Pretty Girl of the Day, August 10, 2016

Today’s pretty girl wants you to know you don’t have to shave your pussy if you don’t want to. Many girls are unaware of this fact, she says. She goes on…

Like most Freshmen girls, I prepared myself as best I could for the Dress Code at the College. I shaved my pussy like a good girl. I stopped wearing underwear, and I wore the shortest possible dresses and skirts I could.

I tried, I really did, but I couldn’t bring myself to go out in public wearing a dress that was even slightly cheeky. At home, I was fine. I wore t-shirts, crop-tops, or even a sports bra, without any bottom, all in front of my family, even my little brother. And it was even okay if people came over, like my boyfriend, for example, or even my brother’s friends. They liked to come over just to see what I was wearing. It seemed a little weird to me, but my mom said it was good practice for going to College, so I went along with it.

My mom told me about the fondling at College. She told me I might get sexually excited, and that some girls find that a little embarrassing when it happens. Boy, I’ll say! But she told me no matter how embarrassed I get, that I shouldn’t try to cover up or pull away from the person fondling me. It’s a rule.

So get this: My mom went behind my back, and asked my boyfriend to try to get me, you know, a little turned on in front of my family, can you believe it? My mom was testing me to see if I was ready for College! So there we were, sitting in the family room after dinner, and the doorbell rings. It’s my boyfriend, and a bunch of my brother’s friends, and all I was wearing was a t-shirt. Luckily, it wasn’t one of my crop tops; it was a little longer, covering some of my abdomen, and the tippy-top of my butt crack, but that was about it.

So I opened the door, and let them in. My boyfriend hugged me like he usually does, and slipped his hand under my shirt, and felt around my sides. That was a little unusual, but I didn’t think much about it at the time. Then as he slipped his hands out of my shirt, he gave me a little pat on the butt, which isn’t unusual, but this time it reminded me I was bottomless, so I felt a little turned on.

The boys were messing around with their phones on one side of the room while my boyfriend brought me to the couch. I flipped through the channels on the TV while he started acting weird. He was stroking my hair and telling me how beautiful I am. He rubbed my belly through my shirt, stopping just short of my nipples, which he noticed through my shirt, so he lifted my shirt to see them. Sure, I was a little embarrassed that my boyfriend essentially stripped me naked in front of everyone, but he was being so nice, I didn’t try to stop him, or pull my shirt back down. He played with my nipples, and even kissed them. I leaned back on the couch, and put my arms behind my head as he tried to tickle me. For some reason, I wasn’t ticklish that day, but the more he tried to tickle me, the more turned on I got. I hoped my brother’s little friends wouldn’t notice how wet my pussy was, but on the other hand, I kind of wanted my boyfriend to notice. I wanted him to touch my pussy. In fact, I wanted him to press on it with his whole hand, I was so close to cumming. But all he did was tickle me. Then, just as I was about to cum, he took my shirt the rest of the way off, and threw it to one of my brother’s friends. They threw it from one person to the next, playing keep-away with me as I ran frantically after it.

Finally my boyfriend told me there was just one way I would ever get my shirt back. I had to get on the carpet on my hands and knees and try not to cum. Then my brother’s friends all started trying to tickle me, and then their little fingers got closer and closer to my pussy, some of them on my belly, and others on my inner thighs. My boyfriend pushed my legs apart, and told me to relax. He stroked my back very gently with his fingernails, ending each stroke in my butt crack. I kept my cheeks relaxed as each stroke went further than the last, finally ending at my asshole, and then very gently around it, in my inner cheek area. I told the boys I was going to cum, but they kept touching me. My head was swimming, I was so close to cumming, but the boys refused to touch my pussy! At last, they stopped touching me, and I saw my boyfriend had taken off his pants in front of my parents! With two or three quick strokes between my lips, he pushed his hard dick into me, and held onto my tits for dear life as he pushed and pushed. I screamed as I came, and I guess that made my boyfriend cum at the same time! He rolled over, his dick still inside me, and held me tight as we kept cumming, and then the cumming melted into cuddling. We cuddled for a long time before he finally pulled out. I got up and sat on the couch, whereupon he presented me with my t-shirt with great ceremony.

But I came, I told him. I don’t deserve it.

It took great courage to cum in front of your parents and your brother’s little friends, he told me, so you do deserve it. Let’s go out and celebrate, he said.

Great! I said. Let me put on a skirt, and we’ll go.

No need, said my boyfriend, you look great in just the t-shirt. My brother’s friends agreed. But I just couldn’t bring myself to go out bottomless. In the end, I wore the tiniest little skirt I could find, without anything under it, but my boyfriend was disappointed, and I felt bad, too. What kind of freshman would I make at the College if I can’t go out bottomless?

I was really worried.

As the summer continued, my boyfriend and I had sex quite often, sometimes by ourselves, and sometimes with family and friends around (and helping!) but I still had a lot of trouble going out in public without a bottom.

Even my girlfriends tried to help, bless their hearts. One day they all came to my house wearing tshirts and panties, and we decided to go to the mall. So I went to my room to try to find some panties, but there weren’t any! So one of my girlfriends graciously offered to give me her panties, and we went.

But they have a rule at the mall I wasn’t aware of until one of the mall cops told me I had to take off my panties. No visible panties in the mall, he said. It’s a rule. So I took them off and handed them over. I tried to hid behind things and I covered my pussy with my hand until I found my girlfriends and told them what had happened. Us, too! They said. And with a shock, I saw that all of my girlfriends were completely bottomless! I said let’s go home, I really felt awkward. But we just got here, they said. They all hugged me and stroked me, but that only turned me on, and so I felt even more embarrassed. I found out much later that the girls put the mall cop up to it, and in fact there is no such rule. Lots of girls were tshirts and panties to the mall!

Eventually, the time came to go to College, with me still unable to go out in public bottomless. I felt like a complete failure. To make matters worse, freshman girls are supposed to show up to the College naked. And since my boyfriend’s father was picking me up and driving me and my boyfriend to College, that meant I had to take off all my clothes, and wait for him to show up. Then I had to answer the door naked, and greet the old man. So far, no problem. I’ve done plenty of dares like that.

But then the hard part came. I had to leave the house stark naked, dragging that suitcase behind me, and get into the car. My boyfriend was sweet. He took the suitcase, and opened the door for me. His 16-year-old sister was in the car, and so was his mom. Go ahead, honey, said the mom. Make her feel comfortable.

Do I have to? She whined.

You promised, said her mom.

Reluctantly, she started stripping, starting with her top, which she threw out the window. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

Stop! You don’t need to do that, I yelled.

Now you tell me, said the girl sarcastically. She had adorable little tits. Her nipples were hard.

Keep going, honey, said the mom.

Even if the girl hadn’t lifted her skirt, it was so small I could tell she wasn’t wearing anything under it. She unhooked it, and threw it out the window. She was as nicely shaven as me. That was sweet, I said, and kissed her. I didn’t mean it to be anything special, but maybe it was. She kissed me back with a kind of passion I hadn’t felt from a girl before. I looked at my boyfriend, and he just smiled. I guess it’s okay, I thought, and so I kissed his sister and felt her up until she came.

The time flew by, and before we knew it, we were at the College. It was good to see so many girls, all naked like me, and all clean-shaven. Most of the little sisters were wearing clothes, although, like my boyfriend’s little sister, quite a few were naked, too, in support of their older sisters, I guess. And some of them were partly naked. I guess they just couldn’t bring themselves to go all the way. They looked cute wearing just a skirt, or just a pair of panties.

Although it was fun being naked, I looked forward to opening up that suitcase, and putting on some clothes. My mom insisted on packing, but it’s okay because I told her what to pack. Plenty of skirts, I told her. They can be little ones, but I need to wear a skirt every day to keep my pussy covered. Very important.

We found my dorm, and met my roommate, a nice girl, even if she did have bigger tits than me. I stood in line with her to get our picture taken for our ID cards. That’s the main reason they want the girls naked on the first day, I found out. It’s good for girls to be naked on their ID picture for a few good reasons: it helps identify them, because girls are mostly naked most of the time at the College. And it helps with recruitment of boys to the College. You see, we give the College permission to publish the ID photos of the students on the website. So, being naked, the girls look extra pretty. It makes sense.

While we were walking around the campus, getting to know our way around, my boyfriend kept teasing me. I’m helping you practice, he said. Practice? I asked. Yeah, he said. Practice being fondled. My pussy was already wet, so he had no trouble sticking a couple of fingers in it, and spreading my juice up and down. It wasn’t long before he ordered me to assume the position, and if I complained about it, he would “punish” me by fucking me! Of course I complied, because it was a fun game, being “raped” by my boyfriend. Some other boys saw this, and figured it would be a good idea to rape his little sister. They teased her, and she spread her legs, obviously excited, but I told the boys she was only 16, not even in the College yet, so they didn’t rape her. She seemed disappointed. If I’m going to go to all the trouble of being naked in front of a bunch of horny boys, at least you can let them rape me, she said. Hmm, I guess she has a rape fantasy. She’ll fit right in here, I thought.

Finally my boyfriend’s parents and little sister left. It was really nice of them to come, and especially nice of the girl to get completely naked. That was sweet.

Now, finally, I’m alone with my roommate, and it’s time to unpack all my skirts and tops! I open the suitcase, and…


Not a single bottom of any kind! Not even any dresses. Not even a micro-mini-dress!

Only tops.

My mother knew my weakness, and, bless her heart, she tricked me for my own good. That BITCH!

And that’s when it hit me: I was going to grow my own bottom.

Seriously, it’s completely within the rules to use your own bush as a bottom. The no-overlapping rule is still in effect, so it’s best to trim the bush pretty tight, so none of your tops touch it, or even come close.

PRO: You always have a bottom, even when you’re naked.

CON: The no-fondling except bare skin rule doesn’t recognize a bush as an article of clothing, so any boy (or girl!) can fondle your pussy at any time, and you just have to spread your legs and let them fondle you.

On balance, I think the PRO outweighs the CON. Even the clean-shaven girls get felt up if they leave any part of their butt uncovered (and what girl covers her entire butt at the College? That would be an invitation to be inspected!).

So here I am, fully clothed, on a bit of a windy day…

prettygirl2016-08-10aNow, some people argue that a bush isn’t a proper bottom because there’s nothing covering a girl’s back-side. But to those naysayers, I say how much of a girl’s backside does a thong cover? And yet girls all say a thong is a perfectly cromulent bottom.


So now I’m really enjoying College. My mom got her wish, which was for me to wear just tops, and I got my wish, which was to wear a bottom every day. And every now and then, my boyfriend makes me get down on all fours, and fucks me in public. Life is good!








3 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, August 10, 2016

  1. someone

    yea, you may fondle a girl’s pussy even though it is covery by a bush, but most often there is no need. You see, the fondling is to remind a girl that her dress is to short to be decent. But it does not get more decent and natural with neatly trimmed pubic hair.

  2. sexy_pants

    I’m disappointed the little sister wasn’t allowed to be raped even after she said she wanted to. She was so kind in getting naked for her brother’s girlfriend and she had to see him fuck a girl in public.

    At least she got to be naked on campus and on the way back. She probably had to masturbate to deal with the tension. Like Anon said above she should take a CP class and she’ll finally experience consensual rape.


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