Preventive Medicine Health Project Part 5.7

Coach Wilson’s stomach rumbled noticeably. “I heard that!” Melissa piped up.

“I know for a fact Lisa, Georgette, Thea, Janie, Claire and Kate have not had a bite of food since noon. The Coach and I nibbled a smidge at the meeting but I couldn’t tell you what. Have you girls who went to class had anything?” Ms Martin asked the teens.

Ashley volunteered that she, Donna, Crysta and Beth met around noon and grabbed a piece of fruit in the cafeteria. “We munched on the move.” Beth said.

Melissa, Audrey and Jen did the same. “Nikki, Mika and I went to the library to work ahead on an IT assignment, a network security problem, and skipped lunch altogether.” Becca said, “We’re starved.”

“I never stopped moving, all day,” Marti admitted, “too nervous.”

“Well, some of us burned a bunch of calories today. I could eat a cow and have room for ice cream!” Kate said, rubbing her tummy.

A phone rang. Eddie recognized his ring tone. “Sweet Dreams,” Annie Lennox. “That’s mine. Anybody know where it is?”

Lisa pointed toward a pile of panties on a mat near Marti. “Marti, could you toss Master his phone? It’s under that pile of panties next to your foot.” Marti found it and gave it to Eddie.

“Thanks,” he said and tweaked her nipple. “Couldn’t resist.” Laughing as he answered the phone, putting it on speaker.

Irene Clary’s voice said, “Coach Wilson, glad I caught you. Roxanne from my department is at your delivery entrance with a big refrigerator filled with stuff. After we loaded in the bedding, she suggested that if those girls were going to live there for a while they needed to eat. Roxy scoped out a place in the storeroom to plug it in.”

“Make sure you’re dressed. She almost made the national power lifting team and definitely likes women. Need I say more?” You could hear her grinning.

“Say no more. Shorts and a shirt. I’ll go help her now. We have a houseful of hungry girls who beyond ready to eat. Your timing is perfect.” Eddie said and ended the call. “You guys prep the conference room. If you come, throw on a tee shirt if you would, Ms Martin. You don’t want to tease Roxanne. We’ll see what’s for eats.”

Respectably dressed, they went to meet Roxanne. She was waiting at the door. “Hi. You must be Ms Martin and the Coach. Ms Clary was impressed with your girls’ health project. After she told us how hard you were investigating ways to keep them healthy and strong, the staff was all in. we filled this refrigerator with everything we could think of: ice cream, cold cuts, condiments, salads, and all sorts of munchies. There is a case of assorted breads and buns in the truck.”

“Thanks for your thoughtfulness. It means a lot to us.” Megan said, “We have a bunch of starving teenagers here. I’ll go get the bread.”

Eddie added, “Means a lot more knowing you are taking care of the girls on your own time, Roxanne. Let’s get this big honkin’ box put away so you can get back to your life.”

Megan got the case of bread and took it to the ‘dining’ room. Roxanne and Eddie wrestled the appliance into place. He thanked her again before she left. The door locked, he headed back, only to be run over by the starving masses headed for the food. They flung both doors open and tried to crowd into the refrigerator.

Eddie, brushed aside by the stampede, leaned against the wall and wondered in wonder, at the sight before him. Eighteen ravenous teenagers looking for something to eat, none seemed aware of their nakedness. The girls, just a few years younger than him, radiated innocence. Some, he thought, were a little less innocent than others, but that fact took nothing away from them. The girls who were ‘experienced’ mostly got the experience before joining the Project by submitting to Consensual Rape due to the vagaries of inspection. Some, by playing naked games in high school. One or two ‘gave it up’ so to speak in a moment of excitement but not very often. No one would ever accuse any of the teens of having ‘loose morals’.

That knowledge did not stop Eddie from appreciating eighteen pairs of very sweet nipples crinkling in the cold air, eighteen tight little butts bumping each other out of the way. Hands full of their favorites, they stampeded back. Eddie closed the refrigerator doors and followed.

But first he went the wall and put the platforms in place. Fortunately he remembered the ‘vertical’ measurement of each test subject. ‘You never forget the important things,’ he chuckled to himself. He rounded fractions the next lowest increment. He left the first four empty, used the next ten for the girls, with the last four empty. He had five extra field levelers he might find some us for.

Megan knew her stuff. While the cuties were foraging, she brought service for twenty, plus napkins, from the kitchen and set the table. The herd of hotties sorted the food and settled in to feed the beast. Megan and Eddie laughed and sat down to do the same. The only sounds were utensils on plates and little moans from happy girls. It’s not polite to talk with your mouth full and they were very polite young girls.

Maybe they were a tiny bit aware of the collective nakedness. When a girl dropped a bit of mayo or a crumb of bread, her neighbor was ever so considerate lick it off. A suspicious person might think some of the ‘accidents’ were less that accidental. In any case, the napkins were unnecessary.

After dinner conversation consisted of talking about the feast, how thoughtful Roxanne and Ms Clary had been to take such good care of them, and about the classes some of the girls had managed to attend. Megan got the girly gaggle organized enough to put away the food and get dishes back to the kitchen. Nikki and Audrey insisted the girls wash the dishes. “That’s a huge pile. Coach’s work-study girls did not sign up for ‘slave labor-study’. It wouldn’t be fair to expect them to clean up this mess. It won’t take but a few minutes if we all work together,” Nikki said.

They rioted through the kitchen for about thirty minutes. When the steam cleared, the place was spotless. Fifteen minutes later, eighteen shiny teens exited the shower having rioted themselves as spotless as the kitchen.

Coach Wilson lined them up in the gym. “If Franny will get the things she and her mother made, we are going to dress you girls in your special apparel.”

Franny sorted the strips of fabric by color and asked, “What next, Coach. I got no clue.”

“Lisa, Marti, Janie and Claire, go to the black stack and get strips to match your neck and waist sizes. They are tagged. Get a long strip also.”

“The ten original girls get the same from the white stack. Georgette, Thea, Kate, and Franny, you girls get to wear gray. Ms Martin, you are about the same size as the others, so if you would, please get yourself fitted with one of the other colors.”

Megan chose navy.

Eddie went to the office and called Arlene. He had a secret mission even Megan did not know about. “Did you get that note I left at the shop? I couldn’t say anything about it because I didn’t want the girls to hear and spoil the surprise,” he said when she answered.

Arlene said that she did. “I called the jeweler as soon as you left the shop. He had your order ready. I picked it up myself when Franny went to see you. How did you like the way I dressed her?”

“She’s a keeper and we will.” He laughed out loud, “No need to give us cab fare. She delivered herself.”

“So the little stinker told you that? Arlene chuckled, “I can’t wait to see her. She was admitted to Central starting next semester, so I wanted to get used to the dress code. Very fashionable belt, don’t you think? Is it too much?”

“She was overdressed but we took care of that quickly.” Eddie got to the reason for the call, “You can see for yourself if you can bring the broaches over in about a hour.”

Arlene was answering almost before he finished talking, “I’ll be there! Cannot wait to see her face when she sees mine. I’m bringing a camera. This is going to be fun”

“I love it when a plot comes together’ he was thinking as he returned to the gym. The girls had gotten the parts and were waiting in confusion. Eddie picked the first teen he cam to, “Crysta you and Franny, move to the center mat. The rest of you sweeties, gather around. We’ll get this show on the road.”

He wrapped the correct band around Crysta’s neck, closing the Velcro at the side. Then, doing her waistband the same, he continued, “Franny, get a piece of fuzzy side Velcro and attach it to her waistband in the center of her back.”

As she worked on Crysta, Eddie got the other teens to do put theirs on as he did Crysta’s. Franny had basted the Velcro in place. “Attach the end of the long strip to the Velcro in the back, run it between her really nice legs, and pull it under the waist band in the front. Now, bring it up between her titties and under her collar. Excellent. Let the loose end hang for now.” He said. When Franny finished he instructed Chrysta to pinch the long band at her collar and sit down in one of the chairs. “Let it slip if it gets too tight.”

Crysta did and found that she was OK. “It stretches enough as it is.” Eddie had Franny add Velcro to the waistband and the long piece, ASAP, but to leave the collar alone. In a minute or two, she was done. “Can any of you girls handle a needle and thread?” Janie and Mika stepped forward. “Great. You three sexy sewers start on the others as fast as you can. We don’t have long.”

The three girls flew into action. With three minutes to spare, all the teens were fitted and banded. They stepped apart to admire their work. They forgot Megan. “Oops.” Franny peeped, as all three set on Ms Martin. They were pulling the long piece under Megan’s collar when there was a knock at the door. Eddie flung the door open before the young girls could react.

Arlene ran in and took a picture as Franny screamed, “MOM! Why are you here?”

“The look on your face is priceless, Franny. I came over to give you the cab fare you promised your new Coach.”

Donna said, “Guess she got you better than you got us!” Now the gym was again full of giggling girls.

Arlene looked confused. Megan told her she’d find out later. “Just wait awhile.”

Eddie took the small package Arlene was carrying. He took out one of the broaches he had ordered. “We will use these to attach the strip to your collars. If you seamstresses would trim and finish the edges, we can complete your outfits.”

(The jewelry was as described in the previous episode. A pin was soldered on the back.)

Boobs bobbling, the cuties went to work. With Arlene’s help, the long pieces were trimmed and the ends were finished. The tailors attacked the Velcro that Franny had only basted earlier. Soon the babes were ready for the neck closure. He quietly asked Arlene to go to the kitchenette and get a small bowl of ice.

Eddie pinned each young teen personally, not able to resist the irresistible urge to fondle their teenaged titties. In short order he had them squirming. Eddie did not overlook Ms Martin, though he just might have over fondled her nipples a little bit.

Arlene returned with the ice. The Coach began to select items from the trusty equipment bag. Ten pairs of chained nipple clamps in silver, eight in gold. He called the original girls to the center of the room one at a time. Mika was the first to be decorated. Of course he used her delightfully stiffening nipples as handles to turn the nervous coed to face the other teens. Feathers could not have been gentler.

Coach Wilson selected a silver pair and stood behind girl. Whispering to Arlene, he asked her to touch each nipple with ice until it was as hard as it could be, “be careful not to block the view of the other girls.” Arlene had to stifle a laugh as she proceeded to spend about 15 seconds on each peak.

Eddie lifted Mika’s arms up and reached around her with the nipple clamps. Playing with her boobies for a second or ten, he pronounced them ready. The clamps were attached to each little peak. They were tightened only enough to have a firm grip. Being the true professional that he was, his sense of duty required him to tug the chain firmly. The grip held. “Mika your suit is complete. Silver goes so well with white. You are beautiful.” Patting her on the bottom, he sent her back to the group. “Beth, your turn. Please step forward.”

Megan took this opportunity to take Arlene aside and tell her what Donna meant when she spoke earlier. Arlene almost swallowed her tongue she thought it was so funny. “It’s about time she came out of her shell. I tricked her into getting naked then, shoved her out the back door, throwing her the tool belt. She was in the car so fast it was like magic.”

“Arlene, you are so not the average soccer mom.” Megan told her.

“What’s the fun in that? I went to college here, too!”

After repeating the same ceremony with each young girl in white, he called for Ms Martin.
She received the same attention as the ones before, except he checked the nipple readiness perhaps a little more thoroughly. She got gold clamps He complimented her on her suit and sent her back with a pat and a squeeze.

Thea, Georgette and Kate went next, also getting gold. The new girls received their exemption bracelets. The emblem on the bracelet matched the broach.

He saved Franny until last. Arlene, her mom, took extra time to ice Franny’s nipples. Franny was embarrassed. Actually, mere embarrassment was a poor description. Arlene was very careful to talk about how pretty her daughter was. “I found out that you were here less than 15 seconds, before Coach Wilson relieved you of your virginity, against the wall. I knew you had in you, Sweety, but I never thought you would have it in you so fast. You are truly my daughter. I am so proud of you for taking this step with these people.”

Eddie took extra time placing the nipple clamps. Afterwards, Franny thrust her chest out. Embarrassment had been overridden with girlish pride. ‘Mom is way cooler than ever imagined,’ she thought, ‘and she thinks my tits are cute.’

The girls all gathered around and congratulated themselves. They agreed that they looked so sexy in their new clothes.

Arlene chose that time to excuse herself. Unable to resist one more tweak at Franny, she said, “I gotta make one of those outfits for me. Years ago your daddy gave me a cameo pin that would look great with red. I’ll model it for him. I expect to be late to work tomorrow. Don’t call.”

“MoOoM!” Janie squeaked, “That’s way more than my sensitive ears need to hear!”

Arlene simply grinned at her and went out the door.

Donna said, “She got you again. That lady is good.” That consoled Franny not one bit.

“Does this make my ass look big?” Ashley asked Melissa.

“Does having it’s own zip code answer your question?” Melissa retorted.

The girls dissolved into a mass of giggly, wiggly and jiggly girl flesh. Eddie watched, thinking that there so no more cute sight on Earth than eighteen almost naked girls enjoying being girls. Except for maybe the ‘almost’ part. ‘Completely’ would be even better but not by much.

“Time to disentangle all those delectable girly parts. Let’s take the picture. You should think ‘prom’ but with a sexier dress. Line up by the wall. White in the back row, arms akimbo. Black and gray are alternating on their knees in the next row. Ms Martin laying in front, pinup style.” He posed her on one side, top leg bent at the knee, the foot behind her lower knee. She elevated her upper body with her lower arm bent at the elbow, hand supporting her head. Her upper arm was straight, hand resting on her hip.

He took several shots, and then had them take off the clamps. He took a few of the clamp removal, then a lot bare tittied shots. “You look wonderful,” he told them, “Wait until you see how pretty you all are, with the strip dividing those munchable boobies. The perfect focus, a spotlight on heaven.”

The young girls preened at the compliments, like teenager everywhere.

“Can you tie us to the wall like before?” wondered Becca, “that was so exciting.”

“Yeah, it was weird but fun after a while.” ” Tied up, helpless, but not in real danger maybe.” “Naked and exposed more than ever.” “If anybody wanted to do anything, can’t stop ’em.” “Made me sooo hot, I couldn’t stand it,” chorused the others.

Eddie could not believe his ears. These babes were cutely, girlishly and weirdly kinky. Not that he minded so much, but he was a bit surprised. “Are you very sure, girls? Once bound and powerless, the rules may change.”

The teens were sorta, maybe nearly sure it would be OK. Almost. “We’ll do it.”

Taking him aside, Ms Martin asked Coach Wilson if this would be a good time to catch up with some paperwork while she had a talk with the young girls?

“Well, no one has had the time to sort the video Lisa has been shooting all day. How about I take Claire, Georgette, Janie, Thea and Kate. Maybe Franny, too. They can start the follow-up article for the paper. We can edit the photos, and begin an outline. Besides, we promised Martine new byline pictures for her reporters,” Eddie said. “I can keep them busy on real work.”

“Someone should have told Martine that when you plan revenge, dig two graves. Now hers is updated, too. Martine boxed herself in nicely.” Megan added, “The newbies haven’t seen the Project testing in real time. Those teens won’t know the legitimate reason behind it. Even after what they’ve been through in the past 24 hours, the wall may be too much.”

“The original girls came into this, having been chosen by the College. The Health Project was important and the intimacy was a necessary requirement. They are good students and agreed to the terms. Not that much different from the inspections. They can deal with embarrassing, constant nudity, but for a great cause. Then we moved into the test so fast there was no turning back.” Eddie remembered. “When the heat was turned up, the teenagers were swamped in conflicting, but strong, emotions.”

“Embarrassment enhanced the arousal and public nakedness became excitement at being exposed, like wanting the thrill when the thrill is forbidden or scary. Then, if you are ‘forced’, given no choice, you can have it all, all at once.” Megan explained.

Eddie laughed softly, “Like Claire and Janie this morning, never so exposed, never more humiliated and embarrassed, never more terrified, and never more excited and aroused. The crazy hotties never had so much fun. They never felt more alive.”

Coach Wilson and Ms Martin eventually agreed to tone it down tonight. The reporters would hammer out the newspaper story, select the pictures to illustrate the theme and pick the staff pictures. The others could set up the temporary ‘barracks’ and sort out their things.

They told the girls that the wall for testing, the other emotions were a fun benefit. It was too late to start the Project “We’ll begin the experiments and data collection tomorrow afternoon and evening, so tonight let’s just be a bunch of girlfriends, doing homework, munching snacks and generally hanging out with no pressure,” Megan said.

Eddie told them to take the new clothes off and put them away. Divide the rest up among themselves but the new girls and Megan got the brighter colors. Trading suits was always OK.

Megan and Eddie would sort and stow the Project materials. Vibrating plugs, ropes, velvet binding, pussy-grip jump ropes, KY jelly and line scales were all normal lab equipment for the Project. But the equipment was best locked in the office cabinets. Not everyone was clued in on the new normal.

Basically, they wrote the article, puttered around the gym and spent time being normal teenagers.

Self imposed dress for the evening was no clothes. The majority of the girls were still modest enough to be very aware of the nudity, maybe a little excited. Chrysta goofed at them. “Think of it as being naked in your dorm room. This is our dorm for a few days.”

“An enormous room with lots of doors we’re pretty sure are locked. Not public nakedness at all.” Ms Martin grinned. “Makes you feel like a real girl.”

They chose to be naked for the night. Tomorrow’s dress rules would be the usual extreme required by the regular Code of Conduct.

Coach Wilson reassured them that they were as safe as they had been all day. So they played, studied, wrote, and recalled the strangeness of the day. Every single girl admitted to having a very good time.

“Today was a great time to be a young girl” was the conclusion. They all piled onto the fresh bedding in the gym and called it a day.

‘It’s strange and exhausting to be me, but still very good.’ Eddie thought as he nodded away into dreamland.

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