Pretty Girl of the Day, May 1, 2016


Sure, we all know stockings count as a “bottom” according to the dress code, but does that really make sense? Should girls have to choose between panties and stockings?

Today’s pretty girl faces that challenge. Let’s see which one she chooses…
PrettyGirl2016-05-01a“When I was in high school, I never had to make that choice. I used to wear both panties and stockings, and the only time I ever had a problem was when my top was a little too short, and I got in trouble ’cause my panties showed, which was against the rules in my high school. My teacher was nice, though. I think he kinda  liked me, to tell you the honest truth. He let me pick whether to take off my top or my panties, which was really sweet, don’t you think? As it happened, I wasn’t wearing a bra that day, so I didn’t want to take off my top. But my top wasn’t very long, either — that’s why my panties were showing. So I didn’t want to take off my panties, either. What would you do in that situation? My classmates had no shortage of suggestions, which they yelled out, making me even more flustered. Finally, I decided to just take off my panties. In retrospect, I think I made the right decision. My top came down almost to the tops of my stockings, so even though my pussy showed, I was neither topless nor bottomless, so I felt okay about it.”


“Now that I’m in College, I’ve done some growing up, and gotten over my fear of being topless in public. I’m still a little shy about my pussy showing, but I’m slowly getting over that, too. Like in high school, I like wearing stockings as a bottom because, well, I feel confident going out in public because I know I’m not bottomless, you know what I mean?”


6 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, May 1, 2016

  1. Gina

    When I was in your situation that my dress was just a little too short for my panties to show – well – I’d just removed the panties. They can not show, if they are not there – simple logic.

    1. Jenny

      Exactly! My high school also had a dress code of “no visible panties”, and while T-shirt and panties was very common for most girls, there was a constant war between girls wanting to be more cheeky and wear shorter tops, and the teachers who caught girls showing their panties.

      After freshman year I stopped bothering, and I never wore panties at all! I could wear a long T-shirt dress if I wanted to be modest, or a short one that stopped at my navel, and I could be cheeky. It was never against the rules since, no panties to see! Most of my friends were too scared to be openly bottomless, but I helped convert them. By senior year none of us wore panties and seeing our pussies wasn’t hard at all!

        1. Jenny

          It depends on the school, but the “no visible panties” rule is VERY common and only applies to panties! Boxer briefs and bras are fine to be visible. I can only think of one high school that says “no visible underwear” and also bans panties.

          The dress code was put in place because of the popularity of T-shirt and panties among girls, the thinking being girls would be too ashamed to go bottomless. But it’s not banned at all, you can even go naked to high school because, well, no panties to be visible!

  2. Johann

    I totally agree with that days pretty girl. With stockings or pubic hair, you are not bottomless and therefor do not need to worry when being in public places.


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