Pretty Girl Of The Day, June 4, 2014

Can I tell you about my high school “College Prep” class? Like most high schools in the area, our CP class was geared mostly toward girls, to help us get over our shyness. Our CP teacher, Miss Swan, was so nice. She graduated from the College, so she understood how important it was for us to be prepared.

From the first minute of my CP class, I knew this class would be different from any other class I would ever take in high school. There I was, sitting in my little chair, feeling really uncomfortable in a plain white top with no bra and short denim skirt, as instructed. At least the other girls were dressed the same way. Even Miss Swan wore a low-cut top, and a skirt so short that her top almost covered it!

Then Miss Swan laid a bombshell on us. Before the end of the period, one of the girls — the “chosen one” — would be naked! “Each one of you can decide for yourself if you will be the chosen one,” she said. “All you have to do is overcome your shyness to a greater extent than at least one of your classmates, and you won’t be chosen. Pretty nice, right? And then, if that’s not fun enough, you’ll get to see one of your classmates forced to strip stark naked in front of the whole class.”

I felt myself getting wet just thinking about it, and I could tell the boys were thinking about it, too. That’s right, I forgot to tell you, our CP class was co-ed. I was surprised, too, but it makes sense when you think about it. The boys have just as hard a time (no pun intended) as the girls, adjusting to the College Dress Code.

“You’re all such good girls, wearing your tops, skirts, and panties,” said Miss Swan. “But it was a trick. I really wanted you to wear just a top and panties, but I kept it from you because I didn’t want to influence your choice of top. You see, today’s lesson is that just about every top is long enough. So each one of you girls is going to take off her skirt now, and pass it up to the front of the room. You won’t be needing it today. You’ll see that a top and panties is enough. Yes?”



One brave girl had raised her hand. “But my panties will show,” she said.

A few of the boys laughed. Miss Swan glared at them. “Stand up, honey,” she said. The girl stood up, and sure enough, her top was way too short to cover her panties, especially the back. “It’s not so bad,” Miss Swan said. “But to be safe, you should probably take them off.”

“To– to be safe?” she stammered.

“The Dress Code is still in effect, even for girls taking CP.” Did I tell you about our high school’s Dress Code? It was pretty simple. Girls aren’t allowed to wear a dress or skirt so short her panties showed. The penalty was simple: the offending girl had to remove the item of clothing that was too short. All us girls knew which dresses were too short, and we either wore a thong or no underwear at all, just to make sure it wouldn’t show. Sure it was embarrassing to be caught not wearing underwear, but it was a lot worse to have to take off your dress and wear only your underwear! “You think about it, honey. You don’t have to take off your panties right away.”

Then Miss Swan called all the girls to the front of the room. We must have been quite a sight, all wearing our tops and panties! I knew what was going to happen. My heart was beating fast. “Would any of you girls like to strip down to your panties? If you do, then I’ll let you sit down.” A couple girls took her up on the offer, but I couldn’t imagine going from class to class topless. I was willing to take my chances. “Now, who wants to take off her panties?” With my heart was beating out of my chest, I did it. I took off my panties, and handed them to Miss Swan. I knew my top wasn’t long enough, but I was even more afraid of having to strip, so I took the risk. A few other girls did, too.

I sat my bare butt down on my chair wondering how I would go from class to class so obviously bottomless, Did I make a big mistake? Isn’t this just as bad as being naked? Maybe I should have held out. What if all the girls stood firm, and refused to let Miss Swan whittle away at our clothing?

“Pay attention, class!” said Miss Swan. I looked up to see just two girls — Audrey and Natalie — looking very scared. I understood why they were still there. Each one of their tops was too short to wear without panties, although Audrey’s was almost long enough. “Audrey,” said Miss Swan, “I’m leaning toward stripping you, but I’m not sure yet. If you like, you can take off your panties, and that might help, but I might strip you anyway. It’s totally up to you, Audrey. Would you like to take off your panties?”

Poor Audrey. I totally understood the look on her face, and I felt really bad for her as she bent over to pull them down to her ankles. Her top hardly covered any of her butt. She really might as well be naked. I felt so bad for her as she stood there, covering her pussy with her hand. It is definitely going to be a hard day for Audrey.

“Natalie,” said Miss Swan. “I’ll make you the same offer.” Now, I’ve gotta tell you, Natalie was looking so cute in a tiny little top and bikini panties, her gorgeous belly completely bare. If she took off her panties, she would be completely bottomless, and Miss Swan would almost certainly strip one of the other girls. Isn’t a top better than nothing?

I really expected Natalie to knuckle under to Miss Swan the way Audrey had done, so I was surprised when she said, “No, I might as well be naked. If you want to choose me, then go ahead. But I’m not going to let you force us all to get half naked!”

Good for you, Natalie! I started clapping, and the whole class joined in. Miss Swan raised her hand to silence us. “Then I’m afraid you’re the one, Natalie. I want you to start with your cute little top. Will you take it off, please?” Natalie practically tore it off, and threw it defiantly to the floor. “Thank you, Natalie. Now, I know this part is hard. I’ve seen many girls crumble at the prospect of removing their last item of clothing, and going back to their seat completely naked. So I’m going to let you take your time. You can keep your panties on for the time being. Go back to your seat, and savor the last few moments of wearing your panties.”

Natalie looked relieved as she sat down.

But Miss Swan wasn’t done yet. Audrey, completely bottomless, was still standing in front of the class. “Audrey, can you imagine how hard it will be for Natalie after she finally takes off her panties? Look at her breasts. Do you see how erect her nipples are? Her pussy is probably pretty wet now, which is common for girls who are about to be stripped naked.”

Audrey looked like she was about to cry. “You should have stripped me instead,” she whispered.

“There’s still a chance,” Said Miss Swan.

Without another word, Audrey took off her little top, patted Natalie’s shoulder as she sat down, tears streaming down her cheeks.


Later that day, I happened to see Natalie in the cafeteria. She was as naked as Audrey. “What happened to your panties?” I asked.

“I felt so bad for Audrey, it didn’t seem right to wear them,” she said as she sat down.

I knew how she felt. I even felt a little guilty wearing my top. But not so guilty I was willing to take it off!

Just then, Audrey showed up. “Sit with us,” she offered. So I did. Audrey sat to my left, and Natalie to my right. Our three naked butts must have made quite a sight that day. I relaxed a bit as my naked classmates stroked my inner thighs.

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