Pretty Girl Of The Day, July 6, 2014

In high school, the senior girls were allowed to come to school without any bottoms. But it’s not what you think. “without bottoms” meant no skirt or pants. We still had to wear panties, of course. This was high school, after all.

Still, wearing a t-shirt and panties to school was a big deal. It was definitely something the girls looked forward to. During our Junior year, especially, we admired the seniors, and looked forward to wearing just a top.

Although a senior girl could wear just a top and panties, the top had to be, well, “decent”. That is to say, her panties could show, but not too much. The school had a strict rule against panties showing, but for the seniors, a lot of teachers looked the other way. What a teacher is supposed to do whenever a girl’s panties show is make the girl stand up, with her arms at her sides, and if her panties still show, it means her top is too short, and she has to take it off. For a first offense, the girl is allowed to stay in class, and finish out the school day, but she has to go home without her top, and explain to her parents why she was being punished.

Then, for a second offense, the girl has to take off her top, but she isn’t allowed to stay in class. Instead, she is sent to the cafeteria, which is used for “study hall” during the day, and for lunch during lunch time, so a lot of students pass in and out of that room all day. The poor girl, wearing nothing but her panties, is then tied up with her arms over her head, where other students are allowed to humiliate her. They can touch her breasts, belly, and legs, but they aren’t supposed to pull down her panties, because that would be too humiliating for the girl. Still, she’s tied up, and powerless to stop someone who pulls her panties down a little, just to take a peek.

But, like I said, that kind of punishment was rarely meted out by teachers. Instead, when a girl’s panties showed a little too much, a teacher would discreetly take the girl aside, and give her a chance to remove her panties. Although it was a little embarrassing to spend the rest of the day with a bare bottom, it was better than being tied up and humiliated.

I know what you’re wondering: Did any of this happen to me, or am I just telling stories about other girls. Well, thankfully, I was never tied up in the cafeteria, although I did see a few girls suffer that ordeal. I really felt bad for them. There were so many humiliating things, but I’ll just mention a few of the worst ones. One adorable girl with long straight hair and small breasts had to pee. She was the only one I saw who begged to have her panties removed. Eventually, a nice boy removed her panties, and put them on the floor in front of her. She spread her legs, and peed on the floor, trying not to get her panties wet, but, sadly, she failed in that regard. She really peed a river, so there wasn’t much hope of keeping anything dry. Then there were the girls who were turned on by being tied up and maybe by being humiliated, I’m not sure. One girl in particular had very wet panties, and all the boys were fondling her breasts, and reaching into her panties to touch her pussy.

As for me, luckily I avoided that kind of humiliation. Good thing, too, because I bet I would have been one of those girls who got excited from the humiliation. Being excited in public is humiliating, and that just leads to more excitement. I noticed that a lot of girls wore short tops and panties, and nothing bad ever happened to them, so I gave it a try. One day I remember wearing a hip-length top that reached down about halfway from my belly button to my pussy. I don’t think it covered any of my butt crack, but ended just at my coccyx, do you get the picture? I remember that top well, because my history teacher took me aside, and said it was a little to short, showing too much of my panties. I told him I wore a thong specifically because my top was short, and hardly any of my thong showed. He wasn’t moved by that argument. He said I could excuse myself to the ladies room, and if I came back without the panties, he wouldn’t make a big deal of it.

So I thanked him profusely, and went to the ladies room. I went in a stall, and took off my thong, then laughed at myself for going in the stall. What use is that modicum of privacy when the real issue is whether I’ll be able to face my classmates without my panties? So I went to the sink, and looked at myself in the mirror.

I took stock of my situation. The thong had a very thin strap which had been nestling between my cheeks, and the top covered its waistband, so from the back, I’m sure my thong never showed. I looked naked, or bottomless, I should say. So without my thong on, there won’t be much change in my appearance from the back, for whatever that’s worth. From the front, well, that’s another story. There really wasn’t any hiding my pussy without the thong, my top was too short. But I took a deep breath, and decided to make a go of it.

I returned to class, and my history teacher smiled at me. I guess he was pleased with himself that I decided to go bottomless instead of topless. I was pleased at that decision, too, quite frankly, because nothing bad happened that day. I’m sure my classmates noticed I wasn’t wearing a bottom, but they didn’t say anything. As the day wore on, I even forgot I was bottomless. I laughed and joked with my friends, just like any other day. And I got a lot of compliments on my top. People said I looked cute in it, and, well, I guess I did. It’s a kind of flirty way to dress.

It thought about wearing that top again with a thong, but then I thought about how I dodged a bullet. Another teacher might have must made me take off the top, and I really think that would be more embarrassing. I never spent a day in school wearing nothing but a tiny thong, and I don’t relish that thought now. I also thought about wearing a full bottom, like a pair of jeans or a skirt, but that was out of style in my high school. I came to the realization that if I was going to wear that top again, it would be all by itself. But did I have the nerve?

It took a couple weeks, but I built up the nerve to go to school bottomless, again, this time on purpose. The hardest part of that day was leaving my bedroom wearing only that little top, and going downstairs to have breakfast with my family. I tried to keep my back to my dad, because he was the one most likely to object, I thought. All he did is raise an eyebrow, and go back to reading his paper. He most likely assumed I was wearing a thong. Whew! My mom saw exactly what was up, and sighed, and shook her head, thinking I didn’t see. Then she said, “cute top, dear”, and that was all. I got away with it!

I was elated. I skipped to the bus stop, and waited with my friends. They all said things like “cute top” and “you look pretty today” without seeming to notice my lack of bottom. From then on, the day was smooth sailing. Before the year was out, I bought a few more tops, some even shorter, and then on the last day of high school, I did something I never thought I would ever have the nerve to do: I wore a belly-shirt without any bottom at all. It was so daring, I never thought I would build up the courage, but I did!

Okay, so here I am at the college, wearing my favorite sweater. Can you see the problem? No, it’s not that I’m wearing panties. It’s a little known fact that the College Dress Code allows panties, as long as they’re worn as outerwear. That’s because enterprising girls of years gone by made the case that there’s a “slippery slope” between panties and shorts, and if you try to define them, there’s always a new type of garment that falls in the gray area. So the College did the right thing when it defined all pants, panties, thongs, and shorts to be the same type of garment, which it calls, generically, “panties”.



Maybe the previous picture doesn’t really show the problem. It’s overlap. The sweater is really too long to wear with panties. Here I am again, leaning forward a bit, so you can see the problem very clearly.


So what can I do? I thought about wearing a different top, but I really like this sweater. And any bottom I try has the same overlap problem as my panties, so it’s starting to look like the same issue I had in high school. There are some tops that, even though they’re a little too short to wear by themselves, they’re a little to long to wear with anything else.

So I ask you, now, do you think I made the right decision to wear this sweater by itself? I think so!



2 thoughts on “Pretty Girl Of The Day, July 6, 2014

  1. Anonymous

    For some reason, the first part makes me wonder about the setting. Lots of mentions of high schools, and they’re clearly preparing the girls for the college – but is it all the same one, or a bunch? And are they in the same area as said college and expecting to send a lot of students there, or are other colleges abiding by the same kind of rules so they think it’s good preparation anyway?

    Also, while it’s good they have the option of going topless or bottomless, it seems too much of an either-or kind of thing; will this girl really be prepared for a college where being stripped nude is common if she’s never shown her breasts? The rules seem fine, but they need to enforce them.

    1. base

      Strict enforcement of the rules leads to a huge problem. The slightest infraction gets you into trouble, and soon everyone is tied up in the cafeteria all day. Schools should be encouraging creativity, not adherence to strict rules. Make the students stop to think. That is exactly what is being done at this school by giving the student an opportunity to correct the situation.

      Several high schools are usually part of a district in larger communities, and those districts are often in a conference with other schools. It is natural for trends to spread throughout the conference, and beyond as conferences engage in not only sectional, regional, and state championships for varsity sports, but also engage other schools in Math, Debate, Science Fairs, and even Foreign Language competitions.

      You also have graduating college students finding employment in other states, many from the Educational program at this college go on to teach else where. They bring with them a sense of how a dress code can help the student bodies elsewhere.


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