Pretty Girl of the Day, May, 3, 2016

Did you hear that the Campus Police have been cracking down on girls going naked for no reason? It’s true. One of the girls in my dorm has been doing her own little protest of the Dress Code and Inspections and all that — she went a whole week without wearing any clothes at all. Naturally she was raped a few times, but this didn’t seem to bother her. In fact, she said she enjoyed the free sex, although I’m not sure I believe her. I mean, it’s a little embarrassing, isn’t it, to have to bend over and get fucked in public? Sure, it happens all the time, and I admit I enjoy watching a couple going at it, even if the girl isn’t completely willing.

But now, like I said, the Campus Police have been cracking down. Every day, they pick one naked girl, and handcuff her to the fence right outside the main dining hall. And then — get this: They hang a lube dispenser on the fence right next to her. Now boys — and even some girls — can get a handful of lube, and, you know… Some of them do it just to make her look good and juicy. They take a picture, and have a good laugh about it. But you know what happens next. There she is, a pretty co-ed, standing with her back to everyone, her hands up, her feet spread wide… She’s an inviting target to any boy who might want to rape her. And the worst part of it is that there’s absolutely nothing she can do to prevent it. In fact, if she even tried to prevent being raped, she would be in violation of the Code of Conduct!


Don’t get me wrong. I get turned on as much as the guys by the naked girl of the day. Of course, I don’t try to rape her, but I might, you know, touch her a little. All in good fun, of course. You can tell when a girl is close to cumming, so it’s fun to touch her really softly between her legs, just an inch or two from her most sensitive places.

Like I said, there’s been a girl tied up to the fence every day, at least for the past few days, and each one of them was picked up for being naked for no reason. As much as I enjoy teasing the girls in that situation, I don’t want it to happen to me. And yet, I like to go out in public in the nude. So lately, I’ve just been wearing a pair of stockings. They count as a bottom, so technically, I’m not naked. I’m just topless, which, so far, at least, isn’t a violation, or even discouraged by the authorities. So, until they crack down on girls wearing just stockings, I’ll be having by fun this way.



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  1. someone

    But remeber there are some areas where being topless is not allowed. So you might consider puting on at least a tiny top now and then.


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