Our Camping Trip, Part 2

Hi, it’s me again! Kara! A while back I told you about the camping trip that I went on with my dorm, but then I got really busy and never told you about what happened on the way back. I’m so so sorry about that! We had a lot of exciting adventures, after all.

The walk back through the woods was actually pretty straightforward, even though all us girls were still naked after the mud and the fire and everything, although a few girls had managed to steal shirts and even pants from some of the boys overnight. Cindy’s boyfriend in particular was forced to walk back wearing only his boxer shorts, and we all laughed a lot at how silly he looked. But overall I think we were still pretty sleepy after our night in the sleeping bags, so nobody got too frisky, not even with me or Grace.

But I guess I should have known better than to think nobody had any plans at all, because when we got back to the parking lot where we started our hike from, suddenly the boys all spoke up at once. They wanted to get in the cars first and get the seats ready for us girls, because after all a lot of us still had sticky cum all over our butts and legs, and the boys were worried we’d ruin the upholstery unless they put something down over the seats first. We looked at Cindy for advice, and she shrugged and said that all sounded reasonable.

Oh, but we were right to be suspicious! Let me tell you, no sooner had all the boys gotten into the cars but they drove away laughing! “Good luck!” I heard one of them shout as the cars disappeared into the distance. They left us all behind, seventeen mostly naked girls in an empty parking lot, probably thirty miles away from the college and our dorm. What a horrid prank to pull on us, and after all that bonding we’d supposedly been doing on the hike and at the campsite!

Cindy looked around at our worried faces and appeared to be thinking hard. Already some of the less confident girls were starting to cry, and we did our best to cheer them up by kissing them tenderly wherever made them happy, but I could feel my own eyes starting to get wet myself, and kissing wasn’t going to help us travel thirty miles without any vehicles. We needed a plan.

Finally Cindy pulled herself together and led us out of the parking lot and into a big park across the street. The grass there was very nice and soft, and we all sat down together to listen to what Cindy had to say.

“Girls,” she said, “I know you’re all as upset as I am. When we get back, there are a lot of angry things I’m going to have to say to those boys! But right now I think we’re all feeling pretty miserable, and that’s not going to help us get back to the college. So for a first step I think we need to work at raising our spirits, and then we can come up with a real plan to get ourselves home, how’s that sound?”

Jocelyn raised her hand. “But how are we going to cheer ourselves up after that awful prank?”

Jocelyn was one of the girls who’d stolen a shirt from the boys on the hike back, and she was not very large, like I’d said, so it did an excellent job of covering her. Even though she was sitting with her legs crossed, her shirt still hung down and hid her entire pussy from view, not just what we call “covering” in the college where maybe the top quarter of an inch is covered but we pretend we’re totally decent. So that’s why it came as such a surprise when Cindy crawled over and pulled Jocelyn’s shirt back up around her waist. Jocelyn squeaked and tried to push it down, but Cindy shook her head and looked at her lovingly.

“Do you remember my Therapy Circle exercise from our dorm meetings?” asked Cindy, and we all suddenly understood. One of the reasons we loved Cindy so much as our RA was that she always used our dorm meetings to check in with all of us and ask how we were doing, and whether we were having any difficulties with our classes or friends or anything like that. Once we’d finished talking through our problems, we’d start the “Therapy Circle.”

Here’s how it always worked! We took off our bottoms, if any of us had any on at this point, which was rare. Then all seventeen of us girls, counting Cindy, got down on our hands and knees and arranged ourselves in a big circle, each of us facing the butt of the girl ahead of us in the circle. We spread our legs to make things easier for the girl behind us, then we started licking the girl in front of us’s pussy all over. Some of the more talented girls were able to stick a few fingers in there too, or just massage the girl’s pretty butt, but that could be hard because as I said we were all balancing on our hands and knees. Some girls would go for the asshole too, not just the pussy, but I guess that was never my thing. Anyway, once we’d all cummed enough times from the circle we’d all feel a lot better, and that’s why Cindy called it therapy.

(The boys in our dorm didn’t participate in the Therapy Circle directly; instead their job was to take photos, so they could send them in to the college’s admissions department, to be featured on the campus activities section of the college website. I don’t remember ever seeing any of the photos uploaded there, but the boys seemed to have a good time anyway. Sometimes some of their cum would land on us if they decided to masturbate, but we were never allowed to wipe any of it off until the Therapy Circle was over, because Cindy wanted us to focus completely on the pussy of the girl in front of us.)

Once we’d all gotten into positions for our circle in the park, I realized this was going to be the best Therapy Circle ever, because the girl in front of me was Tanya! I don’t think I’ve mentioned Tanya before, so let me tell you about her… she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, with puffy hair with a really unique texture. She’s tall and slender except for her hips, like some sort of classical painting come to life, and her blemishless skin is this incredible dark black color topped with even blacker nipples. Her breasts are great too, not comically huge like mine or Grace’s but more just the perfect size and shape, heavy-looking but amazing to hold, at least if you ever get the chance.

You see, the thing about Tanya is she’s really shy. She always wears as many clothes as she can around the college, and I think everyone feels a bit sorry for her, because there are lots of days she manages to come back to the dorm in the evening without having been stripped naked. Cindy even lets her keep the door to her room shut when she’s in there, even though technically we’re supposed to have our doors open at all times, so that no girl takes advantage of a closed door to wear panties under a skirt or something deviant like that. You might wonder why Tanya would come to a college like ours, if she’s so set on wearing clothes, and from what I’ve heard she didn’t mean to at all, it’s just there was some kind of mixup with her application to another school, and now she’s in our dorm.

Before the camping trip, I’d rarely even gotten to kiss Tanya, let alone run my hands over her beautiful body. So you can see why I was so excited to have her in front of me in this Therapy Circle, and why I was so determined to make her as happy as I possibly could. As soon as I felt someone’s tongue touch my own pussy from behind, I leaned in and gave Tanya everything I had. In my time at the college I’ve learned a lot from my classmates and teachers about how to make people cum, and I tried to focus every last thing I’d learned on Tanya. I kissed all her most sensitive spots, and I sent my tongue and fingers zipping in and out of her, and I petted her to help her relax, and anything else I could think of too. By the end of the Therapy Circle my face was completely drenched with Tanya’s glorious juices, and I felt so happy for it that I’d completely forgotten the boys’ prank, just like Cindy had planned!

(Oh, and I guess I probably came a time or two myself during the circle, but no offense to whoever was behind me, but I was more focused on Tanya!)

My feelings must have gotten through to her, because when Cindy called out for us to stop, Tanya turned right around to look at me with the most grateful expression on her face, and we fell into each other’s arms and just started kissing like the rest of the world didn’t matter at all. I closed my eyes and ran my hands across her masses of hair, and she massaged my huge breasts and played with my burning hard nipples, and I was loving every second of it. When she pushed her knee up against my pussy I think I came instantly, that’s how excited Tanya made me feel. When Cindy started talking again we turned to listen to her, but we didn’t stop holding each other.

“Okay!” said Cindy. She had a smear of cum all over one cheek, and I giggled a little at the sight but didn’t say anything. “Now then, how are we going to get back to our dorm? Does anyone have any ideas?”

My only ideas at that point involved Tanya, so I stayed quiet, but after a few seconds Candice raised her hand. “Couldn’t we take the bus?”

Cindy frowned. “That would certainly be easiest, but without our clothes or anything, I doubt any of us have bus fare. And you all remember that buses don’t let you ride for free if you got stripped naked anymore, because it led to too many girls pretending to lose their clothes just so they didn’t have to pay the fare.”

But Candice kept going. “I mean, I know that, but… what if we worked for it? Even if we’re not at the college, we’re still in a town, and I’m sure there are plenty of short-term jobs that can be done by naked girls. I’ve done that kind of thing before… even if we don’t all find jobs, enough of us probably will that we should have enough money for everyone’s bus fares by the end of the day.”

A few girls were nodding, I guess because they had experience with short-term jobs too, but Cindy still looked uncertain. “Candice,” she asked, “can you give us an example? Tell us about your experience with working naked.”

Candice blushed, and that’s how I knew it was going to be a good story. It didn’t look like she was feeling confident enough to take Cindy’s place in the center of the circle to talk to us, but then the two gymnast girls went over to help her up and to kiss her tenderly, and they got her into the center. All the while Candice told her story, those two girls helped keep her happy, petting her breasts and shoulders and pussy and kissing her all over, and thankfully that was enough to get Candice to keep talking without being too embarrassed.

“Last summer,” Candice said, “I had a job as a mannequin. The department store where I worked already had a bunch of regular plastic mannequins, but the manager wasn’t happy how they were all pure white and didn’t have any heads. But I had a great tan at that point in the summer, because I always did my tanning naked, so I was able to show customers how the store’s clothes looked on a real body.

“The rules for being a mannequin were pretty simple. The most important thing was that I had to stay as still as possible the whole time I was working! And I was standing, so my feet got really sore the first few days until I got used to it. But it also meant that if any of the customers wanted to touch me, I had to stay still for that too.

“There were rules for the customers too. The most important part was that they weren’t allowed to touch me underneath any part of my outfit. So if they wanted to feel my soft breasts or suck on my pink nipples, they needed to take my shirt off, and if they took an item of clothing off me, they had to buy it! So the store was able to sell a lot of tops and bottoms using me.

“Oh, and for extra incentive, there was a sign next to me saying that if they made me cum, they got 50% off any clothes they were buying off of me!” A smile grew on Candice’s face at the memory, and one of the gymnast girls took her cue to start playing with her pussy in earnest. Candice squeaked but kept going. “Some of you girls probably think you’re pretty good at not cumming when you don’t want to, but you don’t know how many things got tried on me in that store! Some of the braver customers actually fucked me—again, of course, I wasn’t allowed to move—but a lot of them just touched me all over, at least in places where they’d bought enough clothes to have my skin showing, and some of those times were the most intense experiences I’ve ever had.

“The last rules were that customers weren’t allowed to touch me at all unless they were buying at least one item, and the store clerks weren’t allowed to put any new items on me until I was completely naked. So if I was down to just a pair of high heels, for instance, no matter how horny a boy was, he wasn’t allowed to fuck me or anything unless he was buying the high heels! Although of course he got 50% off the heels if I came, so it was pretty inevitable what would happen next.

“I remember one time one of the clerks made me wear a hideous christmas sweater—and remember, this was the summer!—and it seemed like absolutely nobody wanted to buy it. I must have gone four whole days standing in the store wearing just that ugly sweater and nothing else, and everybody would stare at my naked pussy but nobody was allowed to so much as touch it. When a middle-aged man finally decided to buy that sweater off me, I was so grateful that I ignored all the rules about standing still and leapt on him and gave him the sex of his life! He got that 50% discount, let me tell you, and I should have gotten a few discounts myself for how many times he came in me.

“Later in the summer some of my girlfriends started working as mannequins too, and then we really had fun. The clerks would play this game where they’d take the separate pieces of a matching outfit and mix them up among us mannequins, so for instance I would be wearing the skirt part of an outfit, but another girl would be wearing the top, and somebody else would have the shoes. Then if a customer wanted the full outfit they’d have to buy one piece from each of us, and then they’d make us mannequins try to make each other cum, and whichever girl came first, that’s who’d give the customer half off the item she’d been wearing. Of course the customer would join in a lot if there was enough of a price difference among the items, trying to get the girl who’d been wearing the priciest item to cum first. But like I said, I was pretty good at not cumming until I was ready, and my girlfriends were good at it too, and we liked to play our little games and make the customers pay as much money as possible.

“I don’t know how much money the store really made on our sales with all those 50% discounts, but it sure sold a lot of things, and I got to wear a lot of pretty clothes… at least for a little while, until people took the clothes off of me, so they could touch my tanned naked skin and make me cum many times a day.”

When Candice had finished her story, we were all quiet for a while, except of course for all the moans and squeaks from us playing with each other in the smaller groups we’d ended up in after the circle. Tanya and I had both gotten pretty excited by Candice’s story, and by the time she finished I was lying on my back in the grass, legs spread up wide, and Tanya was licking me to high heaven returning the favor from earlier. Even Cindy was deep in another girl’s arms, kissing her passionately, so we didn’t get back to our discussion for a while until we’d all finished working off our excitement from the story and making each other cum again.

“Well,” Cindy said finally, “I think I’m convinced. Girls, the last bus at the college leaves from town at 9:00, so let’s have everyone meet back here at 8:40, okay? Then we can be sure we’re all on time and we have enough money for everybody to ride. Good luck finding work for the day!”

We all cheered and began to explore the town. Tanya and I stuck together, but as for what we ended up doing… I think I’ll have to tell you that part next time.

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