Pretty Girl of the Day, March 4th, 2015

I’ve always loved wearing a corset. In high school, while other girls were wearing tank tops and panties, I would wear a corset and panties. I just like the way a corset feels; the shape of it, you know?


Even in my senior year of high school, I still wore a corset every now and then, even though I was taking College Prep at the time. You see, in CP class, our teacher used to pick on girls who wore panties. She would make us stand up, and take off our panties, and sometimes even strip completely naked. She always made it seem like no big deal, and really it wasn’t a problem for most of us girls. It’s not like panties were forbidden like a skirt or shorts, but we were supposed to at least try to come to school without panties at least some of the time.

“Let’s see,” our teacher used to say as she looked about the room. I thought it was funny how the boys would be adjusting their pants in anticipation. We all had some pretty good guesses who would have to stand up, and when she picked a girl to stand, we all breathed a sigh of relief, and promised ourselves we would go commando the next day as penance, especially if it had been a while.

So the girl stands up, and she’s probably wearing a top that comes about half-way down her butt, and almost completely covers the front of her panties. She takes off her panties, and hands them to the teacher, and that’s usually the end of it. She sits down again, and we all go back to what we were doing. Sometimes, like if the girl’s top is a bit too long, the teacher feels the need to teach the girl a lesson, and she makes her strip completely naked. Whenever this happened, there was some hooting and commotion in the classroom, and the girl would blush, but she would take off her top, and hand it over to the teacher without much fuss, and sit down again, hoping the teacher would give her back her top before the end of the class. If not, then she would have to finish out the day in the nude, which wasn’t the end of the world. Most of us ended up doing that once or twice during the year. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but by the end of the day, you almost forgot you were naked.


Acting natural is important at all times, but especially after a girl is stripped naked. Any covering of the tits or pussy with the hands, or even unnecessary crossing of the legs is a no-no. Even when you’re wearing clothes, you shouldn’t draw attention to yourself. This is one of the most important lessons we learned in CP class. And we had plenty of practice as the year went on, because we had to wear shorter and shorter tops, and we had to try harder not to wear panties. I really admired the girls who were able to come to school essentially bottomless, and still look and act natural. I could never do that. Whenever I wore a really short top, or a corset, I always wore panties. In between those days, I came to school often enough without panties that I thought I would get away without ever having to stand up and strip in CP class.

But one day, when I was wearing a corset and panties, my day came. The teacher called on me, and made me stand up. “Take off your panties,” she said. I got really embarrassed. All I could think was how could I possibly face my fellow students for the rest of the day wearing just a corset and no panties? But there was no arguing with the teacher. I just had to do it. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, but I took off my panties, and sat down again. I knew better than to cross my legs or cover my pussy. What was the use?



Sure, I had been to school a hundred times in just a top, without any panties. But the top covered me, at least a little bit. Sitting there in CP class was bad enough, but at least the kids in CP expected to see a few girls’ pussies every day, especially later in the year, when our tops weren’t long enough to completely cover our pussies. But soon, the bell would ring, and I would have to go to my next class, and then eventually I would have to go home on the bus.

Soon, a brand new fear began to grip me. I was getting excited. My pussy was getting wet, and I couldn’t stop stroking my inner thighs. I spread my legs wider, and prayed no one will notice how turned on I was getting. But it was no use. “Stand up,” the teacher ordered.


I stood up, my legs spread. It was all I could do to keep my hands off my wet pussy, which was the one thing in the whole classroom that seemed to fascinate everyone at that moment.


“No, please,” I wanted to say, but no words came out. I felt dizzy as I undid my corset. I let it fall to the ground instead of nicely handing it to the teacher. I stood there, naked, for the longest time before the teacher picked up my corset, and let me sit down.

I had seen other girls stripped naked, and I pitied them as they walked through the halls with the younger kids gawking at them. And the cafeteria was obviously the worst for them as they tried to act natural with the other kids. Even the bottomless girls looked fully dressed by comparison, despite their tops being so short as to completely bare their asses.

Now it was happening to me. I thought I would die. But, somehow, I didn’t. I sat with my friends, and they pretended not to notice I was naked. Bless their hearts, not a single one of my friends was wearing any panties. Not even my best friend, Julie, whose top was so short I could almost see her belly button! She sat next to me, and stroked my thighs to make me feel better. As she comforted me, hand drawing closer and closer to my pussy, I worried she might notice how excited I was. I relaxed, letting my legs spread apart, when Julie caught my eye. She raised an eyebrow as if to ask, “is it okay?” I nodded, and closed my eyes as Julie made me cum. “Mmmmm,” I purred softly as I nuzzled her neck. She kissed me tenderly, and while my legs were still spread wide, she dabbed me with paper napkins, drying me enough to be presentable. She did all this while the other girls chatted with each other, apparently oblivious to our little romp. But they noticed when I kissed Julie a little deeper and longer than usual!

We got up from lunch, and I went to my next class. My day was much better after that, and even though I had to go home naked, I felt okay about it. Of course, my mom thought I had been punished for some egregious wrongdoing, and told me I had to stay naked for the rest of the day. Even when I reminded her that I had a date with my boyfriend, she told me I should have thought of that before losing my clothes at school. Eventually, she agreed to let me wear a pair of bikini panties on my date, which was better than nothing, I guess, but I was really embarrassed at the restaurant. I had never been topless in public before, except at school. Afterwards, he took me to see a movie. I was glad it was so dark; I didn’t mind being topless, and apparently my boyfriend didn’t mind being bottomless! Needless to say, we had a good time at the movies.

The next day, my mom made me go back to school naked, hoping I would “learn my lesson”, which was what, exactly? Oh, yeah, how to survive in school, naked. I guess I learned my lesson, then.




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