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Part of the freshman orientation program is to introduce the freshmen girls to the upperclassmen. This is a tradition that carries back to the early days of the College, to both humiliate the girls and entertain the other students.

The girls are never told in advance about this, so they don’t have a chance to run away. In the evening, just before dinner on the first day of classes, all the freshmen girls are gathered together in the Great Hall of the Student Center. The Dean talks for a while about the Dress Code and other dull administrative matters, and then he tells the girls to pass their clothes to the center aisle where they will be collected. The girls sit in stunned silence. The Dean loves this part. They’re all going to get naked — it’s inevitable — but they all fight it to the bitter end.

He likes to start the party going by picking on one girl — the primest most proper girl in the audience. “Mary Brown,” he will call. Silence. “Mary, I know you’re here. Please come up onto the stage.” Slowly, a girl will rise. She’s wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans. She steps up onto the stage. “Mary, would you like to get naked?” She doesn’t answer. “Take off your shirt,” he says. Mary doesn’t do it. She starts to whimper. This is the part the Dean likes best. He calls the bouncers to the stage — big burly guys — one of whom restrains Mary, and the other rips off her shirt, buttons flying to the floor. “Mary, what did I just say about bras?” Again, Mary is silent. “Come on, Mary. You know what I said, what is it?”

Mary whimpers, “Bras aren’t allowed?”

“That’s right, Mary. I was very clear about the Dress Code, and I see you’ve decided to completely ignore it!”

“I’m sor-r-y,” she stammers.

“Take it off, Mary.”

“Please, no,” she begs.

“We don’t have all day,” says the Dean. “Boys, help Mary unhook her bra. She seems to be having a little trouble with it.” Before the boys could manhandle her again, though, she manages to take it off. Her breasts are good sized, and quite firm, with erect nipples.

“Would you like to take off your blue jeans now?”

Mary shakes her head. The dean just looks over at the bouncers, but says nothing. Mary gets the hint and takes off her jeans, revealing a pair of silky bikini panties, barely big enough to cover her cute ass. The bouncers take her jeans away, leaving her shivering on stage in her panties.

“Now’s the time we’ve all been waiting for, Mary. We want to see whether you have any pubic hair. Do you remember what the Dress Code says about pubic hair?”

“Yes,” said Mary, “It’s not allowed.”

“Very good,” says the Dean, in the manner of a first grade teacher who finally dragged a factoid out of his slow student. “Please let us see if you’ve been a good girl and shaved.”

“Please,” says Mary. But the Dean doesn’t show any mercy. Mary lowers her panties just a little, but not enough for the audience to see if she’s fully shaved.

Finally the Dean does show a tiny bit of mercy. “OK, Mary,” he says, “I see you’ve suffered enough. Everyone give Mary a big round of applause.” The crowd claps. “Mary, you can go and sit down, now.”

Mary straightens up her panties, and all eyes follow her as she sits down. “Now, Mary,” says the Dean. I want you to pass your panties to the center aisle, please.

Mary thought she was off the hook, but apparently it wasn’t to be. But at least she didn’t have to strip in front of everyone. She looked around like a caged animal, and then realized no one would come to her rescue. So she stripped off her panties, and passed them to the next girl, and the next, all the way to the center aisle. Mary sat naked, her arms folded over her breasts, while the eyes of the audience darted from Mary to the Dean and back to Mary. Finally, the Dean said, “I’m sorry, Mary, I forgot one thing, could you come up here again, please.” Now she was naked so she really didn’t want to get up, but she felt compelled to obey. She made her way as modestly as possible to the stage, hands over her pussy. The Dean said, “Mary, the girls deserve to see whether you followed the Dress Code.”

“I followed the Dress Code,” Mary said.

“Lift your hands,” he said.

Mary turned around, and lifted her hands.

“Now, with your hands high in the air,” said the Dean, “Face the audience to show them how to follow the Dress Code.”

Slowly, Mary turned around, and sure enough, she was fully shaved. The audience broke into spontaneous applause, and Mary put her hands down.

“Did I say you could put your hands down?” asked the Dean.

She shot her hands back into the air. “Please,” she begged.

Ignoring her plea, the Dean said, “Keep your hands in the air, and sit down.” Then he whispered something to her. She whispered back to him, and he nodded.

Mary returned to her seat like a prisoner, her hands high in the air. The girls followed her all the way, taking note of her beautiful breasts, flat belly, round ass, and hairless pussy. She took her seat, and kept her hands in the air. All eyes remained on Mary as she started breathing heavily. She looked like she was gathering the courage to say something. Then she slowly parted her legs, causing her pussy to open up like a flower. She seemed very excited.

“Now you may lower your hands, Mary. Good girl.”

Mary remained seated with her hands at her sides, her legs apart, and her pussy fully engorged, moist and pink.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?” asked the Dean. A few girls laughed. “Who would like to be next?”

One or two girls got the hint, and started stripping, passing their clothes to the center aisle. Soon, other girls followed suit. Some of the girls thought it would be OK to leave their panties on, but then they saw other girls getting completely naked, and so they reluctently took off their panties and passed them along. Soon, the center aisle was full of clothes, and all the girls were naked.

“That’s better,” said the Dean. Now, I want to re-emphasize some things about our Code of Conduct. I know you girls are naked, and I see a few of you are getting excited. That’s natural, but it is against the Code of Conduct. So try not to get excited. A good way to avoid that is to spread your legs apart, to take the pressure off your little pussies. Go ahead and do that, now.” The Dean waited while all the girls spread their legs apart, each girl’s knees touching those of the girl sitting next to her. “That’s good,” he continued. “I see that some of you have your hands in your lap. I want to remind you that masturbating in public is strictly prohibited. It’s hard to resist the urge, especially when you’re excited, I know, but you must resist that urge. But you will be glad to know that touching the exposed skin of another girl is not prohibited. So I would like each of you to put your hands in the lap of the girl next to you.” Again, he waited, while the girls very tentatively laid their hands in each others’ laps. “I want to teach you the Golden Rule: touch your neighbor exactly as you would touch yourself if you were masturbating. In this way, you all have the opportunity to experience the same pleasure, but without violating the Code of Conduct.”

The Dean watched with enjoyment as the girls began fondling each other. One by one, the girls began having orgasms. Some were very quiet; others were not so controlled. “Remember, girls,” said the Dean over their sex noises, “you are required to avoid masturbating, but you are permitted to touch another girl whenever you like.” Then he added, “And try to avoid becoming excited, if at all possible.”

After all the girls had an opportunity to bring their neighbors to orgasm, the Dean concluded his address. “Your clothes will be donated to a worthy charity. Spend the rest of the evening nude, which is your way of identifying youself as a freshman girl. Feel free to go to dinner at the dining hall, or even off campus to a restaurant or movie theater. You’ll find that everyone is familiar with our ritual, and they will be happy to welcome you to the College.”


Tentatively, the naked girls returned their hands to their own laps, got up from their seats, and poked their heads out of the doors, holding each others’ hands for courage. One by one, the naked girls spilled out into the evening dusk, ready to face an evening without clothing. Each girl took comfort in knowing the other girls were just as naked.

I remember my freshmen orientation. Much the same.

I thanked the Dean for having us all strip together. It was much easier. Imagine being the only one naked for the first time in public? Like Mary, you would be completely embarrassed. but once others start removing their clothing, you are no longer the odd one.

One day in Psych 101, the professor had us do a little experiment. He intentionally had one female student detained by the inspectors. He then had the entire female body of the class disrobe. The clothes were collected and hid. When the girl showed up late and dressed, we all started laughing at her. I’ve never seen a more confused person stripping in my life. It just proved people like to be part of the group and they get embarrassed when they are different.

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