Pretty Girl of the Day, April 1, 2015

I know a lot of girls complain about the Dress Code, but I actually find it liberating. You see, here at the College, everyone knows the girls don’t wear panties under our short dresses, and so no one is surprised or shocked when they see a girl’s pussy.



When I was in high school, it was a lot different. Most of the girls wore short dresses, and some of us wore just t-shirts as dresses. We felt we could get away with it because we always wore panties, or at least a thong. Our high school dress code didn’t allow us to wear a dress so short our panties showed, but most of the teachers ignored the dress code, so we just let our panties show.

Every now and then, one of the teachers would pick a girl wearing a really short dress, and make an example of her. The poor girl would have to stand up next to her desk, or sometimes even come up to the front of the classroom. We all knew what would come next as we watched her fidget. She would have to take off her dress, and hand it to the teacher. Honestly, I never understood the logic of making a girl strip in front of the whole class, but supposedly it was to punish girls whose dresses were so short their panties showed. You would think most girls would laugh it off, and act like it was no big deal to have to strip down to their underwear. After all, the kind of girl who would wear a really short dress is the same kind of girl who wouldn’t mind taking it off, right? But in reality, it was really embarrassing. Going around in your underwear as if nothing was wrong, well, it was almost like being naked.

That was especially true for the girls who happened not to be wearing a bra the day they were stripped. That’s what almost happened to me one day! I was wearing just a t-shirt and panties. The shirt was so thin you could almost see through it, and so it didn’t look good to wear a bra under it. It was baggy, though, which made up for being thin and short; I felt decent wearing it without a bra because you could hardly see my tits through it. I had worn it a few times already that year, so I felt pretty safe. But then, without any warning, my math teacher made me stand up. Then he made me raise my arms. Can you picture it? My baggy top rose up, exposing my panties. I was so afraid I would have to take it off. You know, it’s one thing to see another girl walking around school in nothing but her panties, but when you imagine yourself having to do it, well, that’s another thing entirely!

I felt myself blushing. My nipples got hard. I braced myself. But he didn’t tell me to take off my top. He gave me a choice of taking off my panties or my top! What a sweet man! I eagerly took off my panties, and passed them forward to the teacher. I was so grateful I didn’t have to take off my top that day, the fact my butt was only half-covered didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I wore that top often after that, without anything under it, not even panties.


Now that I’m in College, I have a new challenge. It’s a thing the girls in my dorm are calling “Naked Breakfast”. It started when some of the girls realized they could beat the crowds by rolling out of bed (we all slept naked, of course) and going straight to breakfast. Before we realized it, it was a “thing”. The boys love it, of course, and they want us to stay naked longer. So they challenged us to stay naked all morning! Some of the girls cheat, and put on a top before lunch time, but most of us go to our morning classes in the nude. I enjoy being naked, especially when there are some other girls with me, doing the same thing.


One of the really nice things about spending the morning naked is how good it feels to put on a top just before lunch. The top doesn’t even have to cover my pussy; if it covers my belly button, then I have that feeling of being luxuriously dressed! It’s all about the contrast. I think a lot of girls feel the same way, which explains the popularity of naked breakfast.

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