Pretty Girl(s) of the day, June 8, 2014

After months of secrecy, “Muff Day” has finally arrived. It’s a tradition at the College, based on a quirk of the Dress Code. Although most girls shave completely, girls are allowed to grow their pubic hair if they want. Some girls like to have a little bush for modesty. “I’m never completely naked, as long as I have my bush,” said one freshman. “It’s almost like wearing a thong,” she added. Like a thong, a girl’s bush covers her pussy, helping her feel decent.

“That’s the problem,” said the Dean of Students. “Girls feel decent even if their dress is way too short, as long as they’re wearing a thong or even a little pubic hair.” This is why the Dress Code classifies a girl’s bush as an item of clothing, akin to underwear. “You, see,” explained the Dean, “It serves the same function. It covers the girl too much. It’s a crutch. It allows her to cheat on her outer clothing, and wear something too — well, too sexy, if you want to know my real opinion.”

So that’s it. The quirk in the Dress Code. Girls aren’t actually required to shave, but if they don’t, their bush counts the same as panties, and we all know not to wear panties under our dresses or skirts. Which means, you guessed it: girls with bushes can’t wear dresses or skirts. At least, not without risking getting caught.

“Pubic hair isn’t a big problem at the college. The Inspection process is pretty good at catching cheaters. Besides, all freshman girls start the year fully shaved, we make sure of that.” The Dean was referring to the practice of stripping all incoming freshmen girls naked on arrival, and requiring them to remain naked until after their student ID photos have been taken. “We can only take so many pictures a day, so, naturally, some of the girls are naked for several days until their picture can be taken. It doesn’t take them long to discover that we only take their pictures when they’re fully shaven,” laughs the Dean.

“It’s all about secrecy,” said an adorable blonde freshman with cute little breasts and an adorable, wispy muff. “You have to grow your muff in secret, until it’s ready. Muff day is exactly 31 days after the first day of school, not a lot of time to grow a big bushy one. So you have to get your picture taken on the first day, and then you need to avoid the Inspectors. Most girls are scared of getting inspected. After all, it’s embarrassing to have to take off your clothes, and stand there, stark naked, with all your classmates gawking at you. But it’s even worse for a girl growing out her pubes. If she’s caught violating the Dress Code, the punishment can be severe. They want to use these girls as examples to scare the rest of us. I remember one poor girl in particular, seeing what she went through almost made me give up on Muff day and shave. They sat her in a chair, right in the middle of the commons,  with her arms and legs handcuffed behind her, leaving her no semblance of modesty. She had to beg passers-by to shave her. They told her that once she was completely shaved, she would be released. Next to her was a bottle of baby oil and a razor. Some of the students took pity on her, and they were very nice to her. They gently rubbed the baby oil on her lips, and did some shaving. But other students laughed at her, and made fun of her obvious sexual excitement. Even though she came half a dozen times, it wasn’t any fun for her.”

“So I learned quickly what I needed to do. I shaved my lips, and wore the shortest dress that still covered my muff. I made sure my butt wasn’t covered, and I tried to show my tits as much as possible. I didn’t want to give the Inspectors any excuse to pull me aside and make me strip. If I needed to bend over for any reason, I always put my legs together, and bent at the waist, often sending my top billowing around my face as I mooned whoever was behind me. In class, I always spread my legs so the professor could see I wasn’t wearing panties.”

PrettyGirl2014-06-08cFinally, all the secrecy, and all the wearing of skimpy dresses to avoid Inspection paid off. Muff Day finally arrived. All the girls who had avoided stripping for an Inspector all month did the unthinkable: they stripped voluntarily, and paraded about campus in the nude. But, of course, they weren’t nude. They were wearing their secret girl armor, and they were proud of it! Best of all, it’s like wearing a kind of clothing that no one can make you take off. You were naked, but not naked.


Happy Muff Day, everyone!



One thought on “Pretty Girl(s) of the day, June 8, 2014

  1. base

    Happy Muff Day to you, too!

    Of course, there are some girls who make no attempt to hide their plans to celebrate Muff Day. They simply go bottomless, except their pubes for the weeks prior to Muff Day.

    One girl shaves clean at the start of each semester, then goes bottomless and unshaven until Muff Day. She then shaves clean while the other girls show off their little muffs, and she started growing her muff again. When asked why she does that, she simply replied, “Out of respect for the girls who dare test the system by secretly growing their bush. I do not want to steal their deserved attention.”


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