Pretty Girl of the Day, October 7, 2014

Today’s pretty girl was surprised when I told her she was violating the Dress Code.

“I’m allowed to wear panties, I looked it up,” she said, indignantly.

“It’s okay, honey,” I said. “I’ll explain. You see, there’s something called a ‘coverage violation’, and–”

“I know all about that. Your top can’t cover your panties, I know. That’s why I rolled up my hoodie, see?”


“How convenient,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“What,” she said.

I sighed. Freshman girls seem to have such a hard time understanding the Dress Code. “Honey, listen,” I said. If you could get out of any coverage violation just by rolling up your top, then all girls would wear tops that overlap their bottoms, and pretty soon we would have girls wearing dresses with panties underneath.”

“Oh. I just thought…”

I could see she understood, but I felt I needed to drive my point home. “I understand you’re used to wearing panties, and you probably wore this hoodie to high school with just panties under it, right?”

She nodded, and hooked her thumbs in her panties, pulling them down far enough to see she was clean shaven. Then she looked at me and smiled. “And sometimes a bra, too, in case I had to take it off.”


“Go ahead and finish taking off your panties,” I said. “Then tell me about your high school. I’m interested to know why you would have to take off your hoodie in school.”

“Oh, that,” she said, laughing. “It was for different reasons. One of the funnest games we used to play was a kind of spelling bee, except not for spelling, it would be for whatever class we were in. To make it interesting, we would play girls against the boys. So, like in History, the teacher, she would ask questions, and then if it was a girl, and she got it wrong, instead of being out, she could take off an item of clothing, and stay in the game.”

“Did you have to keep taking things off until you were naked?”

“No, of course not! Each girl had to decide for herself which was more important: winning the game, or keeping her clothes on.”

“Did you get your clothes back before the end of the period?”

“Well, it depends. And that was an interesting part of the strategy. You see, if the girls team won, then we could all put our clothes back on, but if we lost, then the teacher kept our clothes until the next day. So you can imagine how hard the boys wanted to win, pun intended!”

I laughed at her joke. What a cutie she was! “So you risked being topless, then?”

“Yeah, sure, most of the girls would get topless to stay in the game. Some girls felt a little less naked wearing just a top, so they would keep it on until the end.”

“Really? They would rather bare their pussy than their tits?”

“No, honey,” she said. I smiled at the way she returned my term of endearment. She was much more relaxed now, clearly enjoying our conversation. “It’s just that some tops are close enough to crotch length that, well, it’s the lesser of two evils to take off your panties instead, you know?”

Of course, I got it. But she wasn’t telling the real reason. They don’t want to show their pussies, but, well, it’s collateral damage. The fact is that girls look cutest when they show a little cheek, and they know it.

“So all the girls would typically strip down to just one item of clothing when you played this game in class?”

“One or two, yeah,” she continued. “Some girls would stop at bra and panties. But most of us stripped down to just a top or just panties, sure. That’s when the game would get interesting. If there were just a few boys left, and it looked like the girls could win, then we felt pressure to take off that last item of clothing. We thought of it as an investment. Sure, the boys would whoop and carry on each time a girl got naked, but then we would usually win the game, and so we could put our clothes on again before going to our next class.”

“It seems like a fun game,” I said, “but it’s stacked in favor of the girls. Didn’t the boys get a chance to strip?”

“Ha! Yeah, that would have been more fair, for sure,” she said. “But the boys were really motivated to win. They usually did a good job. The real problem was finishing a game during a single class period. So some teachers made the girls strip down to a single item of clothing to begin the game. If you were wearing a dress when that happened, it was your lucky day. Otherwise, most girls just stripped down to their panties or whatever bottom they had on that day.”

“Sounds like a lot of fun,” I said. “And a good reason to wear a bra under your hoodie in high school.” I paused, and checked to see if she had a reaction.

“Me? Now? You want to know if I have a bra on?”

“Well, you were wearing panties, and it’s very rare I would see that here at the College.”

She returned to her defensive mode. “I told you, I checked, and you’re allowed to wear panties! As long as they’re not under something else.”

“So you’re not wearing a bra then?”

She glared at me, her hands on her hips.

“I’m just asking.”


She unzipped her hoodie, and started walking to her class. “I’m late,” she said. And off she went.


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