Pretty Girl of the Day, October 17, 2016

Today’s pretty girl is wearing a perfect length sweater.

We think it’s a really cute look, off her shoulder like that. And it’s short enough to show off her pretty butt, while still being long enough to go to about the College campus without feeling self-conscious.

Sure, the sweater is short, for a dress, but even much longer dresses sometimes expose a girl’s pussy. Most girls at the College take this risk in stride, and the boys, for their part, usually don’t even notice when a girl is sitting with her legs slightly parted.

Like any dress, you can look up this one if you like, and it’s fine if you do. Today’s pretty girl has an especially pretty pussy, don’t you think?

Today’s pretty girl sometimes worries that her sweater is just a tad too short to wear as a dress, but we’re here to remind her that she looks pretty even in this very short sweater, and she should be proud to follow the Dress Code!

This pretty girl’s sweater dress is clearly the perfect length!

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