Our Camping Trip

Hi, I’m Kara! Today I’d like to tell you about the camping trip my dorm went on in my first year. A lot of us girls had been having troubles adjusting to our college life, and in particular, we didn’t feel we could really trust the boys living in the dorm with us. We were all properly wary while walking around the college campus in public, but once we got back to our dorm, we wanted to feel a bit more relaxed, you know?

After a long day of classes a girl really ought to be able to sit back in the dorm common room, take off her few clothes, and cuddle up with a few of her girlfriends in peace. But sometimes when we were cuddling together we’d start stroking each other—nothing out of line, of course, just a little petting here and there, some breast massaging for our health, maybe some gentle pressure along the inner thighs. That kind of thing. Obviously that’s all totally innocent fun and games, but sometimes one of us—okay, all of us—would get a little excited, and then one of the boys in our dorm would feel honor-bound to rape us a little, just to remind us about the rules. So you can see how that would make it harder to feel totally at home there.

So that’s why our RA, Cindy, proposed we pass the weekend all going on a camping trip together. We would spend Saturday hiking out through the woods to a campsite she knew about, spend the night there, and then on Sunday we’d hike back to the college. She even sweetened the deal for us by promising there’d be no inspectors along, so as long as we all followed the most basic details of the dress code—no underwear, no overlapping clothes—we had nothing to worry about. I wasn’t sure at first whether I wanted to go, but when I realized this meant I could finally wear a longer skirt without getting inspected, my mind was made up.

You see, I’m a lot more self-conscious about my body than a lot of the other girls at the college. Part of that is that I went to a really conservative high school, where it was fairly uncommon for girls to be nude at school. I mean, sure, we didn’t have enough money to buy outfits for our cheerleading squad, so they all had to do all their routines naked, but that was only at the sports games. Some of the cheerleaders objected to this at first, asking if they could at least wear panties, but the coaches showed them how silly that would be. Anything a cheerleader wears should be in the school colors and designs, and if she doesn’t have anything like that—even if it’s not her fault that the school can’t afford it—she shouldn’t wear anything at all.

Also I think having a whole squad of naked cheerleaders really brought more people to our games, and the more tickets we sold, the more money the school had, and the closer we got to maybe being able to afford outfits for the cheerleaders. So no matter what way you looked at it, it didn’t make any sense for them to wear clothes.

Oh, and I’m forgetting Fridays, of course. Some of the students at our high school were from lower-income families, so the school generously offered to do their laundry for them on Fridays. But we quickly realized that it wasn’t fair for the poorer students to have to spend their entire Fridays naked while the rest of us got to walk around fully dressed—well, within reason; we didn’t want to be unfashionable—so eventually the school started washing everyone’s clothes on Friday and none of us wore anything at all those days. Or none of us girls did, at least… I’m not sure what the boys’ excuses were.

But aside from little things like that, and occasional games in the cafeteria or in our classes, it really was a very conservative high school. There were probably a dozen or so days every month I don’t think I even cummed at all. So I was glad to get a chance to wear some proper clothes on our dorm’s camping trip, especially because my breasts are so big. I’ve always been embarrassed by them, even when some of my girlfriends are sweet enough to help me cover them up with their hands or lips, but for the camping trip I decided to wear a long-sleeved sweater and my very longest skirt, a cute little pink thing that went all the way down to my knees. I could never have gotten away with it on campus, but it didn’t violate the dress code, at least once I’d cut away the bottom half of my sweater so it didn’t extend down past my navel.

When we all assembled in the dorm common room on Saturday morning, there were sixteen girls and eight boys, plus Cindy and her boyfriend. Some of the other girls were conservatively dressed, like me, though others were wearing more normal micro-mini-skirts, I guess because that was all they’d had in their closets. There were four girls who were topless and Cindy asked them what they were doing.

Grace, a really tall, beautiful girl with platinum blonde hair and beautiful big tits with pale nipples, answered her. “Well, we’re wearing backpacks for our hike, so we didn’t think we could wear shirts under that. Doesn’t a backpack count as a top?”

Cindy thought about this. “Oh, that’s a good question! I don’t think I know. But for the purposes of this camping trip, we can probably say that backpacks don’t count as tops.”

“Oh!” said Grace, and smiled. “That’s great! Let me just go back to my room and put something on…”

But Cindy shook her head at this. “No, we have to leave right now if we want to get to the camping site in time. I’m sorry, Grace, but I’m sure you can make it one weekend without a shirt on, right? You have such lovely breasts, anyway, I’m sure we’re all happier to have them out where we can see them.”

Grace blushed at Cindy’s compliment and I guess that was enough to convince her and the other three girls that they didn’t really need to get shirts, especially when they could try to cover themselves up with their backpack straps if they really wanted to. So we set off on our trip.

The first stretch of the day was really uneventful. There were a lot of hills in the forest, and somehow it always ended up that the girls in the shortest skirts would walk in front of the rest of us so everyone could look up their skirts while they climbed up the hills, but they were all really good sports about it. One girl, Candice, confided to me that she wished she’d worn a long skirt like mine, and I kissed her tenderly for a few minutes, and she cradled my big breasts under my sweater and I pushed up her tiny skirt and played with her cute pussy until we both came. I think she felt a lot better after that, so I decided not to mention to her that her skirt was still pushed up five or six inches and wasn’t covering her in the slightest. A lot of us patted her butt or stroked her thighs while we walked and I don’t think she ever realized what was going on.

Sometime around noon we reached a restspot with some outhouses and a water fountain and even a big stage. We were all glad to take a break, and after about ten minutes someone suggested we use the stage for a talent show.

“That’s a great idea!” said Cindy. “We are here on a bonding exercise, after all, and what better way to bond than showing off our talents to each other? Who wants to go first?”

Jocelyn, a short black-headed girl with tanned skin and a white dress with a flower pattern, volunteered. She stood on the stage and sang a beautiful song all about love and kindness and the hope for the future. It was really touching and made me so glad I had come to this college and gone on this camping trip, because if I hadn’t, I’d never have heard her sing like that.

While the rest of us were applauding, I saw Cindy’s boyfriend whispering to her, and she nodded. “Just a minute, Jocelyn,” said Cindy. “I don’t think your performance was totally fair.”

Jocelyn looked down at her in confusion. “But all I did was sing.”

Cindy shook her head. “You sang, but you were also wearing that pretty white dress with all those pretty flowers on it. Don’t you think that gives you an unfair advantage? When we’re comparing everyone’s performances, we’re going to be biased toward you because of how pretty your dress is.”

“Oh.” Jocelyn hung her head. “Am I disqualified?”

“No, of course not!” Cindy climbed onto the stage with her and gently petted her hair. “I just think it’d be fairer if you took your dress off and then sang for us again. That way we’ll only be paying attention to your song, not your dress.”

Jocelyn bit her lip for a while—she was always a little embarrassed when she had to show her cute pussy in public—but eventually she agreed, because she really did like singing. Cindy helped her out of her dress, kissing her neck and breasts and waist and pussy along the way to make her feel more comfortable, and then Cindy hung the dress on a nearby branch while we all listened to Jocelyn, now naked, sing her song again. At first she held her hands in front of her pussy, but as she got more into the song she held them farther away from her so we could see everything.

After Jocelyn was done, one of Grace’s topless friends got on stage and took off her skirt—I say skirt, but honestly it was more of a belt—for Cindy to hang on the same branch. Then the girl asked for two boy volunteers from the audience, and she showed off how quickly she could make them both cum while giving them simultaneous handjobs. We were all very impressed and applauded, except that I was a little distracted because Jocelyn had come to sit in my lap after her song and I had wrapped my arms around her and was kissing her neck and shoulders and concealing her breasts with my hands. She was very glad that I could provide her with some cover while her dress was still on the branch, so she put her hand up my skirt and gently stroked my pussy to show how grateful she was. It felt really sweet and peaceful, sitting there petting her all over while the girl on stage finished showing us her handjob talent.

I don’t remember all the rest of the acts, though I was particularly impressed by the two gymnant girls who did twin handstands, then leaned over so their cute pussies were pressed against one another, and then rubbed each other back and forth until they both came while still doing handstands. That was an amazing show and another reason I was suddenly feeling so lucky to have come to this college.

Unfortunately, when Cindy went to get everyone’s clothes back, she must have tripped or something, because the branch tipped over and all the skirts and dresses and things on it fell off and landed in a big pool of mud. That left us with about half the girls in our group completely naked, because nobody wanted to put on anything that had fallen into the mud. Eventually Cindy decided that those of us who were still fully dressed should choose one item of clothing, our top or our bottom, and give it to a naked girl, and everyone seemed to like this plan.

It took me about a minute to decide what to do, because as I said my breasts are really much too large and I’m shy about showing them, but on the other hand I was really enjoying the feeling of wearing a skirt that actually went down below my buttcheeks. In the end I took off my tight sweater and gave it to the girl who’d done the handjob trick in the talent show, and she was so moved with gratitude that we kissed each other for about five minutes before we noticed the group was about to start hiking again.

On the final leg of the trip, then, no one was fully naked but no one was fully dressed either, at least among the girls, and I guess we ended up making slower progress because everyone was so busy bonding with each other. A lot of the others were really interested in my huge tits, and I blushed at most of their compliments but did eventually agree to let people touch them, because all the other girls were half naked too after all. I spent a while walking very slowly in a group of three, including Grace, all of us stroking each other all over and sucking on each other’s nipples to keep them warm there in the forest. A girl named Emily somehow even managed to lose her skirt—well, it was someone else’s skirt originally, I guess—and was left completely naked, so we all took turns consoling Emily and kissing her pussy all over and petting her back until she came about half a dozen times and was feeling better enough to continue the hike.

For my part I was feeling very proud of myself for keeping my long skirt this whole time, because even though my pussy was very wet none of the boys had raped me, which was more than I could say for some of the other girls. Some of them did get very friendly with me from time to time, though, because they were so interested in feeling my big boobs, but they were such gentlemen about it that I let them fuck me anyway and didn’t think of it as rape at all.

One way or another we finally got to the campsite, but night had fallen and all of us girls were feeling pretty cold, even though we kept hugging each other. Cindy proposed we start a bonfire before we went to bed, and everyone liked that idea, but we didn’t have enough supplies with us to burn. So Cindy suggested we put some of our clothes in the fire to get it started.

“What?!” I stared at her, aghast. “But then we’d be naked!”

Cindy, who was topless by then and very pretty herself, shrugged. “I don’t think that’s a real problem. You’ve all been naked in the dorms, after all, and Emily is already naked and she’s doing just fine, isn’t she?”

We all looked at Emily, who was in a topless girl’s arms and kissing her passionately while a handsome boy repeatedly thrust his cock up into her pussy. Emily gave us a thumbs-up.

The more I thought about it, the more Cindy’s suggestion made sense. After all, plenty of the other girls were already bottomless—was it really likely that anyone would be looking at my pussy more than anyone else’s? And likewise, my own toplessness would probably make everyone else feel better about taking their own shirts off. So all us girls gradually agreed to take off our tops or our bottoms, whichever we had left, and throw them in the fire.

We didn’t have nearly enough blankets to go around, though, and the ground was pretty scratchy, so we ended up with two or three girls on every blanket, cuddling together happily to keep warm, while the rest of us sat on the laps of the boys because they had their pants on and so didn’t mind sitting on the ground. I was in the lap of a boy named Gerald, and all but immediately I felt his hard cock pressing against my soaked pussy lips, so I smiled and let him enter me. It was the least I could do after he let me sit in his lap, after all. He spent the rest of the evening inside me, and we kissed each other a lot and he was very gentle with my boobs, and we probably came three or four times each, it was so nice.

The last surprise of the night was when it turned out the campsite only had thirteen sleeping bags, and there were twenty-six of us, like I’d said. But at that point we were all such great friends that nobody minded at all when Cindy decided we’d have to share sleeping bags.

One boy raised his hand, though he was staring at my tits the whole time he asked his question. “Cindy, sometimes I have a hard time getting to sleep. Is it okay if I try out multiple sleeping bags over the course of the night?”

Cindy smiled at him. “Of course! We want everyone to be as comfortable as possible, after all.”

Well! I don’t know how everyone else did, but I got no sleep at all. People must have been more interested in my tits and my poor little pussy than I’d thought, because I’m sure I got fucked by all nine boys that night, including Cindy’s boyfriend, and quite a lot of the girls spent some time with me too. I make it sound very passive, but I have to admit that half the time I was the one getting out of my sleeping bag and going to snuggle in someone else’s. When it was finally time for us all to wake up, as it were, I was on top of a bag with Grace, both of us playing with each other’s big tits while one boy was repeatedly thrusting his hard dick into my pussy and another one into my ass. When I stood up it felt like gallons of cum poured out of my pussy and down the insides of my legs.

“Well!” Cindy looked around at us all and smiled. “Don’t we all feel like we’re a bit better friends than we were before this camping trip?”

“Yes!!!” we all shouted.

Actually, even though we all meant to get back to the college that evening, it took us until Wednesday night to make it there, but that’s another story…

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    Wonderful story! I hope they carried their close kinship back to the college, with similar clothing choices and fondling. As RA she should rotate to ensure she’s fucked every boy and girl in the dorm.


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