Pretty Girl of the Day, May 12, 2017

Today’s pretty girl follows the Dress Code like a good girl. As you can see, there’s a chill in the air, and she’s not wearing a bra.

I know what you’re thinking. Why is a good College girl wearing shorts? Doesn’t she know how bad that looks? I mean, she could be hiding anything under those shorts — panties, maybe, or even a bush!

Well, let me tell you what’s been happening so far this year. There have been budget cuts, and some of the Inspectors had to be let go. This has led to a gradual backsliding of some girls with regard to their adherence to the Dress Code. Don’t get me wrong. Most girls still wear just a top, without anything under it, mostly for convenience.

But some girls, like today’s pretty girl, have started wearing shorts. Why shorts? Mostly to tease the boys. You see, they have started to fill the void formed by the departure of the Inspectors. Whenever a boy wants to see whether a girl is following the Dress Code, he just checks for himself. This is allowed now. The Dean of Students wrote a letter explaining it. He was worried the girls would revert to their pre-College habits if they weren’t regularly inspected, and I think he has a point, don’t you?

So now, a boy just needs to go up to a pretty girl, and ask her to show him that she’s following the Dress Code. Today’s pretty girl never ties her shorts, because she wants to be able to pull them down quickly when asked.

Like most girls at the College, she still follows the rules, and is happy to prove it.

Now that boys are filling the role of Inspector, they can make girls take their shorts right off, if they like. There can be a variety of reasons a girl may be required to take off her shorts. For example, by having fewer girls wearing shorts, the burden of Inspection is eased. Also, in this case, the girl got a lot prettier when she took off her shorts, and we all like to have pretty girls running around the campus, don’t we?

Can I go now? She asks. Like most girls, she’s a little shy about wearing such a little top without any bottom, but she knows better than to ask if she can put her shorts on again. Now that every boy is a de-facto Inspector, today’s pretty girl counts herself lucky to still have her top on.

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