naked Massacre was not the only news on the air tonight. A double bill at St, Mary’s turned into a bench clearing donnybrook when one of Red Rock’s girls apparently deeply offended a Monarch player. Those three teams, plus Brasstown United, went at it like Balboa vs. Creed. Fists, feet and uniforms flew in all directions. By the time the officials got the combatants separated, the casualty count was huge. Between injuries and ejections, none of the teams had enough ambulatory players to continue.

All four teams were awarded losses. Red Rock, Brasstown United, Monarch and St Mary’s were all banned from the conference tournament,

The Principle Administrator at Southwick announced that the Fighting Barbies would not be fighting at tourney time. He had withdrawn the team. He went on to say that the Southwick AD had resigned to ‘pursue other career opportunities or to spend more time with his family” or whatever. He was outta here.

The coach was fired before she could get dressed and was sent from the locker room naked.

The last two teams, of the eight in the conference, issued press releases stating that if they could not play Strip Volleyball at the tournament they would not play at all. The radio guys speculated that the coaches had seen the first game at Southwick on social media already and realized they would be creamed by Central’s second string, forget about the starters. They needed an excuse.

Evil Eddie turned the vibrators to high and pocketed the remote.

The hits kept coming. “In an emergency meeting, the conference commissioners have awarded the regular season and the tournament championships to the Central University Vixens. The decision was unanimous.”

The bus erupted into shouts, cheers and screams. The cheers and shouts were from the team. The screams were from the teens who finally had enough noise to mask the sounds of their orgasms.

Coach watched the show at the rear of the bus and reduced the good vibrations to low for the remainder of the trip. He gave them back their blouses to help ward off the very chilly weather. The teens were so heated up from the constant stimulation it probably didn’t matter.

When they got back to the gym, a large crowd greeted the team. The Dean made a brief congratulatory speech and the cheerleaders, who had managed to pull it together enough to get outside, apologized for missing the chance to support the team.

Eddie and Bridget thanked them sincerely for their support and kind words. They thanked the Dean for bringing the university staff and the cheerleaders for the extra effort to come out so late in such cold weather. Bridget told them that it meant a lot to the team. She also thanked Project Director Martin for bringing the participants to stand in as a cheering squad. “We were out numbered 10 to 1, but those girls were really, really loud!” Megan and the almost orgasmic young girls took a bow, the motion driving their sensitive nipples crazy and putting extra pressure on their throbbing G-spots. When they took a second bow, Eddie pulsed the vibrators to high for a second. The shocked teenagers came out of the bow, almost leaping into the air.

The head cheerleader told them that with moves like that they could be cheerleaders any time. Megan said, “We seem to be especially inspired tonight!” The girls shivered cutely.

The Dean thanked the crown for their support of the volleyball team. “The newspaper will announce the awards ceremony as soon as the conference makes the plans. We will schedule a campus celebration afterwards. It’s cold and the team needs to get some rest. Let’s give them one more ovation before we all go home.”

The assembled fans hooted and cheered wildly for quite a few minutes. They really were proud of their Championship Volleyball Team. Eddie took this opportunity to goose Megan and the teenagers on high for an equal number of minutes.

The steaming girls made an important discovery. ‘It is very difficult to conceal a massive orgasm while standing in front of a cheering mass of staring people. Even more difficult to hide it with your nipple clamps showing through a transparent blouse.’ The discovery made every soaking pussy even wetter. Megan squirmed while shaking hands with her professional colleagues, thinking that she could not get inside fast enough when she could manage to think at all.

The volleyball girls chose to go straight home from the parking lot.

Evil Eddie took a little extra time saying good-bye before he unlocked the door and hustled his mob of hotties inside. He was seriously considering moving the little vibrators to their cute butts when they took their showers. ‘The toys are going to fall out anyway when the strappy suits come off. Might as well put them to a good use and extend the good times!’

“Laissez les bons temps rouler”

The girls were ready to rape him and each other, consensually or not.

Coach Wilson, in long moments or exquisite agony, undressed each girl and relocated the sex toys, but turned them off. They moaned in pleasurable pain when he removed the nipple clamps, one pretty tittie at a time. They had no trouble at all holding the vibrators in their tight little asses.

As each teenager was revealed in all her naked glory, Eddie kissed them softly and moved to the next. They let him do anything to their bodied he wanted. They wanted more of whatever he would give.

Eddie saved Megan for last. He took extra time on her pussy and ass. Her nipples received extra fondling. He soothed the throbbing peaks more thoroughly, teasing pleasure from the pain. His kisses might have been a bit longer and deeper.

Eddie herded the girls to the shower where they gently bathed each other. All clean and dried, the still excited girls were lead to the warm bed. Eddie turned the vibrators on high.

At some point during the next few hours, his dick was in every single pussy long enough to create several orgasms in every girl. He came in five of them. His recovery rate was so quick that he never went soft. If not being fucked by his cock, the teenagers were licking, fingering or caressing the nearest girl parts.

In a very short time they were a squirming mass of fucking, sucking, sweaty limbs and mouths, dick and cunts, tangled together in every possible combination. The scene put Roman orgies to shame. The action continued until past dawn before the exhausted players fell into well earned slumber. The last thing Eddie did after fucking the wild Mika into a frenzy, was to turn the vibrators off.

He was the last one to slip away into dreamland. Mika was laying on his chest still impaled on his dick when she went to sleep moaning softly.

‘My life is incredible but nearly perfect, I’m glad I’m me.”

Megan’s last thought was, ‘It’s a good time to be a girl.”

He did plan to wake the cute little cunts with the vibrators in the morning.

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