Preventive Medicine Health Project Part 5.6

The new emblem for the project. Will appear on letterhead, charge cards, bracelets and jewelry. Made of silver and cloisonné, with ivory background, black border and initials, navy symbols, and a rose colored drape. The lovely girl will be lovely girl colored.

“Lisa run, you need to catch up with Kate. Bring her back. She will get her Code hearing with us. I don’t think we should throw her to the dogs.”

“Cool, Master. They were headed to Admin. Mind if I pick up some things at the Dorm?” Lisa said over her shoulder.

“Send the others, too, if you see them,” Eddie shouted at her disappearing butt. “Claire and Janie, you get to the dorm as fast as you can. Bring the black towels, Becca’s, Nikki’s and my laptop and whatever else we might play with. Get some safety pins.”

Janie asked, “Naked, again?” Claire rolled her eyes.

“No. Wear some nipple clips, not clamps, from the bag we carried all morning. Bring me the bag before you leave. And maybe wear some panties I will like.” Eddie shoo-ed the naked girls out, “The faster you run, the sooner you’re back.”

“The faster the girls run, the more their firm little boobs bounce, too.” Megan said. “What are we going to do with Thea and Georgette? They look pretty nervous.”

“I need to thank Bridget and the team. They’re probably in the kitchenette, stowing the snacks.” Glancing at the two schoolgirls against the wall, “The two of you, follow us.” Janie and Claire passed the coach at a sprint, handing him the bag, clipped nipples going in all directions.

Megan and Eddie went to the kitchen, the new Siamese Tits close behind. Bridget and the others were just finishing. “Thank you, girls. The Dean’s people were impressed. They send their complements.

“Coach, don’t sell Ms Martin and yourself short. We peeked. You got four extremely pretty girls naked in minutes. You righteously screwed their brains out, with two cherries on top.” The Siamese Tits moaned and blushed and moaned again. “And if that wasn’t enough, you told Ms Martin to strip and clean Georgette’s traces from your unit. Ms Martin jumped to it, getting Ms Clary and the wives topless in the mix. Those guys never tasted the pastries. Bet they couldn’t tell you what they drank.” Bridget was almost on the floor laughing. “Ms Martin, what were you thinking?”

The very naked Megan hopped up and sat on a counter. “It’s easy to say and hard to explain. I had agreed to be under the Coach’s thumb when it came to discipline. So, I did as I said I would.” Staring directly at Georgette and Thea, she shivered and continued, “Inside, I felt like those two teenagers felt and feel now.” The teens were nodding rapidly. “In front of the Dean and very powerful members of the faculty, of which I am a member, I am discussing critical Project business in open-front, see-though babydoll top and transparent panties. I’m embarrassed totally. And, excited because of it. He has already fucked Martine sideways and claimed Thea’s virginity in a very erotic manner, making her clean the dick that took her maidenhead.”

“With my help, he plows Kate into next week, talking to the faculty ladies like every thing is normal. My nipples are so hard, they are going to break off and my pussy is doing Niagara Falls. Coach is describing in detail how he is going to fuck this virgin to the faculty ladies, getting then to play with Georgette’s tits. I have my finger on her clit and two ex-virgins are spreading her legs. I place his cock at her pussy lips. Then he sticks that monster halfway into Georgette’s cunt. She’s bouncing up and down with a baseball bat in her dripping twat and he orders me to strip off completely in front of my boss, his wife and the world.”

“Naked, drippy wet, I see Ms Clary strip topless, followed by Mrs. Parsons and the Dean’s wife. We proceed to fuck her to pieces. Then do it again just for laughs. He makes me suck him clean while the Dean talks about it!”

“I’m embarrassed and humiliated beyond belief. I couldn’t be more exposed I’m feeling powerless and so hot I am going to explode. Now, I’m more naked than naked, sitting at the table two men and three topless women, about plans, logistics and personnel. The coach is playing with my clit under the table and makes me come like crazy, just as the Director of Finance is giving me a charge card. Exposed tits shaking like insane Jell-O, we say our ‘goodbyes’ like it is another regular Tuesday at the office.”

“And that, Bridget, is how I felt. And if coach does not fuck me in front of you, your topless teammates and those two fucked out ex-virgins right this minute, I’m going to scream!”

Eddie grinned, stepped out of his shorts and up to Megan. He picked her up, taking her out into the gym. Eddie placed her on the mats and proceeded to pound her into the flood. Two noisy orgasms later, he rolled over, keeping his dick in her. “Ride ‘em, cowgirl!” he shouted as Megan did just that.

“Watch those titties bounce! Go girl, go!” chanted Bridget. She dragged Thea and Georgette by their boob chain closer to the action, “Look at Coach’s dick drill that soaking cunt. Bet you looked like that. You want so more, don’t you sluts?”

Eddie looked at the two girls. “Play with Ms Martins tits like she did yours. Pinch her hard nipples as tight as you want. Make her feel like you. Do it now!” The stunned followed orders. They pinched Megan’s tits like anti-stress toys.

Megan started babbling some unknown language and came for what seemed like days. Minutes later, that her eyes got that ‘look’. She stood up, and pulled Thea down by her chain. “Sit on that cock, cunt.” Megan held Eddie’s dick up and pushed Thea down, impaling her pussy. “Ride him hard.” Georgette had a very good view. She was attached to Thea by the tits.

Megan stood behind the suddenly fucking Thea and grinned at Eddie. “Fuck me with this little girl, you whore,” he snarled to Megan.

Reaching over Thea’s shoulders, Megan began pumping Thea up and down by her tits. As she caught the rhythm and starting fucking the Coach on her own, Ms Martin played with he clit. As the orgasm washed over Thea’s entire body, Megan released the nipple clamps. The pain amplified the pleasure. It was Thea’s turn to scream and that she did. Megan pulled Thea up and off.

Megan replaced Thea with the astonished Georgette, impaling on the dick still wet from Thea. Using her tits as handles, Megan set the ex-virgins pace on the cock stuck deep in her twat. Georgette started to come quicker than her fellow fuckee when Megan pinched her clit. Megan removed the nipple clamps and sent the little girl to outer space. Then she passed out and fell over.

Eddie jumped up, grabbed Megan, forced her to her hands and knees and fucked her tight ass until he came with a roar. Megan did not mind at all.

Bridget and the others gave them a standing ovation.

Eddie and the three well-fucked girls went to the showers. He and Megan pampered the two slightly shaky girls. Megan concentrated on their girly parts, gently washing as she made sure their nipples and twats weren’t too sore. Eddie massaged as he did their backs, arms and legs, telling how soft and smooth their skin felt and how feminine the sweet bodies appeared. He said, “You both have a ‘glow’ you did not have before, like you learned something about yourself.”

“I’ll leave you two in Ms Martin’s hands. The carpenters will be delivering some items we ordered this morning. It’s 3:00 now. That gives us an hour or so to prepare. Kate and the others will start to drift in soon.”

“Coach. Can we wash you, too? Kind of go exploring?” Thea asked.

Georgette shyly added, “We really know how you feel, but not how you look.”

“Like I told the folks at the meeting, I’m no exhibitionist, but neither am I shy. Turn about is fair play. And besides, I saw all of you. I loved every inch.”

Eddie let them examine him for a little while. “This feels really good. You’re getting me excited again. So I need to get to work now unless start all over.”

Megan nudged him out. “Go work. I’ll stay here with these two hotties and we’ll met you in the gym.”

Eddie got a towel and dried as he walked into the gym. Kate was just coming in. “I sent Lisa to catch you a log time ago. What happened?” he asked.

“Lisa caught up just as we got to the Admin Building. I was way embarrassed by then. She told me to hustle back here, so I started toward my dorm to get something to wear. The Dean stopped me and said I had to stay naked until a hearing could be held. Even if you were going to handle it, I had to stay naked until I got to the gym.”

“I was half way back when a bunch of rude boys trapped me. They tried to touch me, saying some awful things. Some of the stuff you’ve said, but when they said it, the words sounded meaner. When you said sorta the same, it made me get excited and embarrassed at the same time. It was weird. I tried to get away but they had me surrounded. I was about to start swinging.”

Kate began talking faster, “Anyway, Claire and Janie showed up, carrying a bunch of towels and stuff. It took about a millisecond for those two warriors to get right in those boys’ faces. Claire told them to get the hell out there, right now. Janie showed her bracelet to the loudest boy and told him if he did not know what that bracelet meant, then he better find out fast or he would be in real big trouble. These two tiny girls were wearing their sheer bikini panties and nipple clips like it was full-body armor. They were not backing down.”

“They checked me over to made sure I was OK and Claire told me to run here and not stop for nothing. If anybody bothered me, make him or her chase me in. You would deal very harshly with the bozos. Janie called it, “extreme prejudice.” They got their towels and whatever they were carrying and left, looking for the other girls. So, Coach, that’s what took so long.”

“Kate, I am so sorry you had to through something that rough. I’m glad you’re OK. Remember, steel is forged in the hottest fire. You are going to be a very strong girl. I’m proud of you. Ms Martin and I will find a place for you here.” He hugged her tight.

“You damn straight we will.” Megan stated like gospel, “Lisa did you get that?”

Eddie and Kate spun around. “I came in right behind Kate. I saw what happened but could not get the camera out ‘cause I was getting ready to wade in when the SWAT team showed up. Every word Kate said was the honest truth. I did get every word since Kate came in. And some footage or her setting records in the 200-meter sprint. The Coach and Kate were so involved they didn’t notice. It’s on new card. We can show it on the big screen when the others get here.”

Megan said, “Kate let’s get you to the showers. We’ll get you looking like a girl, again. Georgette and Thea, you stay and help Coach Wilson get ready for the carpenters.”

Janie and Claire strolled in like conquering heroines. “We wuz bad. Those boys ran from us!” Janie giggled. They were talking to each other so fast the tiny warriors didn’t see the crowd listening.

Claire just plain laughed, “I was scared as hell but those jerks made me so mad I forgot I was naked. Coach makes us do scary embarrassing stuff naked but his stuff make me hot.”

Janie started laughing like Claire, “We get pulled all over town showing our tits to everybody, we run through a nasty neighborhood full of perverts, he makes us wait outside of a sex store, then strips us naked and fucks us brainless against a wall in the street. I never had so much fun in my life!”

“I was terrified someone would see and afraid they wouldn’t. Go figure.” Claire gasped.

“And then, we try to beat up five boys messing with a girl who we helped Coach screw until she passed out.” Janie squealed like a little girl. She was.

“Naked with our boobs chained together in front of the Dean. And less than a day ago, we were virgins. What’s next?” Claire asked. “I love being a girl!”

“I love you being girls, too” Eddie chuckled. They jumped out of their skin.

“Oh my god! How long have you been here?” Janie said.

“Never left. Heard the whole thing. Nice panties.” Eddie laughed again.

‘Now, I’m embarrassed for the millionth time today!” Claire fussed.

Megan said, “The word on the street is that embarrassment looks very pretty good on both of you. Now put the stuff you brought in the conference room and hit the showers. We’ll set the dress code later. Stay naked. Keep the clips. Got to wear something.”

Within minutes of each other Audrey, Ashley, Becca, Beth, Crysta, Donna, Jen, Melissa, Mika and Nikki rolled in. Arms full, they asked Coach Wilson where they could put everything they owned in the world. Marti arrived with more stuff, telling Eddie, “Master, a Ms Clary told us to bring this stuff over here. We live here til Friday.”

Donna added, “Marti’s right. Facilities is tearing the dorm room apart. Ms Clary is sending over some dressers for the conference room and a bunch of mattresses and linens. We can put it the gym.”

“Yeah. ‘Home, Sweet Home’ until she calls Ms Martin Thursday or Friday morning,” Beth put in.

“Master?” Georgette wondered, “When did that happen, Marti?”

“About the time he screwed us stupid, with ten girls watching, tied to the wall, staring at us. We picked him. He didn’t pick us. He gave us things we needed, not what we thought we wanted.” Lisa answered quickly, “You will understand, soon, if you haven’t learned already.”

“Girls, those two with nipple clips are Georgette and Thea. The new naked girl is Kate. They have stories to tell. Stow your things in the conference room until the dressers get here. Hit the showers. I’ll join you. Stay naked, you class up the gym.” Eddie grabbed the camera and started the video. What he saw was priceless. He lost his shorts in solidarity. His dick had solidarity to spare.

Thinking ‘I love my life.’ Eddie watched Megan and seventeen crazy naked wiggling teenaged hotties scurry around, talking all at once. He handed the camera to Thea and Georgette telling the naked girls to film anything that wiggled. He had to make some calls.

From his office, he called the carpenters’ shop. The foreman said the order was ready and being loaded for delivery. His delivery girl would ring at the service entrance in about 45 minutes. Eddie thanked him and hung up.

Next Eddie called Arlene at the fabric shop. She was glad he called. The order was ready. Once they got started, they assembly-lined the job. She threw several extra of each size in some odd colors. Her staff tagged each piece by size. The seamstress was on her way, now.

‘Wow, Arlene, you give great service. I’m very impressed. Thank you and your staff.” Eddie praised.

“We want to see pictures of what we made when it’s in use. Gotta be great!” Arlene said.

“She is here. What’s her name?” Eddie asked.

“Franny. She’s cute and fun. You can play with her. Can’t steal her. Just borrow her. Between you and me, she’s a virgin. She likes girls but I think she’s bi.” Arlene said. You could hear the gleam in her eyes.

“Later, Arlene. You’re worse than me.”

He answered the gym door. Standing there was a spitting image of Janie with blond hair instead of red. She was gloriously naked except for a small leather tool belt, loaded with scissors, a flexible tape measure, precut Velcro in all colors, grommets, laces, safety pins, straight pin, plus needles and thread. And handcuffs?

“Hi. I’m Franny. Arlene made me dress like this to deliver your order. I’ve never been naked like this. It is making me crazy.” She could barely whisper.

“You are a beautiful girl. I’m Coach Wilson. Welcome to the crazy house. Pardon me for noticing, but your lovely pink nipples need some attention before they explode and your pussy is dripping down your pretty legs.” He reached to take her hand

Franny found herself shocked and wildly excited by this hypnotic man. She reached for his hand and he did not let go. She watched in a haze as he pulled her into a full body hug. His dick up trapped against her tummy. Franny felt this strange Coach pick her up like she was a feather and press her back to the wall beside the door, he lifted her some more until his dick touched her wet virgin pussy, finding the entrance. He started to let burning hot body slid down the wall, using her weight, letting her impale herself on this hard cock.

She was staring at something no one else could see. Franny hugged Coach Wilson as hard as she could. He unbuckled her belt and let it drop. Her nipples were trying to punch a hole in his chest. That made her wetter. Franny heard someone’s voice say, “I’ve never done this before. Why do I want you to make love to me, now? How are you making me need to feel you inside? I have to give my virginity to you this second.” She was almost sure she could recognize the voice.

Franny locked eyes with his. She slowly loosened her hug and felt her body slide down, felt herself accept his dick. Franny set her face and let her body drop trying to take it all at once. Her maidenhead parted and Eddie’s dick was suddenly half way in. It felt huge, she felt like she was stretched to the splitting point.

Eddie caught her weight. “That’s enough for now, Dear. Let your incredibly tight pussy get used to being used. The sting of giving your precious gift will pass soon, leaving you a life of pleasure. I’m only half in. Let’s get comfortable. Then we can do this the easy way.” He said in a soothing voice.

Franny clamped her arms and legs around like a tiny octopus. Eddie took her to a mat in the middle of the room. He lay on his back and pushed her up by her titties. “Now Franny, go at our own pace. Lift yourself up a little and push yourself down. Work me in a little at a time. When you’re ready, we’ll do this thing proper.”

Franny rocked her hips back and forth, working his dick in slowly. She felt so good he had to force himself to be still and let her go at her own rate. “Oh, wow, it feels so good. So tight So full.” She got a look of discovery on her face. “There, yessss. That’s it!” She started pumping furiously.

Eddie took this as his cue and started thrusting back, driving to the bottom in two strokes. With eyes wide open, Franny stopped talking and began to fuck him as fast as she could. Change angles and pump. Rotate and pump. She found that perfect spot inside herself and rode him faster than before, chanting, “Deeper, so good, harder, oh my god, what’s happening to me. Please, fuck me harder.”

Eddie was glad to oblige. He flipped them over staying buried in this wonderful, sweet pussy. He reached back and pulled her legs to his shoulders. Eddie went to town on that virgin. She took all he was giving. Franny shouted, “It’s here. I’m comingggggg.” Her abdominal muscles started to ripple and her cunt tried to milk his balls dry. In the middle of her first dick driven orgasm, Eddie drove the last inch he had been holding in reserve all the way through the end of her cunt. He started short, hard strokes, hitting her clit hard each time, his dick head never leaving her womb. “Now I’m all the way in, dear.”

She slowed, stared at that invisible something, and went completely wild. Moaning and screaming and wailing like a banshee, her body went out of control, bouncing and wiggling and bouncing some more.

Eddie held on to her for dear life, his and hers. He was trying to fill her up. She was trying to empty his balls. He knew for a fact that he had blown his brains out the end of his dick He was not sure where hers had gone.

Eddie rolled over again, staying buried deer inside her hot tightness. They finally noticed every one, all naked eighteen of them, standing there speechless. Franny lifted her head enough to look at him and wink. He put his hands on her titties and pushed her vertical, still attached at her pussy.

Then she said loud enough for everyone to hear, “Hi, my name’s Franny. You must be the Coach Arlene sent me to see. Pleased to meet you.”

There was dead tomb silence for about seven and a half seconds. Then Donna started giggling, “I’ll be damned. That little twat got us good first time out. She is one of us. Franny, we will get even.”

The whole room erupted. The girls were hooting and laughing their cute asses off. Titties bouncing around like Jell-O. Lisa called out, “Girls you need to thank me. I started recording when Franny knocked on the door. Coach was fucking her within 15 seconds, up against the wall. You all started watching then and that was 45 minutes ago. Better call ‘Guiness’, we have a record.”

Lisa continued, ”Let’s review.” She started laughing, “A week ago, Marti threw her shiny new twat on his sword. Last night Janie and Claire gave it up for dinner. At lunch, he nails Thea and Georgette. And now for a late afternoon snack Franny jumped his bone. That means 6 virgins total, 5 in the last 20 hours. What’s up with that?”

Megan, batted puppy-dog eyes at Eddie, “Daddy. She’s cute. If we promise to feed her and clean up her masses, and get her shots, can we keep her? Please, please, Daddy. Can we keep her?”

“I guess so, children. Arlene told me that I could play nice with her, borrow her, but I can’t keep. You’ll have to check with the fabric shop lady. Use the phone in my office. Hit redial.”

“Coach. She will give me to you free, and throw in cab fare. Arlene’s my mom. She’s messing with you. I’m supposed to figure out what Coach Wilson designed and do fittings. The stuff is just out the door. I need a shower and where do I sleep?” Franny blurted, not stopping to breathe.

Megan said, “Coach Wilson, while you were getting delivered, the carpenters’ shop dropped off your field levelers, Ms Clary sent the dressers, mattresses and sheets already. It’s too early to order supper. Tell us what to do.”

Eddie sat up, then stood, still plugged into Franny’s pussy. She hung like a limpet. “Girls lose the nipple jewelry. It’s blocking my view. Get the video camera and the tripod ready, fresh tape is in the cabinet in the conference room. I believe Ms Martin can repair the tape head. Take my goody bag, all the “testing supplies” to the area in front of the ladder wall. Put the stuff the carpenters brought there also. Next, get four chairs, and some stools from the storeroom. If I think of anything else, we’ll deal with it after I shower and deal with this sticky little girl stuck to my chest.”

‘Got it, Coach. Girls, stop dripping all over the gym and hop to it. Coach, we’ll be done before she is.”

Franny looked at Megan, asking, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Megan answered, “That isn’t the question. The real question is, ‘What have we gotten into ourselves?’”

Crysta shook her tits at Franny and said, “Girl, hang on tight. You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Giggling, the other teenagers shimmied their naked titties and set to work. Eddie watched the scenery for a few minutes, bouncing a moaning blond on his dick. “They are getting hot looking at my cock pump in and out of your cunt,” he whispered in her ear.

“ Oh lord, that’s so nasty. Fuck me harder. Give them something to see.” She started her orgasm before they got out of sight. Eddie was coming, too, filling her twat to overflowing.

They made it to the showers, where he taught the willing girl how her liked his blowjobs. She swallowed. Eventually, they finished, returning to the gym. All eighteen very naked girls were lounging around on the mats, talking about the crazy day they had survived. Each story topped the one before. Their hands were not idle.

“Ok My, my, but your titties look quite perky this evening, girls.” Eddie said, smiling at the mob.

“That’s what you said to Vera.” Said Georgette.

“Vera?” Becca asked.

“The Dean’s wife. Coach Wilson was talking to her naked tits, when he popped my cherry while she, Betty Parsons and Irene Clary rubbed their nipples in my face, on the conference room table.”

Megan laughed, “It’s good to be a girl, isn’t it?”

“Thanks to the Coach, we’re getting real good at this girly stuff,” said Mika, blushing deep crimson. The mob cracked up again.

Watching tits and asses and pussies rolling all over the floor laughing, Eddie, once more, thought to himself, ‘I love my life. It’s good to be me.’

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    This site was soft,erotic. Now it’s hard with rape, chains,sado, etc.. Why?
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