Pretty Girl Of The Day, July 2, 2014

Before I came to the College, of course I read the emails they sent about the Dress Code and “Orientation Week”, but it really didn’t sink in, I guess. So, for me, it was a real shock when my parents drove me to the College, and right at the guard house, they made me get out of the car and bend over. I couldn’t believe it! Right in front of my parents and my little brother!

“Oh, goodie! My first Inspection,” said my little brother.

I was wearing a little skirt, and no panties, so I was mortified when the guard made me turn my back to my family, and spread my legs. He ran his fingers along my inner thigh, and up my butt crack, lifting my skirt as he did so. I hated myself for getting so excited by this, and even more for almost cumming when he ordered me to bend over.

“Please, no,” I begged. It would have been bad enough for my family to see my pussy, but so much worse when I was so obviously excited.

“I’ll cut you a break,” said the guard. “I just need you to take off one item of clothing, can you guess which one?”

Maybe this was a trick question. I had to think. My t-shirt was almost long enough to wear without any bottom at all, so taking off my skirt wouldn’t make that much difference. So probably he wants me to take off my t-shirt. That suits me, anyway. I don’t mind hanging around topless, but it really makes me uncomfortable when my pussy shows. So I took off my shirt, and handed it to him.

“Do you honestly think I would let you keep your skirt, honey? Take it off!”

“But then I’ll be naked!”

“If you don’t take it off, I’ll get your little brother out here to fondle you until you cum.”

Ewww! I took it off right away!

The guard could see I was upset, so he put his arm around me, and said “Don’t cry, honey, the worst is over. In a few days, after you get your ID picture taken, you can start wearing clothes again.”


A few days!! That’s crazy. I wanted to object, but I couldn’t form the words. I just got in the car, hoping my dad wouldn’t yell at me for wetting the seat. It didn’t help that my little brother thought it was the funniest thing that I was naked.

“Is the guard going to keep your clothes, honey?” asked my mom.

“I… I…” I just started crying. This wasn’t how College was supposed to start. I looked around at all the beautiful girls and handsome boys, all wearing such nice clothes, and I was stark naked.

“It’s okay, honey,” said my mom. “When you’re allowed to wear clothes again, you can put on that pretty dress, you know the one?”

“The white one?” I hiccuped.

“It’s very sexy,” mom said.

“Mom!!” (It was true, of course, but moms aren’t supposed to say that. Or even know that!)

My family stayed for a few hours while I got settled in. My mom was so sweet to avoid packing any pants or panties, so I wouldn’t be tempted to violate the Dress Code. But I had all my skirts, including my micro-miniskirts, and all my tops, including my most casual t-shirts, and my fanciest blouses.

And just one dress.

We got everything packed away, and even though I desperately wanted to try on some clothes, I was a good girl, and stayed naked. We explored the campus, stopped for a quick bite to eat, and, you know what? By the end of the day, I wasn’t so self-conscious about being naked. It helped that we met some other naked girls along the way. (My little brother liked that!)

After I said goodbye to my family, and settled in at the dorm, I realized that all the freshman girls were naked, and they didn’t even mention it. Was I the only prude? It was just a matter of course for those girls, I guess. Over the next couple days, we all had our ID pictures taken, and that was the big accomplishment that allowed us to put on some clothes.

The other girls in my dorm warned me not to put on too many clothes at first. Their rationale made sense. Girls who wear too many clothes are probably hiding something, like maybe they forgot to shave, or they might be wearing panties or something. So they get inspected more often than good girls who wear less clothes. And now, since we were already used to going around naked, it wouldn’t feel strange to just wear a skirt, for example, and no top.

I thought it was really cute the way they dressed. But for my first day at the College wearing clothes, I wanted to wear something really nice. So I wore the dress my mom picked out for me. Do you like it?



I think it’s just the right length — not so long an Inspector might suspect me of wearing underwear, but not so short it looks like I forgot to wear a bottom.


3 thoughts on “Pretty Girl Of The Day, July 2, 2014

  1. base

    This is something many girls do not realize – the families can be a natural support system. Too often they are afraid to admit to their parents their particular situation on campus.

    and the dress is just a dress, neither too long nor too short. Some girls need to stop worrying about how much is showing. Why would it matter? If the dress is long, it covers everything, and if the dress is short, it was meant to be worn short and expose a little peek. Wear the dress as it was intended to be worn. No worries about how how much is showing. You are showing just what was intended to be seen.

  2. Dick Hertz Post author

    Wise words, base. This should make freshman girls feel much more relaxed about coming to the College.


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