Pretty Girl of the Day, November 1, 2015


Today’s pretty girl is thinking maybe she can get by with a little overlap. She knows it’s against the Dress Code for clothes to overlap. In this case, the overlap is completely harmless, but she knows the rationale for this provision of the Code. It’s a slippery slope, so to speak. First, a girl’s top will overlap by an inch or two, as in this case. Next, a few inches, and so on. Soon, she’ll be wearing blue jeans under a dress, and so that dress can be as short as she likes without any worry on her part. This is exactly what the Dress Code seeks to avoid: short dresses. By forcing girls not to overlap their clothes, the Dress Code encourages girls to wear dresses long enough to cover them appropriately.

The fix is simple enough. She just needs to take off her jeans. But she’s feeling a little shy about it because her top isn’t quite long enough for her to feel completely decent in it. This is a problem many freshman girls face. You see, they’re so used wearing a top long enough to overlap their bottom that they forget that the top is also long enough to overlap their personal area — maybe not completely, but enough to feel decent.


Uh-oh! What’s this? Panties? What was she thinking? I’m so glad I had the chance to intercept this girl before she went out and got herself Inspected. It’s no big deal to be Inspected, of course. Many girls voluntarily remove all their clothing every day for Inspections all across the Campus. Some of them are shy, especially the freshmen, but they appreciate the opportunity to show their fellow students that they’re following the Dress Code. But if they’re not in compliance with the Dress Code, then, of course they wouldn’t be allowed to put their clothes back on again, and in addition, they would be cited for indecency. Punishments for indecency can be severe. Last week, for example, a girl was put in the “stock” in the commons, just her head and hands poking through the boards.


“Do I really need to take off my panties, too?” Yes, honey, of course you do. What were you thinking? Your top is long enough to count as a Dress. In fact, many girls wear shorter dresses every day. And there’s a rule against wearing panties under a dress, even if that dress is just a top. I know you’re just a freshman, and not used to wearing such short dresses, but it’s time you get with the program, honey, don’t you think?


There, now how hard was that? Your top makes a fine dress. No need for panties.


Whew! That was a close call! But now you’re in full compliance with the Dress Code, and so you can go out this morning into the public areas of the Campus without any fear of being in violation of the Dress Code.

Isn’t she adorable? No need to answer that. She is.

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