Pretty Girl of the Day, May 1, 2015


I swear, some days I feel like I’m wearing a sign on my back that says “Inspect me”! On Monday I wore a cute skirt along with a top that showed off my midriff. I finished breakfast in a hurry, because I was late for my first class, which was just on the other side of the commons. No sooner did I start running on the grass than I heard, “Excuse me, miss?”

It was an Inspector.

Honestly, I don’t mind being inspected. Lots of girls get inspected every day, and it’s no big deal. But I just wish they would let us take off our clothes, see that we’re following the dress code, and put our clothes back on again. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. But instead, they turn it into a big circus. That’s what I hate.

Plus, I know this guy. He’s inspected me before. He likes to see girls cum. It’s his fetish. So I take off my skirt, and I’m about to take off my top when he tells me to spread my legs and bend over. So, of course I do what he says. I know what’s coming next, so to speak, so I’m already wet when he starts touching me. He told me not to try faking an orgasm, because he can tell. I wasn’t so sure, I’m a pretty good faker, but as it turned out, I didn’t really need to fake it. He was good at what he does. He teased me mercilessly, bringing me right to the edge of cumming, and then stopped. He would turn his attention to one of the girls in the crowd that had gathered, and make her take off her top, just to show he could.
PrettyGirl2015-05-01aEventually, I begged him to finish me, and he told me I could finish myself if I liked, so I did. I didn’t want to masturbate in front of so many people, but I did it anyway. Then he said I could go.

“What about my skirt?” I asked.

He laughed, and said “Have you ever been raped?”

I didn’t answer the question. Of course I’ve been raped. The College calls it “Consensual Rape”, an oxymoron that essentially means we girls ask for it, which I personally find offensive. In a way, we ask for it, because we parade around campus without any clothes on, or at least without any bottoms, and that’s enough for some girls to get turned on. But just in case, the boys are allowed to touch us, and sometimes I think they purposely try to get us turned on just so they can fuck us, but maybe I’m being cynical.

“You might as well get it over with, honey.”

I didn’t have to ask him what he meant. My pussy was sopping wet and bright red. If I left without my skirt, I probably wouldn’t even make it to my class before some boy decided I needed a good fucking, so what choice did I have?

The Inspector fucked me himself, and then he let one of the boys in the audience fuck me, too, before he gave me back my skirt and sent me on my way.

So you can see why I like to wear shorter dresses, or just tops. The less a girl wears, the less likely she is to be Inspected, That’s why I particularly like this dress…



It’s nice enough to wear off-campus, although you still have to be careful about bending over in public 🙂


You think I’m kidding, right? Well, I’m not! When I go home, I still don’t wear a bra or panties. For one thing, I don’t want to get used to wearing underwear. It’ll be that much harder for me when I get back to College. Secondly, dresses just look better without anything under them. Everyone knows that, right?

So that’s why I particularly like this dress. As long as I don’t bend over, it’s very decent. Then, for wearing around campus, or at a party where I’m starting to feel comfortable, I can unzip it a little or a lot, to fit my mood.


Now this looks better, doesn’t it? No need for an Inspection in this little dress!


3 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, May 1, 2015

  1. Lola Dean

    That black dress is almost too perfect. Short enough to prove no bottoms and a zipper to prove no bra just too perfect


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