Pretty Girl of the Day, October 2, 2016

I know what you’re thinking, says Doreen, today’s pretty girl. You’re thinking my dress is a little too short, maybe. But I’ve worn it many times already on campus, and honestly, no one has complained. Besides, I used to wear this dress all the time in high school, too. The only difference in high school is that I wore underwear, because it was expected. Technically, we weren’t supposed to wear dresses so short our underwear showed, but lots of girls did it. Usually just one girl would be punished each day for wearing a too-short dress, and the punishment was pretty mild: she would just have to take off her dress, and spend the rest of the day in her underwear.

Now, like I said, I’m still wearing the same dress, just without underwear. I feel pretty decent in it. See? It covers most of my butt cheeks.

And it’s comfortable, too. I can move any way I like, and it stay’s put.

I can do martial arts, cartwheels, whatever I want, and when I land on my feet, my dress is right there with me!

What? You want to know more about the girls who were punished in my high school for wearing dresses to short? Oh, you’re so silly! Fine, I’ll give you the details, if that’s what you want to know.

First, let me say, it was a big high school. So even though they punished one girl every day, the chance of any one girl getting punished was pretty low. And the punishment itself was also kind of mild. Each day, during lunch, in the “multipurpose room”, one girl, selected in advance by her teachers, would be called up to the stage. There never seemed to be a particular reason for selecting each girl, although, like most girls, the one called to the stage would be wearing a top, and no bottom, except her underwear.

So then, it would get really quiet in the cafeteria, and the girl would just have to strip down to her underwear. You know, bra and panties. That’s it.

Okay, fine. There was a little harassment later, but nothing too awful. Often, when a girl is stripped down to her underwear, she’s not even wearing a bra, so all she has on is a pair of panties. A lot of the time, the girl is kind of shy, so she’ll cover her breasts with her hands. This leaves her vulnerable to being “pantsed”. Usually, pantsing a girl is a two-person operation. One boy grabs her around the waist, and lifts her off the ground. Another boy pulls off her panties, and runs away with them. Just harmless fun.

And sometimes, just random stuff conspires to make life hard for the girl wearing just her panties. I should explain that, at random, teachers in our high school were allowed to ask all the girls in a class to take off their panties, and pass them up to the front of the room. It was a little ritual that was started a few years before I got there, to discourage girls from wearing short dresses. At worst, it was a little embarrassing, if a girl happened to be wearing just a short top, but we all knew it was against the dress code for our panties to show anyway, so now, instead of our panties showing, we showed a little skin, that’s all. No big deal.

But on one day, in my sixth period class, the girl who had been stripped down to her underwear at lunch was in my class, when the teacher called for our panties. I was just wearing a t-shirt at the time, so I was a little embarrassed, to be honest, but that poor girl had to strip naked!


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