Pretty Girl of the Day, November 3, 2015

Hi there! You caught me in the midst of a quandry. Maybe you can help me. Do you think this top goes with the skirt?


I was thinking maybe the skirt is long enough I can go out without the top. What do you think?


I’m a little nervous about it, though. I don’t want to be underdressed. But my skirt is plenty long enough, right? I mean, it covers my front completely.


Listen, I know I’m over-thinking this. The skirt is fine by itself, I’m sure. I would have to lift it quite a bit to expose myself, don’t you think? So I’ll be fine.


I’m sure I’m panicking over nothing. It covers my front completely, and most of my back side, right?


Completely decent, right?


Thanks! You’ve helped me make my decision!

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