Pretty Girls of the Day, August 10, 2018

Today we have three pretty girls who want to share their stories with you.

First, we have Karen, a young freshman girl, who’s getting ready for her first party here at the College.

Hi, I’m Karen, and believe it or not, this is my first time ever that I’ll be venturing out in public without wearing a bottom. I know, it’s hard to imagine I’ve lived my whole life always wearing bottoms in public. And I would wear a bottom tonight, too, if it weren’t for my roommate. I still can’t believe what she did. She¬†threw out all my bottoms — my adorable little skirts, my blue jeans, everything! And even my dresses. Gone. So, honestly the only thing I have left to wear for the rest of the school year are tops. And not one of them is long enough to cover my pussy! Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it through the semester, but I’ll try. And tonight, I’m not gonna let lack of bottoms keep me home alone. I’m ready to party!

Next, we have Gayle, a senior here at the College. Gayle is pissed, because a boy decided to “inspect” her, and just take her skirt for no reason except he said she looked “prettier” without it.

Do you really think I’m “prettier” without my skirt? I’m pissed! Sure, I know it’s a boy’s right to check and make sure I’m being a good girl. And if he wants to take away my skirt, he can do it. Maybe it was a little too long. So I tell myself that I’m better off without it. And, like a good girl, I spread my legs, to show him it’s okay to look if he wants to. And it’s okay to touch me, too, of course. It was my fault I wore such a long skirt in the first place, and so, in a way, it was my choice to have it removed. So I spread my legs and try not to get excited when he touches me, but it’s hard, because his touch feels so good. He starts on my inner thighs, and it tickles a little. He makes me lift my butt so he can put a finger in my vagina and feel my slippery juices. He tells me I would look even prettier without my top, so I beg him to fuck me instead. I would rather be raped than stripped naked — again!

And finally, our third pretty girl of the day, Sabrina, a teacher here at the College.

I’m in an awkward position, says Sabrina. You see, I’m often mistaken for a student, which I find flattering, so when a boy asks me to strip, I always oblige him. Like most girls on the Campus, I just find it easier not to wear a bottom. That way, any boy who wonders if I’m wearing panties, or if I have any hair on my pussy can just check and see I’m a good girl, without making me strip.

There are a lot of positives in dressing this way. For one thing, I’m always comfortable. This nightie, for example, is very loose and breezy. Another benefit — I know it sounds silly — but if I need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the day, I can just use the one of the outdoor toilets in the commons, just outside the cafeteria. I know they’re supposed to be used only by naked girls, but no one seems to mind if a bottomless girl goes once in a while.

And somehow, boys seem to know when I need a good fuck. Maybe I just look more excited, I don’t know. But invariably, one of the boys will sit down next to me, and when I spread my legs, he begins his routine. First the thighs and belly, then the tits and cheeks, and finally: pay dirt! Naturally, I let him think he’s raping me to teach me a lesson, and I promise to be a good girl and stop showing my sexual excitement in public.

Thanks for letting me share my College experience with your readers!

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