Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 5.4

The wiggly silly parade went straight to the showers. Everybody washed and polished every body. Getting the heavenly herd of kittens back to the room was a task just a tiny bit easier than The Twelve Labors of Hercules. Swatting butts and pinching boobs, Eddie and Megan got them moving. In the interest of complete disclosure, teen girls are always in motion, but not necessarily together. That is never unpleasant. Shackles and tasers were starting to lose that “cruel and unusual” stigma.

Still ”decently” attired in the boob adornments, the Fourteen MuskeTits caressed, bumped and bounced into Donna and Crysta’s room, jiggling and giggling. “The girls really have become a tight teen team.” Megan spoke quietly to Eddie, “Let’s get them settled. They need the sleep. We have a lot to do before next Monday.”

Eddie agreed. “We should meet in the Common Room in a while. It’s only 8:30 even though it seems much later. We can borrow a notebook and pens from the girls. A “do list” will come in handy.”

Teens in, with the door fastened, Megan and Eddie collected the clamps and clips. The teenagers and Ms Martin soothed and caressed the sharp sensations away. Not so soon after, the room was a pile of sleepy girls. Megan borrowed the stationary. “Coach and I need to talk for a bit about the Project. We’ll be in the Common Room if you need us.” Megan borrowed a babydoll pajama top from Crysta, also. With that, they left.

Two girls were in the room, pouring over some textbooks, in the corner. “Doing homework. We have some good students here.” Megan observed, smiling. The pair sat on a sofa against the opposite wall.

Megan began. “First I think we need to work with Claire. The article she’s planning needs to contain the information we plan to distribute. I suggest we arrange for her to do interviews in the gym’s conference room, for a follow up column. We’ll invite the Dean to attend. He should get some credit for his efforts. We can control the details. Claire can knock ‘em dear with her columns.”

“Good thinking. If you will get her in here and bring her up to speed, I will run to the gym, get my laptop and be back in ten minutes. We can help her knock out a preliminary “late breaking news” teaser column in time to beat the deadline. I discovered that they put the newspaper to bed at 1:00 AM when I was emailing team scores to the Sports page.”

Megan went to get Claire, her photo-phone and Eddie’s camera. Eddie split for the gym and was back just as Ms Martin was finished clueing Claire in. The girls had claimed a table. The cub reporter loaded her pictures to the laptop; Eddie dumped some of the pix from the camera and the video of the walk home.

They batted ideas back and forth, while Claire typed up a storm. Eddie complimented the teenager. She blushed a little. “This is so different from writing at that Charter School. They censored every word. I can break out here.”

Eventually, the story was ready. At the top was a three column wide photo of the line of girls, shot from the rear and side, revealing The Coach, on the left, fourteen girl’s cute bottoms, and ending with the Director’s butt in the distance, on the right. No faces were visible, nor were any nipples, just tantalizing under boob views.

Underneath Claire explained how she came upon the group, the significance of the exception bracelets, and their participation in the Project. A picture of Mika’s bracelet (and her twat) was inserted there. Claire detailed the extent of the exceptions precisely but changed “penetrative fondling” to “overtly fondling” (They hoped to eliminate it altogether.) She was careful to write up the penalty for boys’ violation of the restrictions.

She wrote that the Project was a closed test and study to improve the college coed’s health and well being, emphasizing its importance to the girls on campus and to the University in general.

She continued with the Dean’s agreement on the reasons for the exemptions, his concern that the girls obey the spirit of the Code even if they were exempt from normal inspection, and Coach Wilson’s role as overseer. The participants could look forward to a somewhat more strict definition and enforcement of the Code. The other coeds should never have reason to be envious or jealous about the Project girls’ situation.

Claire added that Director Martin, though not subject to the Code of Conduct as faculty, was required to follow the Code as interpreted by her and Coach Wilson. This was the Dean’s way to keep the Director on target. The dress code would relax a little bit when she was involved in her regular duties in the Health Department or during office hours. When not in the office and while working with the Project however, the Director was subject to the same penalties as the girls. She briefly described the public Consensual Rape Becca received for a dress code violation without giving up many details. Claire closed with a promise to hold interviews with the individuals, directing and leading this important study. A follow-up article with more photos would appear tomorrow.

Ms Martin insisted that she include a “reporter’s picture” in the email. Eddie took it with Claire’s phone. To her embarrassment, he cropped it to a head and shoulders. The top half of both nipples was clearly exposed for publication. “If you become a regular contributor, that stock photograph will appear next to your byline over every story.” Megan explained. ”People will look forward to your next report. Your face will be on refrigerators all over town.” Claire got squirmy in her chair and panted that this was OK for now.

All agreed the story was a “Go”, so Claire sent it in with time to spare, including the “reporters portrait” that Eddie had “adjusted” so that all of her titties were in the new crop. Claire saw only the file name. Readers would see Claire’s body from her belly button up. They immediately got an acknowledgement of receipt from the Night Editor’s deck. She, Martine, wrote that it was a slow news day, so the story was being bumped to the front page, above the fold. Claire was overjoyed. “Front page, top!! For a reporter, it can’t get better.”

She whispered to Megan and Eddie, “ This is so strange and very exciting to me. I got out of “bed” wearing nothing but a smile, sat down in the Common Room, really naked and worked with Coach Wilson, wearing silk boxer shorts. We are with Director Martin of the faculty and my Project boss. My Director is wearing an open-front baby doll gown. Even when it’s closed I can clearly see her charming boobs. And it is OK to talk about her boobs.”

“In addition we just completed a newspaper story about naked girls in public, Coach fucking Becca, people watching, the Dean insisting that he do the same to the Director at will. And this whole piece of “weirdness” is important to the University and is not abnormal in the least!”

“While we were working, a bunch of half dressed or buck naked girls and two boys strolled through, talking, watching TV or us, and no one reacted, including me. The “taboo-ness” of it is making me crazy hot.”

Claire hopped up on the edge of the table, spread her legs and told Eddie “I’ve been bad. I’m naked and deserve to be raped, Coach. Please show me how to be a good girl.” Megan pulled down Eddie’s shorts. He stepped out of the boxers and pushed his sudden hardon all the way into Claire’s pussy. She leaned back on her elbows. “My tits shake like Jell-o when you hit bottom. Do me harder. I’m so close! Ms Martin, play with my boobs. It’s so dirty, oh God, I want a teacher to feel me up while another fucks his dick into my smelly cunt because I deserve it.”

Ms Martin called three girls over. One was naked, just out of the shower. Two were only topless after sending their two boyfriends home, unsatisfied. “This little slut was a virgin three hours ago. Now the little cunt wants people to watch her take Coach Wilson’s cock in her pussy. Can you believe this girl? See what happens when total strangers play with her tits. Go ahead, the wants it.”

The girls, Barb, Mattie and Eve, started tweaking Claire’s bobbing tits, telling her exactly how bad, nasty and whorish she looked. She was so humiliated she came big time within a minute. Claire was out of commission for now. Eddie left his prick in.

“We know who two are. You’re Coach Wilson. We go to all your home games. Your team makes us proud to go to the same school. And you are Ms Martin, rising star on the Health Department. Why are you wearing Crysta’s dress? And why did Coach Wilson just use that now comatose girl like a fuck toy? Isn’t the dorm a Consensual Rape free zone?”

Megan told them that “neither Claire, still on the table nor the thirteen girls down the hall were ever in a free zone from Coach Wilson. The official inspectors were to keep hands off all of them. I’m considered ‘one of the girls’ even though I’m on Faculty. He could take me here, or anywhere, at any time if he determined that I might be violating the Code of Conduct. Trust me. The Coach is quite the taskmaster. Read the details in the newspaper tomorrow morning.”

“Ms Martin, watching your nipples harden at the thought of the Coach’s ‘taskmaster’, having your compliance enforced doesn’t seem such a burden.” Eve giggled. Mattie and Barb could only nod.

Eddie laughed out loud. “I may get the Dean to extend my mission to the entire coed population. Be careful.” The laughing motion translated into dick motion and was transferred to Claire’s twat, which was still home to said dick. She rapidly came back to the marginally real world.

“Follow my lead.” Megan whispered the three watchers. Eddie started stroking hard. Ms Martin started talking to Claire as she was opening her eyes. Claire, you cheap little schoolgirl, these naked girls are still looking at the Coach use your wet cunt any way he pleases. You are helpless to stop them. There you are, lying tits-up on a table with strangers watching. These girls are going to play with your boobs and you have to let use you, too. How do their fingers feel on your dirty nipples?” Claire was almost insane with lust at this point. Megan just knew how to push buttons and was playing her fantasies like Yoyo Ma at Carnegie Hall.

“I bet they will see you come in public, you nasty little girl. Mattie pinch her wet clit, hard, NOW!” Mattie did, but not really hard.

Claire was shaking like a crazy person. In fact, she was a crazy girl. She gasped, froze, squealed, imitated a paint mixer and fainted again. Her pretty body shivered for a few more minutes. Eddie pulled out. He had not come. He picked up his boxers and redressed, packing his prick away. They left Claire on the table until she came to
Barb swore, “That was the damnedest thing I have ever seen. Tomorrow’s paper? We’ll be waiting at the newsstand.”

The three left. Megan and Eddie softly and slowly rousted Claire. When she was mobile, they sent her to shower off and go back to bed. As she was headed to the door, she asked, ”Did that really happen or was it a dream? Did I ask Coach to fuck me? Were people watching the whole time? Did I let those three girls do that to me when Coach did me again?”

“Yes to all of the above. And ‘Yes’, it was all your dream.” Megan told her, gave her a gentle swat in the butt and sent her to the showers. Claire put her hands over her wide-open mouth, turned bright red and left, mumbling furiously to herself.

Megan said to Eddie, “That was fun. Bet she tells the others everything. And I bet that those three girls will be at the newsstand. Now, let’s work on the ‘do list’ and get this show on the road.”

“First I must call Martine at the paper. Ill put it on speakerphone. Claire left hers here.” Eddie called the paper. Claire had Martine on speed dial.

Martine answered, “Night Desk. Got news? We are almost on deadline.”

“This is Coach Wilson. I need you to do me a favor. That photo of Claire you received. She thinks it was cropped to the middle of her nipples, with just a little color showing. Claire did not see me substitute the version you got. Use that one just for this article. I’ll send a real stock shot later.”

They heard Martine laugh. “She doesn’t know her boobs are going to be on the front page? This rich. She should be proud. The Boob Fairy was good to her.” They all laughed.

Martine went on, “Coach. You and Ms Martin are very dangerous people. Can you return the favor”

“Sure. What do you need?”

“Is there some way you can get similar shots of all my girl reporters? I’ll pose, too, if you are able to finagle a legit reason. Those girls have tricked me into flashing my tits way too many times. I’ll show my tits voluntarily just to put one over on them.”

Coach thought a few seconds, “We are arranging for Claire to hold interviews with the Dean and other parties interested in the Health Project The stated purpose is that Ms Martin and I are demonstrating the enhanced inspection techniques to the newspaper staff and to the people assembled. I’ll invite the girl reporters and you to come to observe for the paper. We will want to prove to the opinion makers that even though the Project personnel are exempt from normal Code compliance inspection, they will be held to an even stricter standard. You and l will ‘volunteer’ your staff as crash test dummies after all the pieces are in place.”

“So far, so good. What next? Coach?”

“Martine. Make sure they attend. I will get them excused from class if necessary. Have them dress just barely within the Code, but wear something a bit opaque that might hide a bra, or a dress that might conceal panties. My stricter and more demanding interpretation will almost guarantee that the Dean will be satisfied with his decisions. Of course, your staff will wind up topless if not altogether naked in public.”

“Remind me never to piss you off, Coach,” Martine asked.

“Then I, or my assistant, will take several pictures to embarrass them further to emphasize the importance of Code of Conduct compliance. Demonstration of this extra touch will please the Dean plus letting him gaze at some nice boobs to his heart’s content, all in the line of duty, an unavoidable consequence of doing his job. You simply list the girls as contributing writers when the story is published and run their photos with their names. ‘The editor is proud of her staff and wants to be sure they get the credit due’. You have your ammunition, the Dean and the others will be delighted and vengeance will be served. We’ll do it in the volleyball gym conference room. We’ll let you know the time. Probably when the Dean breaks from lunch. OK with you?”

“This is gonna be the best. You and Ms Martin are great. Sneaky, but great. Talk to you tomorrow.” She hung up.

Megan was giggling madly. “Eddie Wilson! You are the Devil Incarnate. That is the best trick ever. I’m proud to be part of it. This is going to be legendary at the paper. And what you are doing to poor Claire!”

“Claire is in the big leagues, now. People are going to see her titties. She will have to start getting used to that fact soon. She has to realize that she will be treated like you and I treat the other girls.” He leered at Megan, wiggling his eyebrows like Groucho Marx. ”And like I will be treating you, my dear.” More eyebrows.

She clutched her hands to her chest dramatically, “Be still my beating heart!” she said, throwing a good eyelid flutter.

“But seriously, we need to make sure the girls are protected from the general population to protect the Project. Back to work. So, Coach Wilson, what have you in mind?”

Eddie answered, “I need to elevate the girls to the same level so the testing apparatus will exert force at the same angle for all the test subjects. That eliminates a potentially serious variable. I’ll measure from the floor to the bottom of the vaginal entry and have platforms or adjustable shelves added to the wall.”

“Next I think we need to create a communal study space for the staff and participants. They can maintain their excellent GPAs if they can work at the gym conference room. That will save a lot of travel time No one uses that room but the volleyball team. I’ll have the work-study girls bring some nice bookcases from the storeroom and set it up as a library. We should still attempt to minimize the number of classes missed.” He added

Megan began to list her thoughts, “We should keep fresh clothes at the gym and at the dorm. Clean clothes, however scanty, make the girls feel pretty. Speaking of the dorm. That is a two-edged sword. The teens need both to socialize with their friends not in the Project to have a complete college experience and to have a place to unwind as teammates, isolated from listening ears. I think Donna and Crysta’s room is in a section of that building with ‘adjustable’ walls. We can have Facilities Management remove the dividers and make one room from three. With fourteen participants in the dorm taking seven rooms, we will be freeing up four to make more room for the next incoming class, at no cost to the University. I’m sure we can get some extra bookshelves and futons. We’ll have six beds already. We may not need more clothing storage space because they hardly disturb the dust on the dressers now!”

“I’ve been thinking about a unique ‘costume for you and the girls on days we decide to call nipple clips ‘clothing’. We will have to do that every so often to let the teenagers and the Dean know we are serious about compliance. This nip-clip day will be very important to our public reception on Spirit Day, Topless Day and the other College special events.” Eddie continued his thoughts, “We will have to visit the fabric shop and a seamstress, not that she will be making gowns for the Red Carpet but the girls will appreciate any thing we do to make them look good. I’ll get back to you on some design ideas. You have anything else?

Megan laughed. ”Let’s see,” she said grinning, “We have leveled the playing field for the testing equipment, we have worked with Claire on the newspaper article and worked Claire over and have hatched a evil plot with her editor. Then we created a common study space and invented the team barracks, making room for incoming girls for free. Lastly we are filling a need for a uniform costume to allow our young girls to participate on College special days. That is a full plate. Most committees would have decided to delay any decision to decide to make a decision until they’ve decided on whether or not they actually need to decide to make a decision later or not. What we actually did would take years any where else.”
Still grinning, she added, “I’ll have to recuse myself from any nipple clamp choices, any decisions involving enforcement of the Code and especially any ‘costume’ arrangements. I will be affected personally. I’m a participant and am ineligible to vote.”

And they hugged, wished each other “good night” and went to sleep, spooned together, in a roomful of sleepy teenagers with Eddie’s dick nestled warmly in Megan’s neglected pussy. “I love my life.” thought Eddie.

“It’s great to be a girl.” Megan thought

The morning and next day were going to be interesting.

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