Pretty Girl Of The Day, July 1, 2014

I really like my little black dress, and so I like to wear it out to parties, or just to go out dancing with my girlfriends. When I was in high school, I wore this dress a lot, but always with a thong under it. It took a lot of courage for me to get used to wearing it again, now that I’m in college, and I think you know why. So I got this invitation to a dinner party in this big house, and I can bring a guest. So I asked my boyfriend, and he jumped at the chance. I warned him it was dressy, and he didn’t disappoint. He looked really terrific! So what should I wear, I asked him, and of course he said I should wear my little black dress. Against my better judgment, I wore it.


I know I shouldn’t be so nervous about my pussy showing. After all, it’s something that just can’t be helped. For example, sitting on the stairs, well, all us girls sit on the stairs, so why am I the one who’s so self-conscious about it? Do you think this dress is too short to sit on the stairs? All my girlfriends say it’s fine, but I’m not so sure.


Listen, I’m not saying I think my dress is too short. I know it’s just right. And I’m not going to avoid sitting on the stairs just because I’m wearing a short dress. That would be silly. Besides, I’m pretty sure most people don’t even notice how short it is.


There’s just one thing about this dress, though, that I’m a little annoyed about. Whenever I bring my knees up to my chest, the whole dress flips up around my waist, leaving my butt completely bare. When I’m among friends, like tonight, it’s not such a big deal when this happens, but when I’m out in public, it’s really embarrassing!


There were three other girls at the party, including our hostess. All three of them wore two items of clothing. Our hostess wore a top and a pair of panties. One of the girls wore a belly shirt and the tiniest miniskirt I’ve ever seen! I swear it was just two inches from top to bottom. She pulled it as low as possible in front so it covered at least some of her pussy. And, in back, she wore it high, to cover the top of her butt crack. And the last girl wore the most interesting get-up of all. It looked like a pair of satin pajamas. Both the top and bottom are cinched by belts, but she confided in us that she had been a bad girl, and her boyfriend had punished her by removing the belts. As a result, her top wouldn’t stay closed, and her bottom wouldn’t stay up! I felt bad for her whenever she reached for something, and her tits fell out of her top, and even worse when her pants fell down around her ankles, and she just stood there, paralyzed, her butt completely bare. I rushed to her aid, and tried to help her pull her pants back up, but she was horrified. I soon found out why. The poor girl had to bend over and spread her legs, and beg to be spanked. I felt really bad for her, because when she bent over, her top, which was already loose because it lacked a belt, gathered around her breasts, leaving her backside completely naked. Her boyfriend waited a long time before beginning to spank her. We tried not to stare at her, but I couldn’t help noticing she was visibly excited. Before he began spanking her, he stroked her wet pussy, exciting her even more. It seemed like she was on the verge of cumming when He began spanking her, and then before he was done, I think she did cum. When he was done spanking her, he lovingly pulled up her pajama bottoms, and kissed her sweetly. Just when I thought it was all over, pajama-girl’s boyfriend turned to my boyfriend, and said something. Sorry, honey, he said as he lifted my dress up around my tits, kicked my legs apart, and bent me over. I was so embarrassed! I mean it’s bad enough to be stripped and spanked in front of, well, acquaintances, but I was really excited, too! For me, it wasn’t the spanking that got me so hot, it was watching that other girl cum. But now, with my girl juices streaming out of my pussy, each time my boyfriend slapped me, I had a little orgasm, it felt so good! But at the same time, I was so embarrassed to be cumming in front of my friends.

Once both of us bad girls got our spankings, I felt more self-conscious than ever about my bright red, wide-open pussy showing, so I kept pulling the dress down, like this, but then whoops! Nip slips. Don’t you hate that?


So, you know what? I try not to worry so much about pulling my dress down. It’s just not that important, is it?


I was just glad to have a dress that almost covered me.

After dinner, while the eight of us were gathered together in the living room, my boyfriend pulled my hand out of my lap, and said, “Here, let me do that for you!”

I blushed, because everyone laughed as if I had been masturbating, but I wasn’t! I was just shy about sitting around in a circle, with some people in a position to see up my dress!

“Relax,” my boyfriend said. This was his coded way of telling me not to sit with my legs pressed tightly together. I looked at the other girls, and they smiled at me, and relaxed their own legs. Their way of saying it’s okay to relax. So I spread my legs, and let him stroke my inner thigh. It felt good.

“I vote bottomless,” my boyfriend said.

“That’s because she’s already bottomless,” another boy said.

“What are you guys talking about,” I asked.

The host spoke up. “We’ve come to the time in the evening, when the girls will all get half naked. It’s nothing to worry about, honey, we wouldn’t make you get all the way naked or anything!” The boys laughed. Then to my boyfriend, the host said, “I think you’ve been outvoted, my friend. Most of us want the girls to go topless.” He patted me on the back, and said, “better luck next time, honey.”

I watched in horror as the other girls started taking off their tops. The one wearing the tiny miniskirt seemed nearly naked. Our hostess was wearing her panties, and the other girl was wearing her loose-fitting pajama bottoms. “But I have nothing to wear as a bottom!” I said. Everyone laughed.

“Here, let me help you,” my boyfriend said. “Raise your arms, like a good girl.”

In that moment, I became suddenly very attached to the dress I had been wrestling with all evening. That dress, annoying as it was, was the only thing standing between me and total nudity. Seeing no alternative, I raised my arms, and let my boyfriend strip me naked.


At first, I felt awkward, being the only naked person in the room. It didn’t help that the other girls made fun of my tan lines.


But my boyfriend made it all up to me when he told me I was the prettiest girl in the room. And he meant it. “Awww,” I said, as I snuggled up next to him. “That’s so sweet!”



I closed my eyes and relaxed as he stroked my hair, and kissed me sweetly. I felt him gently stroke my breasts, and trace the gentle curve of my butt cheeks, and gently touch my inner thighs. Wait, that’s too many hands! I opened my eyes to see all three of my girlfriends on their hands and knees around me, their pretty butts in the air, all attending to my pleasure! What a fun dinner party this was!

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