Pretty Girl Of The Day, June 3, 2014

Here at the College, we have a Dress Code for a very simple reason. Decency. We girls have a responsibility to dress decently and behave decently, and so we have rules to help make that happen.

My story today is a happy story, about the rules and how they work. It starts with this pretty white dress. When you see it on me, you can tell right away that I’m not wearing any underwear. You can’t really wear underwear under a thin, white dress, especially not one as thin as this one. But even if I could wear underwear, I wouldn’t because it’s against the rules. The rules are there to encourage girls like me to wear dresses that are long enough to be decent, since there’s nothing else to protect me.

PrettyGirl2014-06-03a Then, something happened that made me very proud. I was selected from among all the girls walking to our first class, and given the opportunity to show that I’m a good girl. That’s right, an Inspection. I took off my dress right away, eager to show the Inspector, as well as the gathering spectators what a good girl I am. I held onto the fence and spread my legs, just as he asked.

PrettyGirl2014-06-03bHe was so nice and gentle when he checked to see if I was excited. I’ll admit I did get a little excited when he touched me there, but he patted my butt and told me it was okay. All the girls get a little wet when they’re forced to strip like this. As he stroked my breasts, he mentioned that I should try not to get nipple hard-ons, whatever that means. He was nice, though.PrettyGirl2014-06-03cI really didn’t want to turn around and face all the people watching, but the Inspector told me I had to, so I did. It seemed like I was there a long time, but I think that’s just because I was so scared to be stripped naked in front of my classmates. The Inspector told me I could leave now, if I wanted, so I thanked him and asked for my dress back. Was that funny? The guy couldn’t stop laughing. Apparently he wanted me to just leave without my dress!
PrettyGirl2014-06-03dWell, I wasn’t having it. I stood there, like a good little girl, for over an hour, while the Inspector let one boy after another fondle me, and even some girls, too! I pretended I didn’t like the fondling, because that’s what good girls do, but secretly, I kinda liked it! The first time I came, I was so embarrassed, but everyone said it was okay. It happens to a lot of girls when they’re inspected.

One boy seemed to get off on teasing me. I was a bit annoyed at him, but he was cute, so I let it go. He made me spread my legs, and then he got down on his knees in front of me, and massaged my ankles, then my knees, then my inner thighs, and I’m sure he could see how wet I was getting, but he never touched my pussy. He let his hands skip right past the part of me that was aching to be touched, and massaged my butt, my belly, and then my breasts before working his way back down my body. He had an amazing ability to sense exactly when I was about to cum, and then he stopped for a minute. “Please,” I begged him. I said that word over and over, but he seemed not to know what I wanted. Finally, he let me get down on my hands and knees, and tried to relax as he pushed into me, holding me by my hips. When he was inside me, he hugged me, oh, it felt so good! Oh, oh, oh! I was dizzy. I was delirious. Oh! OH! So good!

I felt myself blushing when the people watching us started clapping. The boy was free to leave, but I had to remain naked and face the crowd, my legs spread, and my pussy, well, I didn’t notice it then, but it must have been pretty obvious that I enjoyed having sex with that boy. The Inspector offered me another chance to leave — naked — which I coyly declined, stroking one finger behind his ear. We both knew he could have fucked me right then, if he wanted to. But he was a gentleman. He kissed me, and rubbed my back. I spread my legs to give him full access, but he just stroked my asshole with the fingertips of one hand as he kissed me. And then, just like that, he gave me back my dress, and wished me a good day.

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