Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 5.3

The group, walking in single file from the volleyball gym to the warmth of the dorm, were stepping in sync like marching soldiers. Eddie, watching the thirteen teenaged asses flexing in unison, was thinking that young girls had a natural sense of rhythm. ‘I love my life,’ he thought, grinning. The young girls formed a bond based on the sweetest kind of sisterhood, their soft femininity and shared experience. Some of those experiences tested the young teens but they all came through stronger. They were a team.

None of the girls was comfortable with being publicly naked. When “naked” happened, some just “took off their big girl panties”, and did what needed to be done, fun or none. Some made it a playful game. Others, told that nipple clips were “clothes”, wore nipple clips and considered themselves not naked at all. But all the teens liked being sexy young girls. Being a sexy young college girl was fun.

The cold didn’t bother him. He grew up in Minnesota. That was really cold! He remembered the times spent with his Dad who coached junior college soccer. Coach Wilson, Sr. had a BS in Sports Medicine and a Masters in Game Theory. Turning down positions at major conference universities, he had explained to Eddie that his life was full, now. His girls’ soccer team contended for top honors every year and athletes worked hard to improve. He and Eddie’s mom, Edie, were liked and respected in the community. (Edie was head nurse at the regional hospital trauma center.) “Why displace the family, forcing your Mom to search for a new job and you to leave your friends, to enter a high-pressure environment where I lose my job if a scholarship athlete cheated on an exam. Any rich, spoiled alum could decide to dislike me. The next time he plays golf with the AD, I ‘m on the street with a stain on my reputation “

Eddie was a smart kid. His folks were “outdoorsy” types. Jogging, bicycling and hiking kept him fit. It also gave him a chance to watch his parents interact. They worked as equals, solved problems, really listened and worked through.

A sound of metal hitting sidewalk, brought him back to the present. His Coach Wilson Voice called, Company, Halt! Parade Rest!” The troops giggled and crisply assumed the position, in formation. He walked up the left side of the line, inspecting the troops. Their faces were flushed. Their chests were pushed out proudly. Every girl wore an angelic smile. They were beautiful.

Eddie reached the head of the line, crossing in front of and turning to face Ms Megan Martin, also at parade rest. She looked magnificent as she leaned forward, saying, “These clamps are freezing cold. If you tied my arms behind again, I would be coming constantly.” He flicked her nipple chain, turned and started back down the other side. The next girl was Becca and her right nipple was “sans clip”. Coach Wilson turned her 90°, gripping the empty nipple, using it as a handle, pulled the little teen one step out of line.

“Becca. You are out of uniform. You are aware of the penalty?”

“Yes sir I have been a naughty girl. I am prepared to take my punishment, Sir.”

Eddie picked up the clip, then, un-holstering his AK-9⅓, picked up Becca by the ass and wrapped her legs around his waist. Looking her in her shining eyes, he lowered her slowly and entered her steaming pussy. The temperature contrast between the cold air and her hot pussy was incredibly erotic.

Becca, taking him deep, panted in his ear. “People are watching me. Naked, getting fucked. Fucking. Your dick feels so good. Fuck me harder, please, Sir. That strange girl is taking pictures, seeing your cock stretch my dirty, nasty cunt.” Becca leaned away from his chest. “Oh God, Coach. My tittles are out. Only a slut shows her tits. She sees my tits. On camera, boobs. Mine. I’m coming, Sir. Fuck me harder. Make my slutty bad girl pussy cum on your dick cum. Cum in me, please. Coach! Touching my tit. She’s got my tit. Can’t stop her. The strange girl has my boob in her hands. Can’t let you go. People, in public. Use my cunt hard. There, good. Bad! Squeeze my tittie harder. No! Yes…I’m coming, watch me cum….!”

Becca moan, loud, slamming her body back to Coach Wilson, trapping the strange girl’s hand between tit and chest. Eddie turned to the short brunette, ordering her to “Slap her little schoolgirl ass. Hard. Now!” Brunette girl grinned and smacked Becca. Becca squealed and went nuts on Eddie’s dick. Eddie’s dick returned the favor.

Several onlookers, the strange girl, Megan and the other twelve girls in line watched Coach Wilson pump a load into Becca’s pussy as she went over the edge all the way Several of the other girls quietly had little sympathetic orgasms of their own.

Strange brunette girl reclaimed her hand and said, “That was the coolest Consensual Rape I could have imagined.”

Eddie gave her the “Coach’s Stare” as he lifted a somewhat weaker Becca from his dick. Becca, now on the ground again, assumed parade rest, said, “Thank you, Sir. May I have another?”

Megan, who watched the whole incident up close, said, “No wonder boys like porn, Coach. That made me cum!”

Eddie laughed and, using the boob-as-handle method, placed Becca back in formation. He returned to the rear. The teenagers were blushing even brighter. Smiles were huge. The cold air did not appear to be a serious issue to anyone.

Strange girl followed silently after looking at Becca’s drippy pussy.

He passed by a couple that appeared to have been watching the spectacle. ”Did you see that, Betty. He is the girls’ volleyball coach. My word, if he uses that sort of discipline on the team, it’s no wonder they play so hard!”

“Betty” coo-ed at him. “That’s not discipline, dear. It’s called incentive.”

Eddie, now at the rear, said, “Ms Martin. Would you please take us home?”

“My pleasure. Girls, left foot forward, on my mark” Rotating to the front, calling out, “Three, two, one, Mark!” she stepped forward. The girls followed as one.

“Marching naked is so bold. Cold air makes my nipples cold.

Sound off, 1–2

Sound off, 3-4.”

The girls joined in: “1—2—3—4. ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR!

Now, from Donna: “Seeing all these boobies bounce, Makes me want to jump and pounce. Sound Off” And they chorused in time.

Melissa: “I was bad, but it was fun. Being shot by Coach’s gun. Sound Off.”

Nikki: “A lioness, I’m in the hunt. Distracted by my steaming cunt. Sound. Off”

Janie: “I was a virgin just this morn. Now I’m not. I feel reborn. SOUND. OFF”

That one cracked them all up. They cheered Janie then talked a while. And stayed in step.

Eddie returned to his memories. At his first dance, saw all the girls dancing, with each other if no boys asked them. The boys, if they even tried, did not seem to enjoy it. Mostly they didn’t try. Did girls naturally have rhythm? Why did dancing make them happy and not the boys?

He got curious and started looking. Girls were as tired as the boys after sports practice. The boys practicing their sports just looked tired and sweaty. But girls glowed, had more enthusiasm, and seemed actually to be excited by the action. Eddie had ample opportunity to observe. Eddie was around all the time. He was the coach’s kid and his Mom patched them up. He saw his Dad coach. Dad never threatened He never begged. He made them want to push themselves, for him. They knew that he did the right thing and they would be better off if they followed. His Mom ran her ER similarly. She drove her staff to excellence by making them want to be excellent. She showed concern for the patients because she really cared.

He would have to talk to Dad.

“They are thinking up more rhymes. I know it.” Strange girl said, breaking in.

“Just who are you?” Eddie asked, “I started thinking of you as ‘Strange Girl’ when Becca called you that. That may not be how you sign checks.”

From Crysta: “Our nude Director makes us proud. She leads up front, her tits un-bowed. Sound Off.” The chorus followed.

Marti: “I am naked. Strangers peek. Makes me hot. My knees are weak. Sound Off.”

Ashley: “For naked Lisa I was posed. I’m naked now and quite exposed. Sound Off.”

Strange Girl answered, “I’m Claire, a reporter for the University newspaper. I know who you are. You’re Eddie Wilson of the girl’s volleyball team. By the way, nice season. Leading this remarkable group from the front is Megan Martin, the Director of a somewhat secret project involving girl’s health and fitness. Will you elaborate? This will make a great cover story in the Campus Life section. My first story!”

“Not here and not now.” He called, “Company. Halt. About face.” The teens, clearly into the scene, whipped around grinning openly. “You girls have seen way too many movies”

“Ms Martin. Would you accompany me in conference, please?” She looked at Claire, looked at Eddie and walked smartly down the line.

“What’s up, Coach? Besides your pants.” Megan and the girls howled in laughter.

“That can’t be helped.” Eddie chuckled.

From the line, Becca spoke up, “Thank you. Sir. May I have another? Will that help?”

More howls. ‘I love my job’ Eddie thought.

He said to Megan, “We may have a small problem brewing. This is Claire, a reporter. She has been taking pictures since I had to discuss proper uniform maintenance with Becca. Claire wants to feature us In the Campus Life section.”

Megan’s awakened Dominatrix gene picked this moment to turn on. Eddie saw it happen when she winked at him. “Perhaps, we can work this out. Claire, we all are part of a Project endorsed by the college. Everything you see, however odd, is in the agreement governing that Project. Certain details are, and will remain for some time, undisclosed. However, it would be advantageous to us, the College and the Project, if some information was to become widespread.”

“Girls. Form a circle around us.” They were good. A surprisingly sharp circle formed around Eddie Megan and Strange Girl.

“Mika. Step forward and show us your bracelet, please. Thank you.”

To Claire, “This piece of jewelry represents our exemption from Code Inspection, from Consensual Rape, and from excessive Penetrative Fondling by any male of any age, status or position. The Dean has determined that our data collection and analysis will be corrupted, putting the Project in jeopardy. That could not be tolerated, hence the bracelets, which are not clothing dependent. Mika, hold out the bracelet. Claire, take a photograph of Mika’s bracelet. And tell us a little about you”

Claire did, wondering why she was responding like Ms Martin was her boss. ”I transferred in two days ago. The Charter School was driving me crazy, so I called the Admissions Department and requested an interview. Mika turn your arm a little. The streetlight is glaring. I can see your vagina in the best shots. Is that a problem?

“Not at all, Claire, and it’s pussy not vagina. It’s mine and I am proud of it,” Mika answered, thrusting her titties out and smiling. Eddie wondered how a smile could look so sweet and a little evil at the same time. Must be a girl thing or she has Megan’s Dominatrix gene. This is going to get interesting real quick. Just to confuse Claire some more, he gently played with Mika’s boobs, adjusting her nipple clips. “Thank you, Coach. I needed that,” Mika purred.

Claire continued. “I’m done with the pictures, thanks.” Mika returned to the circle, winking at Megan, shaking her tits. Very interesting, Eddie thought.

“The interview went well. They liked that I was published and had won high school reporting awards despite the way those fundy mind controllers ran the school. My grades and transcript placed me as a second semester freshman. So, they admitted me immediately. Then gave me some sort of shot. This is first semester, so I’m in review mode until can start new classes next term. For now, I’m very interested in those bracelets. The Charter School was very repressive. All-girl and no way to be a girl would describe it. Sex education was, “There are men and that other gender. I’m don’t think I know how to be a normal girl”

“I got inspected the first day. I had read the Code of Conduct the night before. Scary stuff. I might as well be naked. No one except Mom has seen me naked and not even her after I was ten. But I decided to attempt compliance so I went shopping for “appropriate clothing” while following the rules. I found some things the shops called ”clothes” that astonished little sheltered me. I still had to use scissors to make sure to pass. I did. It was exciting and embarrassing to the extreme all at once.”

“Now it’s cold and I don’t know how to dress and not freeze stuff off. But why did the Coach so thoroughly rape that girl. She has a bracelet. And she seemed to enjoy being raped. The teachers told us that it hurt but we had to suffer through it keep a husband.”

The girls were looking at Megan who was looking at Eddie. Megan looked at the naked circle once again, got some signal invisible to Eddie. Then to Eddie, she cocked her head and slightly raised an eyebrow. “This poor thing needs this.” Megan whispered

Coach nodded and waited for the show.

“Do you want one of those bracelets?” Claire nodded. Megan continued. “You must realize that they exempt you from inspection, consensual rape and excessive fondling. The do not exempt you from following the code. Do you understand? Another nod. ”Coach Wilson is not constrained by the bracelets. The Dean said the participants still must comply with the Code, even with the exemptions. He feared that they might become arrogant or disrespectful of their peers. So Coach Wilson is the enforcer. He is strict and fair He is good at it. Another rule is that even the Director must comply, even if she is faculty. We can decide what constitutes compliance as long as we do not violate the spirit of the college code. We will need a report writer and will need a publicist when the report comes out.”

“Given these details, will you take the job? You may ‘intern’ now if you wish.”

Claire thought about being inspected, being consensually raped and the rest. “Interning would be OK, I guess,” she said.

Megan said quite firmly, “Are you very sure? “ Claire nodded, again. Her eyes were getting very large.

Coach Wilson took charge. “Lisa, did you bring our equipment?”

“Of course, Coach. Camera, clips, bracelets. Small bag. Bouncing on ass all night.”

“Take out the camera. Begin recording. We’ll pull stills from your video.”

Lisa readied the camera. Eddie slowly walked around a nervous but brave Claire. “You are aware, aren’t you, that this step can not be taken back. That we may re-interpret the Code as often as we wish.”

Ms Martin lifted an eyebrow, “Someone is over dressed. I think it is Claire.” Megan surveyed the circle of teenaged titties. “Anyone?”

Crysta said, looking at Donna, “I believe the Director is calling for the SWAT team.” They stepped to Claire and waited.

“Girls, please tighten the circle. Marti, I want you.” Eddie said, looking Claire over. Claire’s mind was spinning. (‘What’s happening to me? I feel like prey. I can’t move my feet. I don’t want to. I feel weird where I had to shave last night’) Donna grinned at Crysta. “She’s like the others. We’ll tell her later. She will tell what to do.”

Marti came to her Master. She was so close he could feel her nipples touch his ribs. Watching Claire over the top of her head, he commanded his pet to “get me ready for Claire.” Marti dropped to her knees and pulled his silk boxers down slowly. She lifted his feet to remove them completely. The pet began a slow blowjob, humming to herself. Her Master’s eyes never left Claire’s.

Eddie nodded to Meagan, “It’s time.” Donna and Crysta lightly ran their hands down Claire’s arms. “Stand. Marti turn and talk to Claire.” Marti obeyed. He touched the side of her hip and used one finger between her shoulder blades. She bent over, resting her hands on her knees.

Claire did not know what to think so didn’t for a while. Marti started her litany. “I was so scared at first.” Claire’s brain cells got to know each other again, chatting like old friends. (That’s so nasty. How does it taste? People can see. I can see!) “I feel so alive when Master lets me take his cock in my mouth.” A cock? “I am so scared people will see me naked, in public. I’m so dirty. Letting people see my schoolgirl pussy, my ass, see my titties shake.” (See my titties?)

Donna and Crysta started unbuttoning Claire’s coat slowly. Apparently, Claire didn’t notice. They had it unbuttoned all the way and waited. Eddie looked down at Marti’s ass. Marti started again. “Master is going to put his dick in me. Pussy or ass, don’t care as long as it is in.” Claire’s brain again. (What? Now it’s dick? Pussy or ass? There’s a choice? What’s it feel like?)

Eddie pushed into Marti’s pussy. He had to lift her up by her waist because he was so much taller “He is going in my pussy. So big. So good. “ (He is in her pussy That thing fit? His cock is in her pussy? In public. I can see her titties swing. I feel like I peed. Why am I wet? I’m going to explode!)

Donna and Crysta pulled Claire’s coat open and let it drop down her arms to the ground. Donna moved it out of her reach. The girls said, “She’s beautiful and does not know it” The two with the suddenly naked in public Claire softly held her elbows. Every girl there, plus a six-foot Amazon watching the drama, waited for Claire to notice. Lisa was in documentary mode. The folks at PBS would be jealous

Eddie pumped into Marti harder. ”I’m coming, Master. I’m coming. Now, Watch me come on my Master’s prick. There it is.” Marti shook all and folded like a rag doll. Megan lowered her from Eddie’s dick to the ground, “That felt so good, Thank you, Master.” (She let him fuck her? She got naked. I saw it. She said it felt so good. Does it? Will he do it to me? He is coming to me. There it is. He is touching me. It feels so good where he touches. What is that? Me, there and I get wetter down there. Whoa! He bent me over. He’s holding me like he did that girl who calls him Master. He ordered her to put it in. He’s going to fuck her. Noooo. Do it to me I am so scared. I need to know. Please make this feeling happen.)

Eddie approached the beautiful strange naked girl named Claire. She was dripping. He turned her around like he did Marti, and slowly bent her over. “Marti, put me in.” Marti grabbed her Master’s cock. Coach had to pick the petite brunette up for Marti to center his dick on target. Eddie pushed in steadily, never stopping until he hit bottom. In one series of moves, he gripped her tits. She was supported on his slightly bent legs, his dick and his hands. Eddie pumped her up and down. Marti knelt in front and went to town on her clit.

(I’m so light. No. He’s lifting me. I can see his cock touch my pussy. It’s going in. Ouch! That smarts. But feels so good That little girl was right. He’s pulling me back. I’m balanced on his cock. Or was that a dick? I don’t care It’s finally in my pussy. He has my tits, yes, my tits. Pinch them. Harder. Her tongue is down there, too. I can see her naked and watching this Coach fuck his dick into my pussy. It is mine and I love it. Her tongue found my spot. Oh hell, his cock found a spot. That feeling, head is exploding. My pussy just grabbed his dick. I’m naked getting fucked. What? Naked? Fuck. When did that happen? Can’t see. Fucking. People watching naked me. Girl licking my pussy. Dick squirting, hot, wetter. See me fuck. Fuck dick, fuck. Who’s screaming? Oh crap, that’s me………)

Claire clamped hard. Her trembles and screams lasted at least a full minute. Eddie took his dick out and cradled Claire’s boneless body until nerves knitted back together. Kissed her soft lips for a few seconds. “Holy Shit. I just fucked you in public! Everybody saw me. That girl is taking pictures. Did you just consensually fuck me boneless? Where did I fuck up?”

Megan said, ”But you’re naked in public, Claire. You did not fuck up. You fucked Coach Wilson. That little girl is Marti.”

“But there are thirteen naked as jaybirds girls here and how did I get naked?”

Eddie told the just fucked ex-virgin, “They are not naked. See the nipple clips? Those are the uniform of the evening. You should have seen it coming. We saw you coming. Meet Donna and Crysta. They showed us your little teeny body.” Donna And Co-conspirator Crysta joined the circle

“OK. I can work with this. So that’s my day trip is called. Do I get nip-clipped, or must I say, ’Thank you, Sir. May I have another?’”

Lisa handed the Coach a pair of alligator clips and held Claire’s boobs. Eddie pinched her light brown nipples as he put on the clips. “Now you’re properly dressed.”

“Thank you. I felt so naked for the longest time.”

Megan asked, “Why the comedy routine? You are still trembling and you’re clinching your hands until your knuckles are white. Be honest. Tell me what you are thinking. How do you feel about Coach Wilson taking your virginity in public?”

“I’ve always cracked jokes to hid nervousness. Now I’m terrified. I’m embarrassed beyond belief. I wanted to run away and needed to stay. My body was doing things to me that I had no name for. I was ashamed to be naked while strangers would stare. Why did it make my heart flutter? I have no girl hair. I was more way exposed than being merely naked! I fluttered all over. I could not even hide behind me. I wanted to expose my body. I was humiliated that I wanted people to stare. My brain spun away. It made my body take over.”

“Coach Wilson did exactly what I needed. Wanted his dick in my pussy. Needed him to take me hard while you watched. He didn’t take my maidenhood any more that I gave to him. When I came, doors opened for me that were never there before.”

“Even now, I’m embarrassed, excited, proud and scared. But I’ve crossed a line. I’ll never be comfortable about being naked, partially or totally. I have to learn to wear whatever the Code calls appropriate. It will take a lot of imagination to accept and live with the choices I’ve made.”

That Amazon sashayed through the circle of naked girls. “Claire, I’m the only one other than this group, who saw your first fuck. You were outstanding. You made us proud to be girls. But I need to let you in on your little secret. You think out loud. Very loud. Coach Wilson would never have hurt you more than you wanted. But he always gives you what you need. I know first hand. Coach consensually encourages good play.”

Amazon girl, wearing nothing but wet panties, started laughing. “But this was a no-brainer. Which is lucky because yours was on vacation. You told the Coach exactly what you needed. You directed your first fuck yourself, complete with lectures and lab practices. You could teach. ”

Claire blushed madly. The assorted MuskeTits giggled and shook. “We would have told you but it was so much fun.” Donna confessed. “By the way, your titties look very lickable when they wobble.” Claire didn’t blush, she magenta-ed.

Coach Wilson cut in. “Girls. Allow me to introduce Bridget, ace spiker and chief executioner of opposition blockers on our volleyball team. Bridget, would you lose the wet panties before you freeze that pussy off?”

“Sure, Coach. Claire is the reason they are wet.” Bridget teased.

“Now, put your arms up and pirouette. Show them why we would win the championship if they would let you play naked. Your tits alone will get us to the semifinals. Lisa, you should put Claire’s nipple clips on Bridget so I won’t have to incentivise her.”

“Thanks, Coach. I feel so pretty in my new clothes. Who knew that I could swap clothes with a girl a foot shorter than me? Must run. Work-study at the gym. Hope you have good leftovers.”

“Take Claire’s coat and leave it in my office. She won’t need it tonight. Thanks, I’ll see you at practice. Take some extra sets from Rae. You girls’ will kick ass.” He turned to Megan.

“Ms Martin, are we agreed that Claire is our writer and publicist?” Megan nodded.

“Lisa, please give me two more nipple clips, stand behind Claire and hold her boobs again while I make sure her cute nipples are still hard enough to let the steel jaws grip her sweet tips tight enough to stay on while we walk around campus on the way home.” He smiled, knowing that Claire might orgasm just thinking about it.

He and Lisa took their time and little Claire was going nuts. Without thinking, she jumped up wrapped her arms and legs around Coach Wilson. Lisa, always ready, lightly pushed Coach’s cock up as Eddie let Claire slip down, impaling herself.

Megan took over. “Girls form up to march. We’re outta here! I’m on point”

The MuskeTits lined up, hands clasped behind. Eddie, wearing Claire, took drag.

Megan called cadence: ”Left foot forward on my mark, 4-3-2-1-MARK.”

“Without a bit of extra luck, Claire just took her virgin fuck. Sound Off, 1—2” Sound off, 3–4.”

The girls joined in: “Sound Off 1—2—3—4. ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR!

The chorus followed as before, between announcements from Claire describing what she was doing to Coach, what his dick felt like, how deep it was, how nasty she was, how good nasty made her feel, when she was coming, how often she came, how she came harder when Coach put his finger in her tight ass while she fucked faster, etc.

Audrey: “Pulsing, pumping, extra spasms. I’m having multiple orgasms. Sound Off, 1—2”

Mika: “Strangers watch and I don’t care. I’m fucking Coach with my twat bare. Sound off 1—2”

Megan: Us naked girls march in the night. We’re proud to be a lovely sight. Sound Off, 1—2”

Melissa: ‘Melissa’s pussy can’t be beat. Her ass is soft, her tits are sweet. Sound off, 1—2″

Eventually, they arrived at the dorm. Megan lined them facing the building. Eddie unplugged himself from Claire and sent her to the line. He sat on the steps, looking at the girls. They were glowing. They looked proud of themselves. Every one, including the two virgins he popped tonight. Execise is good for the soul.

Nikki, seeing that Coach had not come in Claire on the way home, shyly removed her nipple clips and purred, “Coach, I’m out of uniform.” She strolled up and sat on Eddie’s lap, letting Coach’s cock go up her ass.

As the others watched, she started:

“Marching naked, here I sat. Thank you, Coach. I needed that. Sound Off 1—2”

With that, they went inside.

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