Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 5.5

6:00 Tuesday morning came way too early for every one except Coach Wilson, Director Martin and as it turned out, Lisa. Eddie woke up, still embedded in one of Megan’s best features. He did a reach around. Fingers finding clit, he stroked slowly until Megan came. It must have been a sweet one, he figured because she moaned so softly, smiled and went back to sleep. Eddie turned to stare at the ceiling

He remembered having that talk with his Dad. Ed, Sr., Had the ‘TALK’ with his son a long time ago. Dad asked what he needed to talk about. After listening to Eddie’s observations, he said that maybe the difference was that girls matured faster but that might be selling the girls short. He said that Eddie needed to consider that girls grew breasts that showed on the outside and had periods that affected their lives and that their bodies changed shape. Girls talked about these chances with other girls, formed sisterhoods and practiced being girls with other girls. Their newly acquired girl parts are on the outside. Shirts rubbed on breasts. Pants rubbed on vaginas. Maybe the reason girls loved to play soccer was that they needed an outlet for all that hormonal energy. And maybe the real reason was that it was exciting. Dancing turned them on.

He talked easily with the soccer team members, hanging out in the locker room, massaging the older girls, bumps and bruises and just being adopted as their mascot. The girls weren’t very modest around him, nor were they brazen. Eddie got treated as their hunky little brother. He just took it in stride. Girls didn’t frighten him like other adolescent boys.

The day he asked Mom to teach him to dance she just laughed and hugged him saying that with his looks, he was going to be very popular. Even as a 13 year old, he figured that one out.

Lisa rolled over and lay on Eddie’s stomach bringing him back to the present. “The look on Ms Martin’s face was so sweet it got me very excited. Mind if I rest here until everyone gets up, Master?”

“Let me do the math: Crazy cute teenager, squirming on my chest early in the morning, still hard from screwing the Director in her sleep, plus cute teen filmed outrageously sexy ‘encounters’ in the last few hours, equals a girl wiping her pussy on my dick.”

Lisa reached between them, positioned Eddie’s prick where she wanted and slid it home. “It is not Rocket Surgery, Master. ‘Give her 2 units of B+, there, Nurse sponge there. Quick. Suction the field, Pressure nominal, Clamp. Clamp. Ignition …Liftoff. Mission Control, We have a Moonshot!'” She had been pumping her twat constantly on Eddie. On ‘moonshot’ Lisa achieved high earth orbit, giggling to anyone who listened. “NASA, eat your heart out. My Master has the right stuff.” Eddie pumped her cunt full of his stuff. “In-flight refueling! I love Rocket Surgery.”

“Your pussy does wonderful things when you laugh, Lisa. But we all have to Rise and Shine.”

Lisa’s moon mission had awakened the girly mob. “We’re up already. What next, Coach?” Beth asked.

Megan who had been watching Lisa’s lunar trip, said to the group, “Girls, we have to step out of the box a little, today. We will be specially dressed. All tops will be semi- or totally transparent and will extend no lower than 2 inches past your nipples. Panties must be see-through and may be of any style except ‘boy shorts’. This may sound extreme, but you will be covered. Our Personal Dress Code will be under a microscope. We have to prove ourselves deserving of the exemption bracelets.”

“The Director will be examined as well. Today Ms Martin will wear the same sort of panties with a longer top. We will meet with the Dean and part of the administration today. We will present our strict dress code definitions and define our enforcement methodologies. Part of the newspaper staff will attend in order to insure that the public is informed. Claire’s first story for publication is appearing this morning to prepare to public for your exemption status. We expect the story to be well received.”

The girls congratulated Claire. She stood and gave a naked pirouette and a cute curtsey.

Megan continued, “We need two girls at the meeting who are free between 11:30 and 2:00 today. Lisa and Janie, Can you make it?”

Lisa had classes at 9:00, 2:30 and 4:00. She could make it. Janie was part-time and had the day free. “Perfect. Meet the Coach and I in the conference room at 11:00 AM. Everybody else, write your schedules down. We need to get some shopping done today and tomorrow. Also, make sure to be available Friday evening and night. We have to complete our current test set for the Project.”

Eddie said, ” I need your waist and neck measurements. Include these with your schedules. Plus, we are going to eliminate some variables in data collection, so I must have an accurate measurement of the distance from the floor to the point of first contact with your absolutely stellar pussy lips. Your legs must be spread 2 feet wide when you measure. This is important foe your comfort during the testing process.”

“We are planning more appropriate accommodations for this Crazy Crew of Cute Kittens.” This name made the teenagers feel like real girls. The smiles were huge. Private study space is in the works. You must maintain your already excellent grades. Prove to the community that you can be pretty feminine girls who can be strong enough to take on difficult challenges, keep your minds sharp and not lose your sweet girly charm.” Megan told them to hop to it, collect the information and get ready for classes.

The girls, feeling empowered after the praise, jumped to it. Schedules were written measurements were taken, to many giggles and squeals. Seems the last numbers required a lot of tickles and caresses. These teenagers were still playful even when motivated by serious business. Eddie emptied the camera into his laptop, putting the stills and videos in a password-protected file.

Megan called the Dean. She explained the agenda as they had described it to Martine. She suggested that Coach Wilson might use the newspaper staff to illustrate the Project’s stricter Code. “Speaking faculty to faculty, Sir, I think you may find this illustration quite informative. You might want to ask your lovely wife on a “cover-your-bases” move. Megan mentioned the plans for housing and a new study area and asked permission to contact Facilities.

The Dean agreed to meet at the Conference Room at noon. He would bring Robert and Betty Parsons from Finance and Foundations, plus Irene Clary, Facilities Manager. And he would meet his wife there before their lunch date.

Eddie called Bridget and asked that either her or another team member to have coffee, tea and some light pastries ready in the conference room at noon. Bridget said she would make sure several of the players would be available to help serve. Eddie warned her that Code compliance was extremely important today. “The Dean will be there, observing the proceedings. And will accept no less than perfection.” Bridget said her could take a hint and that everything was covered.

Everybody rushed to the showers, then, went in search of the clothing as required by today’s definition of decent. Everyone managed to meet Ms Martin’s goal, except Ms Martin and Crysta. Crysta settled on a babydoll top. She had worn one occasionally since high school and was completely at ease. This was a normal day for her.

Coach Wilson approved the same for the Director with the addition of sheer low-rider panties He explained to the girls that it was because the meeting fell into the category of University functions and Project duties. The panties, while normally forbidden, were needed so the Director would present a properly businesslike appearance. Ms Martin thanked him for his concern.

The young girls were very pleased at and impressed by the Coach’s caring attitude. They knew that would treat every girl with the same fairness but be firm when necessary.

Eddie took a group photo outside to demonstrate compliance. He would show it at the meeting if necessary. Several hardening little nipples were well displayed.

The girls looked at each. Several, in fact, all of them were nervous. This was very close to being naked, all day, for absolutely everybody to see. Eddie reassured them, “You are strong AND pretty. Just think of yourselves as covered. You can feel the tops and panties on your skin. You are protected from inspection. Without your bracelets, you could wind up totally naked and be fondled and raped in the main lobby. Remember, you marched naked, singing loud, just yesterday wearing only nipple jewelry. You were embarrassed at first, but before long, perky firm titties thrust out, you displayed your naked bodies to the world. One girl gave her virginity to me outside and actually wanted to get fucked, hard, twice, in the Common Room while strangers touched her boobs, two fucked me in public, before we got home. You were beautiful. I wanted to make love all of you, The Director included, right there. I want to do it now. You are feminine, pretty and proud to be girls.”

“Now, stay together in groups of three all day, watch out for each other. All of this is easier if you have friends with you. You have Ms Martin’s and my cell phone numbers. Go knock ’em dead.”

“Claire and Janie, you are with the Coach. We’ll get you excused form classes. Oh, girls, just be quiet. You will be schoolgirls today and go to class. You will understand when you read Claire’s newspaper article. Beth and Nikki, you will go shopping with me. We need new “compliant” clothes, lots of sneakers, and more towels to wear. And whatever girly stuff you need. Let’s roll!”

The MuskeTits now feeling good about themselves and feeling better about the shared situation sucked it up and went to class. Megan and her pair of girls went to town, shy but brave.

Claire and Janie waited while Coach Wilson went inside got the measurements, the camera and two pairs of alligator clips and the gold nipple clamps. They went into the equipment bag, along with the charge card from the Athletic Department he always kept in the pocket of his specially altered boxers. “I may have to make a point, today” he laughed to himself. Back outside, he gave the bag to Janie and off to the carpenter shop they went.

The Coach introduced himself. He introduced Janie and Claire as his assistants for the day. Then he told the foreman what he needed, “I need a wooden sheet, 23 inches wide and 48 inches tall. It will stand vertically. On one side, I want a sturdy shelf, 6 inches deep, adjustable from the bottom, in 1-inch increments, from the end resting on the floor, up to the 18-inch mark. I need to be able to secure it to the rungs of a 2-foot wide ladder from the other side. The rungs are 1-inch wooden dowels, on 6-inch centers, starting 6 inches from the floor. I will need fifteen duplicates. As soon as possible. How quickly can you make this happen? Invoice it to the Dean’s office, marked to the attention of the Health Project.”

The foreman said they had lots of material in stock normally used in the library. They could custom cut some and make attachments and fasteners at once. The ladder would be no problem. The shop was part of Facilities, so a notice of an order completed was all that was necessary.

“We can have it ready for delivery by this evening, maybe sooner if your lovely assistants will stop distracting the staff.” The man laughed. “And we recognized Claire. Miss, your Project article was spellbinding. A copy is pinned to the bulletin board in the shop.” She blushed instantly but thanked the foreman sweetly, shaking his hand.

Eddie glanced back at the teens. They feigned nonchalance. Their flushed faces and heavy breathing exposed that lie. The hard nipples were a giveaway. He thanked the foreman and requested delivery to the girls’ volleyball gym.

Eddie and the teens went back to the street and headed to the fabric shop. Janie was shaking with laughter. Claire stopped and Asked, “What’s so damned funny, Janie?

“You know you flashed the entire carpenter’s shop, don’t you?” Janie managed to say.

“Of course, this top is transparent, you silly twat.” Claire huffed.

“But didn’t you notice that your tits peeked from under your top when you reached to shake that man’s hand? And your top is to light to fall in place? Janie was laughing so hard her tits were out from under her top.

Claire looked down saw her hard nipples peeking at the whole world and screamed. “You rat! Why didn’t you say something?”

“And let you react like this with them watching? Anyway, I was laughing so much I couldn’t speak.” Janie said, “Your top is clear. What’s the difference?”

“The difference is that they know that the top is intended to be a cover, however clear! At least I’m not all naked. Or wasn’t supposed to be. Now, that’s shot all to hell.” Claire did not tell Janie that her titties spent most of their visit with the carpenters exposed as well. Nor, that they were showing even now.

Eddie, silently observing that ‘it’s good to be king,’ told Claire to fix her top. “We are on a schedule as tight as your pussies. Get a move on or I will have to get serious.”

As they approached the Fabric shop Claire whispered to Janie, “By the way, your boobs have been bare since we left the carpenter shop. They were bouncing so nice it seemed a shame to make you cover them up. Besides, as you pointed out, the top is transparent, what difference would it make?” She tweaked Janie’s nipple before she could react.

Janie jumped at least a foot. The wobbling in her titties was remarkable considering how firm they were. Eddie did considered it, indeed so did several passersby.

The girls looked at each other and smiled. “This is great. I’m so excited I am coming every minute.” Janie whispered.

“Yeah. Yesterday, I didn’t know what ‘hot’ was. Today, I can’t cool off.” Claire giggled, “What’s next?”

They finally entered the fabric shop. “Coach Wilson, so nice to see you again. And this gorgeous girl is the one who wrote that nice story in the newspaper. Good work, Claire. Coach who is your equally pretty companion?”

“This is Janie, the data recorder for the Project featured in Claire’s article.” Eddie responded, “We have a rush job for you and your staff. Do you have stretchy velour in stock and, if so, what colors?”

“Call me Arlene. We have plenty black, white and gray, some navy, pink, forest green and sky blue. We have only remnants of other colors, not really enough to work with. What do you need?”

“Please copy these measurements.” He gave her the list from the bag, indicating the significant numbers. He had taken from Janie just after the visit to the carpenter shop. She didn’t have the attention span to keep up with it any more. “I need 2-inch strips, two each in black, white and navy, for each measurement. So for the 22-inch entry equals six strips, two inches wide. It is very important that the strips of velour have the soft knap on both sides. I figure you can cut the material four and a half inches wide, fold it, nappy side in, and with a quarter inch seam allowance, you’ll stitch the edge. Turn the tube inside out, and ‘voila’, a two-inch, two-sided strip! You’ll have to cut them longer to account for a finished edge on each end and for an overlap so we can use a Velcro closure, in a matching color.”

Arlene looked amazed. “Coach. That was one of the best descriptions I’ve been given. Where did you learn “seamstress’?”

Eddie chuckled. “I had the remedial course when getting the volleyball uniforms designed for our girls’ team. The suppliers didn’t talk ‘sports’ and I didn’t talk ‘tailor’. We worked it out with me doing most of the work.”

Add to the order another three strips of each color, for each set of measurements, finished on each end, with the hard side of the Velcro attached to only one end, at least five feet long. Incidentally, the numbers are pairs, neck and waist.”

“One set will consist of a large band, a small band and a long strip. Three sets each in black, white and navy. We will need several tubes of your best fabric cement, the unused soft nappy Velcro sides not used on the long strips and a full roll of Velcro in each color. Whew!!. Got all that?”

“Sounds doable. Probably take less time to do it than say it, Coach. We will have the order ready by Thursday afternoon.” Arlene said after scribbling her notes.

“Thursday is perfect. Deliver it to the girls’ volleyball gym. Send the invoice to the Dean’s office at the University, to the attention of the Health Project. Thanks for all your help.”

“Girls, one more stop to make. Gotta run.” With that Eddie actually trotted to the adult shop. The teens could not keep their tits under their tops. They looked positively edible to Eddie. He halted after two blocks when they entered the mostly deserted area. “Give me your tops. You cannot keep them down and they just get in the way. Keep the panties.” He got the deer-in-headlights stare. “Now, we are in a hurry.” They gave up the wispy tops.

Claire said, “but we’re almost naked publicly in this seedy neighborhood.” Janie couldn’t multitask enough to nod and tremble at the same time. Her body chose to tremble.

She did manage to mumble, “I have never felt so exposed and naked. I am crazy with humiliation.”

“Me, too, Coach. Why do I feel so horny? It’s like last night I want it so bad and I’m afraid to need it.” Claire panted.

“Each multiplies the other, Coach. Can we hurry? Please?” Janie echoed.

They weren’t old enough to enter, so he made them wait outside. They were purple with embarrassment. This was not a great looking neighborhood. Eddie knew there was no danger. The area had a few industrial supply shops and the adult toy store. The other warehouses were abandoned. The teenagers did not know. Both girls were damp with the perspiration from the trotting. The panties were totally invisible.

Eddie went in and checked the time. It was 10:30, 90 minutes before the meeting. He called a cab. He would charge the fare to the card. He got the last fifteen pairs of attached nipple clamps, some in gold, some in brushed silver. He also picked up six foot matching chains, four in each finish that .he could attach to the middle of the chain between the nipples. He also got twenty pairs alligator clips a little less industrial appearing. The girls could custom decorate these. Into the bag they went. After getting charge receipt, Eddie joined the two virtually naked teenagers outside.

They were barely able to stand. He pulled them by their tits to the alley by the toy store. In his best ‘Coach’ voice he ordered them to give him their panties. “I want you naked, now! I’m going to fuck both of your cunts. I don’t care what lowlife is watching, jerking off seeing you dirty girls get the fucking you deserve. Look at how wet your pussies are. What kind of sluts are you?”

The shivering teens gave him the panties. He made them smell each other’s. “See how hot you let yourselves get?” Eddie told Claire to pull his boxers down while he played with Janie’s pussy. Boxers off, he put Janie against, pushed his dick in her cunt and pounded her until he came as hard as he ever had. Janie started her humiliating orgasm as soon as he hit bottom. It peaked in seconds and didn’t stop until after he pulled out.

He dropped Janie to the ground. He fucked Claire as hard as he had Janie, maybe rougher. Her response was the same, only louder. She drooped like a rag doll when she felt him cum, filling her up.

While the totally fucked out schoolgirls were still dazed, he attached a pair of silver clamps to their extremely hard and sensitive nipples. He added each end of the same silver ‘leash’ to the middle of each teen’s chain. He remembered to put his boxers on.

“Get up,” he ordered, “and wipe your drippy twats with your dirty panties. The taxi will be here soon. You don’t want to get the seats wet with your nasty pussy juice.” This made them so much more embarrassed that they came again when he slapped their clits, both at the same time. He pulled them to the sidewalk where he made them put the panties on.

They barely got their wet panties on when the cab honked. Eddie pulled them by their leashes to the curb. He put Claire in first. He went next. Then Janie, Eddie cautioning her to “be quick about it. If the chain stretches, so do your titties” Janie followed, her body never losing contact with Coach.

Eddie told the cabbie, a middle aged woman, sporting a sour expression, to take them to the dorms at the University, handing her the charge card. ” Go as fast as you dare. I have to get these girls to a meeting. Being late will not go over well.”

‘I can’t get these sluts out of my cab fast enough. ‘Hurry’ is no problem.” She grumped. She muttered harsh comments about their character and appearance all the way, trying to shame the girls as much as she could during the short ride.

Eddie played with the chains and played harder with their wet little clits. His action and the cab driver’s talk had them coming again and again.

Eddie detached the leash and sent them to shower, fast. The driver called in the fare, Eddie added a generous tip and got his receipt and card. He stripped, joined the shower girls, rinsed off and pulled the teens out as they were just finishing. He reattached the leash to the chains, pulling them out of the shower room and out toward gym on the same chain. Eddie put the boxers back on. Me made the girls stay wet and naked.

Both teens were so astonished at what had happened to them between the door of the adult toy store and the dorm door, that it took a few minutes to realize where they were.

When the girls did become aware, their shame and embarrassment set records. Naked, being lead across campus, naked, looking thoroughly fucked, following stretched, naked, clamped nipples, going to a meeting with the Dean. They were coming like crazy before the got to the gym. The schoolgirls stopped caring who saw the two nasty little pussies.

Eddie threw open the door and rushed them to his office. Seven minutes to spare. The clock at the last stop must have been fast. He tossed the blushing girls some towels to dry their twats. He changed into some regular gym shorts, remaining ‘commando’ and a fitted matching polo shirt.

Coach pulled the girls into the conference room before the Dean and company arrived. He seated them side by side at the narrow end of the table. Lisa had begun the video as they entered the room. She, Ms Martin and the four members of the volleyball team were setting up the drinks. Bridget and her co-conspirators would serve pastries later. Beth and Nikki had classes.

Megan stared at Janie and Claire and asked how the trip to town had gone.

Clair and Janie, blabbering together at once, “We showed our tits to the carpenters and didn’t know ’til later, then saw the fabric store lady and had to wait in clear clothes as the talked forever. Coach made us run to the dirty things store so fast that our boobs kept bouncing out. Didn’t matter, transparent anyway. Coach made us take off tops and run rest of way through bad neighborhood, topless, tits bouncing for bums to jerk off to. Came out of store while we waited topless outside in public. Pulled by tits to open alley. Fucked us against wall to pieces in public. Came hard enough to go blind bunches of times Gave nipple clamps on one leash. Took cab ride with snotty driver, coach diddled us, tweaking boobs with chain ’til we came again. Ran to shower, naked. Coach too. He pulled us to here on same chain, running naked, chained by our boobies; nipples stretched trying to keep up. Hottest. Best day ever. So embarrassed we could come again!” You couldn’t tell who said what. But girl or the other agreed on every detail.

Megan and the girls laughed so hard, they barely noticed when the Dean and Company opened the door. Every one stood to welcome them. Even Claire and Janie, before they realized that their wardrobe was small and metallic. “At least our nipples are mostly covered. Mostly” Janie whispered to Claire.

The table was rectangular, seven seats long and two seats wide. Janie and Claire had one end

They seated the officials along the long side facing the open room. Ms Clary, the Dean’s wife, the Dean, Mrs. Parsons and, finally, Mr. Parsons were being offered refreshments when Martine and the reporters arrived. Thea, Kate and Georgette, her reporter victims, accompanied Martine. Eddie immediately spotted his opportunity to impress the Dean and to get revenge for Martine.

Introductions were made and the newspaper staff were seated, Martine and Thea on the end with Kate and Georgette two in seats facing the officials. The seat between Janie and Ms Clary was empty as was the seat between Mr. Parsons and Martine.

Coach Wilson and Director Martin were seated in front of the Dean, his wide and Mrs. Parsons.

The stage was set. Let the games begin!

The Director and the Coach started the oft-repeated speech about the purpose of the Project, the need for accuracy of measurement, and the sensitive nature of data collection. They spoke of how the test subjects had to be handled in such an intimate manner in such an objectifying, clinical atmosphere, how efforts needed to be made to insure the mental health of the participants, the way the girls were holding up and how proud they were to give something back to the in return for a good education in a safe environment.

They continued, demonstrating their understanding of the necessity of Peer Review and how the Preventive Medicine Health Initiatives, if accepted widely would benefit all girls and, in addition, enhance the University’s reputation as an excellent research institution.

Eddie and Megan said that although preliminary data collection had begun, utilizing the test subjects’ natural playful competitiveness was promising. However, as the system included too any variables, they had devised a more refined purely scientific methodology that guaranteed the objectivity of the data. On occasion, they would return to the original methodology simply because it allowed the girls to be girls. Even then the subjective information might yield valuable real world data.

The Project supervisors were proud to be able to advise the University that current progress was far ahead of any committee endeavor they had been able to research at any institution for comparison. In a mere five weeks, they had defined the goals, created two differing data collection methodologies, acclimated the ten subjects offered by the Administration, recruited four more to assist in the testing, data analysis and to observe and assist in the authorship of the final report. This person would also be the Project publicist when necessary.

They touched on the plans to remodel the dorm rooms and the reasons. They described the projected study area and that it would be shared with the volleyball team.

Coach Wilson added that the Dean’s office and the office of Finance were going to receive some unusual invoices and charge receipts. The intimate nature of the test required certain objects available only at discrete adult oriented outlets. Kegel muscle strength testing equipment was not stocked in the student’s store. They were not aware of their budgetary restraints but had made every attempt to adapt existing resources whenever possible. Outside purchasing was kept to minimum. He requested that certain purchases charged to Athletics should be charged to the Project.

Mrs. Parsons asked about the Exemptions. She mentioned the vigorous compliance she and her husband had witnessed.

Coach Wilson asked his Director’s permission to take this question. She thought that he should, so Eddie proceeded to explain: “We, in a sincere need to keep a real time control over the physical condition of the test subjects, anticipated a probable corruption of data if we allowed the penalties for non-compliance and obvious arousal to be applied to the Project participants. Though we are in agreement with the purpose and ultimate goal of the Code of Conduct, the unpredictable nature of code enforcement in the general coed population would play havoc with our control group.”

“Voicing our concerns to the Dean and presenting a list of the probable jeopardy of data accuracy, The Dean and the Project management team hammered out solutions acceptable to all parties and the University community in general. The Dean agreed that the commonly accepted forms of inspection, arousal penalization and most kinds of personal contact should be halted completely, some sort of encouragement must be in place to insure that the young girls comported themselves in accordance with the Code of Conduct, especially the more visible Dress Code. They would therefore remain compliant to a more strict application of the Code.

Ms Martin interrupted to say that Coach Wilson was chosen to insure the subjects’ compliance. His exemplary record as an Undergrad plus his firm guidance and the success of the girls’ volleyball team and the coed’s fitness plan proved him the best choice. To eliminate any chance of abuse or misuse of the subjects or relaxation of necessary compliance, the Director was to be considered to be a participant in all ways except for being tested. Small allowances were made when engaged in her regular non-Project Departmental duties. At all other times, the Director was to be under the same rules as the Project participants.

Coach Wilson. “In short, we needed to show the coed population in general that the exempted status of the Project girls was the greater burden and that envy and jealousy were off the table. The demonstration witnessed by Mr. And Mrs. Parsons, the dress styles of Lisa and Ms Martin, plus the lack of dress evidenced by Janie and Claire, respectively our new data analyst and publicity person, attest to the fair enforcement of a stricter code and the rapid penalty applications.”

“The public exposure, the photographs plus the jewelry will serve as a physical and psychological reminder that our dedication to the spirit of the Code of Conduct is absolute. Claire and Janie please stand and turn 360° for the audience.” Both teens did as instructed, blushing like crazy. “As you can clearly public embarrassment is powerful tool.”

Eddie continued, “Now, while our volleyball team serves snacks and refreshes your drinks, would you like to see a demonstration of the differences between our Project Code and the general code, and inspection styles?” All five of the officials agreed that a real inspection would clear up all questions.

Eddie asked the editor and her three reporters to stand and face the administration officials across the table. “We are lucky to have four members of the press. I think demonstrating the stricter code on them will also give them a greater awareness. It can only help them have a deeper insight when reporting. Girls please put one arm on your hip and the other on the top of your head. Thank you.”

“Lisa, please, be sure to record this exhibition in high definition video,” said Megan, ” I imagine our administration guests will want a memento of this historic meeting.”

Irene Clary, chuckling as ladylike as she could manage said, “I’m sure the ‘reading of the minutes’ will have a new meaning.”

“As you can clearly see, or not see, these girls are not in compliance with the standard code. Thea’s top doesn’t make it clear that she is not double covered. Thea, give me your shirt, now.” She wavered. “Your hesitation leads me to believe that you have something to hide. The top comes off, Thea, or we will remove it, possibly rendering it unwearable. Thank you. Hand it to Ms Martin.”

Thea did, to her humiliation, “Next, we see that both Georgette and Martine are wearing tee-shirts that let us see the lack of a bra, but they touch the top of the bottoms. Martine, give me your blouse. Georgette, you will strip your shirt and shorts. We cannot tell if you are wearing panties or not. The denim shows no panty line, but is too thick to be sure, so those Daisy Dukes are forfeit. Do it now, girls, we don’t have all day.”

With Thea and Martine topless and Georgette naked, Eddie approached Kate. “You have made some very bad choices, Kate. That dress is not only opaque, it is too long. You might be hiding any number of Code violations. I cannot take the chance. Take it off and take it off now.” She hesitated, too. Eddie hissed angrily. “Your resistance to inspection cannot be tolerated at this University.” He grabbed her neckline, and with both hands, ripped it apart, all the way down the front. He pulled it completely off her terrified trembling body. “See what happens when you refuse a proper inspection. Your dress will go into the trash and you will remain naked until a hearing can be arranged!” Now both Georgette and Kate were totally starkers. He ordered both naked young girls to hold their hands behind their backs, pull their shoulder back and thrust their breasts forward, while keeping their feet shoulder width apart, explaining that, “having to pose in such a demeaning manner, will be remembered.”

Eddie returned his attention to a very afraid Thea and a pleased-with-the-joke Martine. He circled them completely, looking them over thoroughly, top to bottom, especially their tits. “Please observe the erect state of their nipples.” Moving to stand behind the girls, Eddie reached around them, one at a time, gently lifting their boobs, pinching their nipples. “Look at this,” lifting Thea’s titties, showing them to the audience. “This girl has allowed herself to become sexually aroused in front of the dean, his wife, the director of Finance, the Foundation Grants Coordinator and the Facilities Manager. What kind of girl are you? Your panties are soaking!” He gripped the waistband from the back and snatched so strongly they seemed to disappear as they shredded instantly. Thea appeared to orgasm a bit. He bent her at the waist. “Brace your hands on the table, Thea and wait.” She waited, tits hanging in front of the Dean’s wife.

“Martine, not only are your panties too thick to prove that you shave your vagina, they are also drenched. Remove and give them to Ms Martin, now, or they will be destroyed when I snatch them from your body.”

Martine did so immediately, saying to Megan, “I had no idea the demo would get this far.”

“Be quiet until required to answer a question, Martine. Get back into position” Ms Martin snapped.

“Take the same position as Thea, facing Mrs. Parsons, with your elbows on the table. Remain there.” He walked over to Georgette and Kate. “Please notice the erect condition of their nipples.” He touched and caressed both girls’ cunts for a few seconds, getting his fingers wet. “Look at this! These young girls have allowed themselves to display all the classic signs of arousal,” he said, showing his wet fingers to the Dean. “In code nomenclature, ‘they are asking for it.’ Perhaps their wish will be granted. As are these two girls bent over the table, Martine’s ‘consent’ is visible. Her behavior has left no choice.” Standing behind, Eddie released his dick and easily bottomed out in Martine. “She must be made aware of how she looks, being Consensually Raped, with her breasts swaying in front of college faculty. I can sense her public orgasm now. She should be extremely embarrassed to allow herself to reach such heights with the esteemed Dean watching.” Martine came violently.

“Thank you, Coach Wilson. I deserved that”

Speaking to the officials at the table, “Ladies, can you see how this teenager has allowed her breasts to be exposed to everyone. Thea, do you see the Dean? Can you see how red his face has become? He is staring at your shame.” Eddie could see that his wife had her hand in the Dean’s lap. “Look at his lovely wife. You know what she’s thinking, how humiliating it is watch your breasts sway like that, nipples embarrassingly hard.” From behind Thea, he pressed his shaft along her pussy, not yet in, so that its swollen head was rubbing her clit. “Maybe the lady would like to confirm with her own fingers how hard your nipples have become? Ma’am, would you please inspect her breasts? Thea needs to know that her shame is obvious to you.”

Vera, the Dean’s wife, reaching out with her free hand, pinching and pulling Thea’s breasts, said loudly “You are quite correct. I can also see the condition of her vagina. Coach Wilson, perhaps it’s time to give her the Consensual Rape she’s begging for. Please proceed.”

Eddie let his cock touch her twat, pushing to part the pussy lips. As his entered, he felt the obstruction. “Ladies and Gentlemen. Thea is a virgin. I’m shocked that any girl who exhibits her naked body in public could be a virgin!” He continued to pump slowly, stretching her hymen. Thea was mortified, her secret revealed. She began her orgasm.

“Janie, please go to the locker room. Bring some towels and a warm wet cloth. I will have to make this wanton girl clean me before we deal with Kate and Georgette. Janie stood, took one step toward the door. Both she and Claire squealed as two sets of titties were yanked.

“Girls, you, too, need to remember the position you put yourselves in this morning. I suggest you work as a team. Perhaps we should call you the ‘Siamese Tits.’ Now go. We don’t have all day!” They left, side by side.

Eddie kept the shallow strokes going. Vera continued to fondle Thea’s boobs. “Lisa. Take some video from Thea’s profile. I’m sure her friends’ would like to see every inch of her first penetration. Make sure they can see her audience. Surely, Thea wants them to see her breasts heave.”

The Siamese Tits rushed in, clearly having gotten themselves off. “Wait there in front of Ms Clary and be ready for clean up. Hold the towels and washcloth by your sides. The ladies will want to examine your nipple jewelry. We will discuss the reasons for your delay, later.”

Eddie gripped Thea’s hips and addressed the onlookers, “Please observe Thea’s moment of truth.” Eddie began a slow stroke into her steaming pussy through her maidenhead. Thea’s eyes popped open and she began a silent scream. “Lisa, did you catch her reaction when she felt her virginity become history? Look at her tremble in shame, knowing that she gave her maidenhood to a volleyball coach in front of strangers and her associates at the newspaper. Claire, touch her clitoris. I’m certain you will be able to sense her spasms. Tell me what you feel.”

Claire reached under Thea and rubbed her clit. “Sir, her vagina is very wet. Her muscles are rippling and her vagina is clamping in a rhythm that seems like an orgasm. Should I continue?”

“Yes. Ladies and Gentlemen. It appears that Thea is having an orgasm during her Consensual Rape. Go figure.” He pounded her harder, pushing her over the edge. She tried to stand straight, remaining impaled, only to expose her entire body, complete with a clear view of Eddie’s cock stuffed in her pussy. Eddie came as Thea’s cunt pulsed, filling her up to overflowing.

He pulled his dick out of Thea. “Thea take the washcloth and clean my penis. You seem to have gotten me a bit messy. While Janie dries me, use the cloth to clean yourself.” Coach Wilson waited patiently as they went about their tasks, Claire following Janie closely.

The clean up complete, Eddie seated himself at the table facing The Dean. He continued to speak to the girls, “Ms Martin, would you place Thea and Martine at ‘parade rest’ by that wall while we discuss and then deal with Kate and Georgette? Please make sure they are visible to our esteemed guests. Lisa, switch the camera function to high quality stills. We will want several pictures of the girls, full body, upper body and facial close-ups. I’m sure we will want to use several to illustrate our Project report. Claire may include some in the article she’s writing for the campus newspaper.”

Lisa took several pictures of Martine and Thea, commenting on their appearance. “Coach Wilson. Do you think these photos will look as good as Claire’s byline picture did in this morning’s paper?”

“I really don’t know, I haven’t seen it. I’ve been too busy chasing her and Janie running naked in town today.” Eddie admitted.

Megan said, “That means Claire hasn’t seen it either. Too bad, it was outstanding.”

Betty Parsons spoke up, “Don’t worry, dear. I have a copy here in my handbag. Robert simply insisted that I get extra copies to frame in our office. They were becoming collector’s items, I fear.” She pulled out a copy and passed it down the table to Irene Clary, who looked it over carefully before she handed it to Claire.

Claire invented new shaded of red as she blushed and fell to her knees, pulling Janie down her by her nipples. Coach Wilson asked Claire, “Do you have something to say about your picture?”

“Coach, this isn’t the picture I sent in last night. What happened to the one cropped to the top of my nipples? That was humiliating enough, but this? I’m burning with embarrassment!”

“Yes it is, Claire. You sent it. It’s just not the pose you thought you were emailing.”

“This picture is the reason strangers all over town recognized me. They were staring at my breasts and my face. What were they thinking?”

“You were making it easy for them to compare the real body in the flesh to the picture. You couldn’t keep top over your nipples all morning. Janie, it appears Claire’s embarrassment may be translating to another sensation. Would you be kind enough to fondle her vagina and check for arousal?”

Janie said, “Yes, Sir. You are correct. She is very wet. What should I do?”

‘Claire is asking to be raped, here and now. Her nipples, even with the clamps, are excited. Bring her to me. Use her wet vagina as a handle.” Janie hooked two fingers in Claire’s twat, pulling her to Eddie. Both naked teens were further humiliated at their exposure. He touched Claire’s pussy.

“Janie was right. Claire is very aroused. He touched Janie. “It seems you are suffering the same symptoms. Girls, you have allowed yourselves to become aroused under very curious circumstances. I think we will have something to discuss with the Project team, later. For now, go kneel on your knees, side-by-side. No. At an angle, so our guests and I may enjoy a clear view of your naked bodies. Sit back on your heels. You may not touch your nipples. Janie, fondle Claire’s vagina. Claire, do the same to Janie. Continue until I order you to stop.”

“Now, with your leave,” he said to the people seated, “we will deal with Kate and Georgette. Have you any comments or questions?”

Vera said, “To your credit, you are very firm and direct with the girls, whether in the Project or not. The Dean and I were talking, while you were concentrating on Janie and Claire. The Dean is convinced that he made a wise decision giving you complete control. His words were, ‘Oh My God!'”

The Dean and Mr. Parsons were speechless as they had their wives’ hands busy in their respective laps.

“You are extending the humiliation and shame well past the Consensual Rape. Could you explain?” asked Ms Clary.

Ms Martin, coming forward to stand by Coach Wilson, answered, “The Coach and I decided that, while seeming slightly excessive, extending any embarrassing experience strongly reinforces the importance of Code compliance, more so because of the exemption status. Delivery of these consequences in public reassures the general coed population that the exemption means stricter enforcement of the code.”

“May we proceed with Kate and Georgette? I’m very interested to compare their use with that of the other four.” Mrs. Parsons said.

“For this stage of the program, I ask the Dean and Ms Clary to trade seats. Lisa, please stand on a chair behind Ms Clary and continue the video. You will find the angle interesting.” Ms Martin directed.

(The order at the table was The Dean, Vera, Irene, Betty and Robert.)

Eddie stood up and went to Kate and Georgette, looking them over. He fondled their cunts, wetting his fingers. Now behind the quaking girls, he pushed fingers into both asses and prodded the astonished teens to the table. They walked on tiptoes. “Ms Martin, will you please clean my fingers? I seem to have soiled them on these girls.” Megan used the wet cloth and a towel to wipe Eddie’s fingers. She waited.

Eddie turned the two stunned girls around, and placed them on their backs on the table. Kate and Georgette’s heads were in the gaps between the ladies in the center, legs spread wide, asses half off. Eddie fingered the girls’ soaking cunts. He extended his arms to the Dean and Mr. Parsons. “Gentlemen, you can see and smell their arousal.” He returned his hands to the teenaged pussies. “The ladies may witness the pink blush of their glistening chests and the erection of their nipples. Imagine their shame. Ladies, please touch their breasts and personally confirm the degree of excitement.”

As the ladies pinched, pulled and generally molested Georgette and Kate, Eddie released his penis, letting it rest on Kate’s cunt, moving slowly to and fro. Kate was panting.

Mr. Parsons spoke up, ” Coach Wilson, will you comment for the ladies, on your willingness to expose to the public your erect penis?”

As he entered Kate, Eddie answered, “I’m no exhibitionist, but if exposure is required for the proper execution of my duty as Inspector, I have no choice. I take my responsibility seriously. I owe the University no less than best effort.”

The Dean, “Your dedication is commendable, as is the execution of your duty.”

Eddie increased the depth and speed of his strokes. “This shameless teenager is approaching orgasm in public. Ms Martin, fondle her clitoris. I think we can help her complete her own humiliation.”

Kate quite surprised herself by having the best orgasm of her life. Her scream proved that. Her hips were going crazy as the orgasm continued. “My, isn’t that display impressive? Do you agree, Robert?” Mrs. Parsons commented. He could only nod. Megan pinched Kate’s clit again. Kate came again and fainted.

“Verbal abuse is pointless now as she seems to be comatose. Lisa, how is the photography coming?

A grinning Lisa told him, “The camera angle is excellent. Watching from above is educational. And the photography is coming as well as Kate did. But the camera is not as loud.”

Eddie left Kate where she was. “Now we turn our attention to Georgette. She does appear to be a bit squirmy. Siamese Tits, take a break from each other and hold Georgette’s legs up and apart. As our guests can see, we have perfect access to her wet vagina. Ladies, if it would please you, transfer your hands to Georgette. Ms Martin, place my penis at Georgette’s wet entrance and rub her clitoris.”

He began to push into her as the guests watched. As his dick head parted her soft pussy lips, he found another obstruction. He stopped, but kept up the pressure. “We have discovered yet another virgin. A girl who must have known she would wind up giving her maidenhead away when she made her wardrobe choices. She might even think herself fortunate to have so many witnesses to her most intimate moment. Georgette will be able to relive this precious event many times. So will the University administration on the DVD we will distribute.”

Eddie then entered Georgette, breaking through her hymen. He stopped, allowing her virgin cunt to stretch. Eddie caught Megan’s eye and said, “Our Director appears very aroused. In fairness to the other girls and because she is bound to the stricter code, she must strip naked and remain so until the meeting ends.”

“Thank you, Coach Wilson.” Smiling, she slowly removed her babydoll top and soaked panties. “The panties are wet and my hard nipples have been very visible through the transparent top.” Eddie continued to slow stroke the moaning Georgette.

The Dean said, “Ms Martin, you have removed any doubts we had remaining about your acceptance of the self-imposed Project code.”

“This is the most astounding Code enforcement I can imagine, Coach Wilson.” Ms Clary declared, “And in the spirit of Faculty Solidarity, I will be topless until meeting end, also.” To the amazement of all, Irene removed her blouse and bra, lifted her hands to the sky and slowly turned around. “I have always been proud of my body and am glad to have a chance to show it.” Irene sat and looked at Vera and Betty. They nodded at each other, stood up and did the same. Their husbands moaned softly. Eddie kept moving in Georgette. The newly conscious Kate watched from the side.

Lisa, from her bird’s eye view, could see their wives, under the table, had exposed both the Dean and Mr. Parson’s cocks. She could later verify that they both came strongly. She was not impressed with their equipment. But the camera never stopped.

Eddie and Megan were very pleased with the ladies. Ms Martin said, “I really appreciate your show of sisterhood, ladies. It makes my nakedness seem less embarrassing with such lovely company. Your breasts are beautiful with such perky nipples.” Megan was nothing if not bold.

Eddie still stroking into the increasingly squirmy Georgette, slyly said, “I agree. Your husbands and partners are very lucky.” Robert and the Dean nodded vigorously and reached for towels.

“It’s time to help Georgette leave childhood behind.” Eddie began pumping rapidly and deeply. Again, he had more dick than Georgette had pussy. Georgette came with impressive enthusiasm. Eddie kept moving. “Ladies, let’s see if we can make her come again.”

Vera agreed and played with the panting teen’s nipples harder. Betty said to Irene, “Let’s go for it!” They virtually attacked the helpless girl. Pinching, poking, and pulling any part of her they could reach. Georgette could feel every touch and started to blast off.

Eddie felt her cunt grip his throbbing cock and plunged through her cervix, blasting his seed directly into her very core. Georgette screamed, “Too far! It hurts so good. Oh my god!” Her spasms slowed as the orgasm ended. She just laid there, legs splayed, tits heaving and cunt filled with Eddie. Robert and the Dean groaned again.

The coach pulled out of Georgette’s pussy, her lips trying to keep him in place. He left her there beside Kate on the table, under the steady gaze of the topless ladies.

He looked at Megan. “Clean me.” She fell to her knees and sucked the traces of Georgette’s virginity off as everybody watched in shock.

“You are relentless, Coach.” Betty said.

“I do use a firm hand,” he answered. ” Kate please help Georgette to her feet and both of you join Martine and Thea at the wall. I’m sure our guests will enjoy the view. I know I will.”

“Bridget, will you refresh our guest’s drinks and allow time for them to compose themselves?” Four members of the team magically appeared. “Then, would you and your crew offer the same courtesy to the newspaper staff? Thank you.”

After a few minutes, Eddie and the naked Megan were seated, facing the administration. Betty, Irene and Vera remained proudly topless. “We hope you found our presentation and demonstration satisfactory.” Ms Martin began.

“Speaking for everyone here, I can safely say that this was the most extraordinary and engaging staff meeting we have ever attended. I am certain we will be able to approve your requests and proposals,” the Dean spoke firmly. The others agreed.

“Please leave details with our my staff.” Ms Clary said, “I will personally supervise all construction. Rest assured Director, you, Coach Wilson and your girls have demonstrated the most sincere dedication to your goals I have ever seen or been a part of. Ask anything, anytime. If it is possible, it will happen.”

Mr. and Mrs. Parsons, speaking together informed Megan, as Eddie played with her very wet clit, safely hidden by the tabletop, “We waited to tell you the size of your budget. That delay was necessary to protect the University. We can now tell you that two drug companies have underwritten this Project, plus a major sporting goods manufacturer, an insurance company and several health care providers. You have not touched the first fraction of a percent. We will be offering you both substantial raises and your assistants and participants a considerable stipend.”

“Betty, please give Ms Martin and Coach Wilson the charge cards we prepared. Your current assistants, Lisa and Marti are also approved to use the card.

At that exact moment, Eddie triggered a major orgasm in Megan. Her hands flew to her mouth to cover her gasp. Mr. Parson said “Don’t be so shocked, Ms Martin. You and Coach Wilson have earned this and more. The University is extremely pleased with you two.”

“Now, we have to end this meeting. We thank you and your staff for the hospitality at such short notice. We appreciate, more than you can ever know, the thoroughness and detail in the demonstration. It was excellent.” The Dean said, “If the newspaper staff will accompany us, we will return to our offices. Along the way, we’ll have the perfect chance to discuss the reporters’ coverage of the Project and the bracelets.”

A shocked Martine protested, “but Dean, we are naked. And attempting to recover from rather severe Consensual Rapes!”

“That you earned and deserved. Live with the consequences. Consequences that you didn’t seem all that put out about.” Mrs. Parsons told her. “You and Kate are to come with us, naked as you are. Thea and Georgette will want remain and discuss possible placement in the Project.”

“Martine, you may return here tomorrow to claim your clothes. Remain naked and exposed until an appointment can be made with Coach Wilson. Vera, Betty and Irene, will you accompany Robert and me back to the Admin Building? We have plans to make,” the Dean concluded.

“As we are, also?” asked Vera.

“Yes. Your breasts are quite perky today. I do love to see them sway as you walk, especially in the autumn sunlight. It’s been too long.” He answered.

“As you wish. Ladies shall we venture out?” Betty and Irene actually giggled. They dragged Kate and Martine out with them, naked and drippy.

“Claire, Janie, put your nipple clamps on Thea and Georgette.” The teens nearly swooned, feeling the returning circulation

Eddie thought, looking at the very naked Georgette and Thea, ‘It’s good to be me.’

Megan thought, ‘This is a great day to be a girl!’

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