Pretty Girl of the Day 1/13/2013

Here I am again, for the third day.  I’m so sorry to drag this out, boys, but you keep asking me to show you my pussy, and I’m just not comfortable doing that.  Please just stop asking.  Please.

Okay, here’s what I’ll do.  I’ll turn around and face you, but I won’t spread my legs.  Can’t you just admire my statuesque physique?  LOL, I’m kidding about that statuesque crap.  But I’m not spreading my legs.  It’s probably a trick of some kind.  I just won’t do it.

I’m so embarrassed!  What?  NO!  I’m not spreading my legs for you.  I’ll move them apart this far, and that’s it.  There will be some other slut posing for you tomorrow.  Not me.

3 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day 1/13/2013

  1. base

    Oh dear, you call them a slut for spreading their legs? A gymnast is a slut? Not at all. They are flexible. They are athletic. They are not a slut. You should try to match their physical abilities. It is not as easy as it looks. Yoga masters are highly flexible. They are not sluts. They are toning muscles. Let’s see you attempt to do what they can do. Then you’ll know they are not sluts.

  2. asusdvd

    Yes, that’s not very classy.

    And you say “other slut”. Do you consider yourself a slut? Then, why not show us your pussy spread and your anus?

  3. kit

    Hmmmm….. I’m disappointed about u not showing us ur pussy….. but still youre sooo beautiful!!! i cud fuck you right now….. wat do ya say??? wana fuck???


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