Pretty Girl of the Day, March 1st, 2015


I was so lucky to go to a high school with a decent dress code that allowed us girls to dress almost the way we wanted. I mean we could wear a skirt as short as we wanted, even one like my favorite blue skirt that was a little “cheeky”.
PrettyGirl2015-03-01dThe only thing I didn’t like so much about the dress code was the “no visible underwear” rule. The rule was supposed to get girls to wear longer skirts. Yeah, it’s silly, I know. It was passed a long time ago, in a time when most girls really did wear skirts long enough to cover their panties, I guess. But in today’s world, the rule has an unintended effect. To me, it wasn’t a big deal, just a little annoying is all. It just meant that whenever you wore a really short skirt or dress, you had to go “commando”. Some girls were too shy to go completely commando, so they wore a thong or maybe a C-string. Most of the time they didn’t get caught, but every so often, a girl accidentally flashed a glimpse of her underwear, and that’s all it took to get her in big trouble.

The punishment for visible underwear is clearly spelled out in the student handbook, If underwear could be seen, then clearly the girl’s outer clothing was inappropriate — too short, too sheer, etc. So the girl was required to stand in front of the whole class, and remove the offending clothing. Essentially, she had to strip down to her underwear and just stand there, for all to see. If she was lucky, she would be wearing a bra and panties. But a lot of girls went without a bra, and wore a thong instead of panties, so they would be standing in front of the class wearing just a thong, which was very embarrassing for them. At this point, the poor girl is supposed to forfeit her inappropriate outer clothing, and spend the rest of the day in her underwear.

I guess in the olden days, it wasn’t such a bad punishment, because the girl would have a full bra and granny panties to keep her decent, but today, it’s a different story. The sort of underwear we wear today is just too skimpy to feel decent in public. So some teachers — the nice ones — let the girl take off her thong, and in return, they let her put at least some of her outer clothing back on. Most girls would take that deal, even though it required brief nudity.

For example, consider a girl wearing a bathing suit top, miniskirt, and thong. The rule book would have the poor girl stripped down to nothing but her thong, which is a terribly embarrassing way for her to spend her school day. So if she agrees to remove her thong, then a nice teacher will let her put on her miniskirt. Although she would be topless, at least her bottom is decent.


Forcing the girl to go topless is a minor inconvenience for her, compared to forcing her to wear just a thong, but it’s enough to teach her a lesson. But what lesson is being taught here? Most girls who get caught with visible underwear learn to stop wearing underwear to school, which isn’t what the school is hoping will happen.

But what can a girl do? Stop wearing cute clothes? That’s just not realistic. Take this blue skirt, for example. I used to love wearing it to high school, and it’s pretty decent, as you can see –it covers at least half my butt. But, of course it’s too short to wear panties under it.



At first, when I wore this skirt to school, I was self-conscious about it. But as the school year progressed, and more and more girls wore skirts even shorter than this one, my fears gradually subsided.

Now that I’m at the College, I’m grateful for the training I received in high school. Feeling comfortable in a short skirt, without any underwear, I was able to dress appropriately on the very first day here at the College. Not many girls could say that. Like most girls at the College, I obey the Dress Code, but unlike other girls, I don’t feel forced into it. It feels comfortable to me. I know I don’t have to lift my skirt except for an Inspection, but I’m proud to be obeying the Dress Code, and I don’t mind showing it, no matter who wants to know.



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  1. Anonymous

    “No visible underwear” is an excellent simple rule to ensure girls dress modestly. If they go bottomless or naked that is their fault, not the dress code’s. Simply go commando if you want to wear an inappropriately short skirt!


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