Pretty Girl of the Day, December 11, 2015

Today’s pretty girl proves you don’t have to wear a short dress to be sexy. . .


Sure, like just about every girl at the College, she’s not wearing panties. But she’s taking a big risk wearing such a long dress, don’t you think? Even bending over, this dress covers at least half her butt, and — look between her legs — no, lower — that’s right, between her legs, you can see the front of her dress, which is completely covering her pussy.

When this girl stands up, she’s a walking invitation to be Inspected. Of course, she’ll pass the Inspection, but at what cost? It may take just five minutes, sure, but have you ever seen a five-minute Inspection? It’s a lot more likely that she’ll be forced to bend over, fondled until she cums, maybe more than once, and then maybe she’ll offer to be raped in exchange for “early” release.

All of this could have been avoided if she had simply worn a dress just slightly shorter.

I’m here to help, girls.


One thought on “Pretty Girl of the Day, December 11, 2015

  1. lover_mystery

    The girls should definitly wear much shorter dresses to avoid unnecessary inspections. Off course a girl wearing a short dress will not waste the time of the inspectors. If she wears a really short skirt and bends over, to tie up her shoes or similar, she should always stay with legs apart. Maybe a boy, passing by, notice her, he mustn’t ask her time-robbing to let him touch her, instead he can start stroking her immediately. He propably will find her wet very quickly and because she asked so, he will have raped her in no time. It will be a mutual benefit for both to go ahead after a short time only.


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