Pretty Girl of the Day, December 9, 2015

Today’s pretty girl passes an Inspection with flying colors!


Most girls walk around campus dressed as decently as they dare. I know, it sounds odd to an outsider — daring to dress decently. So, in case you’re new to the College, and you don’t understand the Dress Code, let me explain…

The Dress Code exists to gently encourage a girl to dress decently by not letting her wear panties or a bra under her dress. The thinking is that although she might risk showing her underwear by wearing a dress that’s too short, she wouldn’t take the same risk if she weren’t wearing any underwear. Of course, for this to work, there has to be some way of ensuring the girl isn’t wearing any underwear. Public Inspections are the simplest way to accomplish this. There’s nothing embarrassing about dressing decently and following the rules, and it’s no secret that girls are naked under their dresses, why would a girl fear being Inspected? Random Inspections happen every day, and it’s kind of fun to see a girl forced to strip in public. Even so, the chance that you will be Inspected is still quite low.

Yet, some girls have an unreasonable fear of being Inspected. And they’ve figured out a way to reduce their risk: Simply wear clothes that don’t conceal underwear. It’s not hard for girls to figure it out. Just wearing a dress short enough to show a little cheek is enough to drastically reduce a girl’s chance of Inspection, and besides, it’s cute, to boot! It turns out to be hard to find dresses short enough to be safe from Inspection, so many girls have turned to wearing tops as dresses, which turns out to be very convenient. Some people refer to girls as “bottomless” if they’re wearing just a top without anything under it, and I can kind of see their point. But to be fair, many tops are long enough to cover a good fraction of a girl’s bottom, too. Many girls feel decent if her dress covers, say, the top third of her butt. Some girls are more daring, and wear longer tops.

Now do you see why wearing a longer top makes a girl more daring? The conventional wisdom is that a top long enough to cover a girl’s butt-hole is a bit too risky to wear around campus. Why? It’s simple: if you can see a girl’s butt-hole, she’s not wearing a thong. And the butt-hole is about halfway from the top of her butt crack to the cutest bottom part of her cheeks. So any top that covers the top third of a girl’s butt is pretty safe. And, though it won’t fully cover her front, it’ll come close enough for her to feel reasonably decent. Any longer, and her top would be too daring, see?

So this is why the girls at the College wear such short tops, and why they are so clearly not wearing any bottoms. It’s very unlikely that they will be Inspected, but it still happens from time to time. You see, even if a girl’s butt-hole is clearly visible, and part of her pussy, too, if she’s standing, or just about all of her pussy, if she’s sitting, it’s still not obvious that she’s fully shaved, unless she lifts her dress up above her belly button. Some girls address this issue simply by wearing a top that’s just a few inches shorter than usual. By doing this, they’re showing the rest of the butt they’re mostly showing anyway, which is no big deal, and a little more of their pussy. But they were already showing enough of their pussy to make it clear they weren’t wearing panties, so what’s the harm in showing a little more of it? And by doing so, they greatly reduce their risk of being Inspected. So, essentially these girls are wimping out. They’re being less daring by going truly bottomless. Many girls rationalize this look by saying they’re simply showing off their pretty bellies, and while that’s true, a nice two-piece outfit could accomplish the same thing while covering up their pussies just enough to be daring.

And what about a girl’s tits? Even if she’s completely bottomless, until she lifts her dress up all the way, an Inspector wouldn’t know for sure that she’s not wearing a bra. So there’s always some risk of Inspection, even with the shortest tops — another reason to be a little more daring, and wear a top that almost covers a girl’s asshole, and her pussy as well.

Do you agree with me, girls? Be daring!


One thought on “Pretty Girl of the Day, December 9, 2015

  1. lover_mystery

    A girl wearing a long shirt or a dress, naturally mustn’t wear anything underneath. Indeed, if noticing an inspector, she should always rise it up, exposing her butt, crotch and breasts. So the inspector can asure himself that she isn’t violating against the dress-code without proceeding an inspection. The problem is to identify an inspector in advance. Naturally the girl could lift her dress always, whenever notice either an inspector or an unknown boy that could be an inspector. Much better would be if the girl wears either such dresses that didn’t cover her pussy and breasts or sheer dresses only.


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