Pretty Girl of the Day 1/12/2013

Okay, boys, I know you think I’m pretty, so I’ll just take your word for it.  It was nice of you to hold me over for a second day.  I managed to get my dress off, and now I have three poses for you, but I’m still too shy to show you my pussy, is that OK?

Here I am lying on the couch.

Here I am kneeling.  I’m clenching my cheeks a bit, because I don’t want you looking at my asshole, or worse–my vagina.  I’m just a young girl, and I just wish I could be naked without you boys looking at me that way.

Here I am crossing my legs, because I’m really too shy to show you my whole body, naked.

I think that’ll have to do it.  I know you want to see more of me, but I think I went above and beyond the call of duty to get completely stark naked for you boys, and let you look at my body.  Tomorrow there will be some other pretty girl for you to look at, OK?  Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day 1/12/2013

  1. base

    You are forgetting something simple. We will not see your vagina unless you spread your legs wide apart and pull your labia lips apart as well. Otherwise, we are viewing your smooth skin. there’s no harm in showing a bit more skin when you are already naked, right? Now as far as your “asshole” – anus in academia. You do not need to clench your buttocks to hide it. Avoid bending at the waist with your backside pointing at someone. All girls need to learn how to do these things for an eventual day they get stripped. It is best to practice before that day comes. Consider it homework to walk naked in public before taking the test of being stripped in public.

  2. Keith

    Let me join the chorus in saying “You have absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of.” In fact, I recommend “immersion” therapy for your shyness. Instead of giving into your shyness, why not just force yourself to be naked for a while? I promise you, there wouldn’t be a single guy who objected.


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