Melissa and the Speech Tournament

Melissa was doing well.  Her original oratory on entropy was a solid work built on solid logic.  She was, of course, losing the interest of the boys in the back, but the judge was entranced, and that was really all that mattered.  She had had her doubts when Joanie and Heather had talked her and Robin into joining the speech team, but here it was her first competition and already she was having a blast.
Then the door to the auditorium swung open.  Melissa’s head spun to see Kevin sneaking in to the room.  A gust of wind caught her tiny, flimsy skirt and lifted it up, briefly exposing her round ass to the back stage and her smooth pussy to the audience.  With hypnotic green eyes framed in crimson hair, she stared daggers at Kevin.
“Sorry” he mouthed as he took a seat.
At least she had the boys attention again.  “…but if the universe is viewed…as a closed system…”  Dag nabbit!  Her concentration was destroyed by her momentary exposure.  Well, it was not just that.  She was adequately dressed for an audience.  In addition to her tiny skirt, she wore a nice matching top that nearly covered both her breasts.  So, why was she blushing so intensely that her freckles were nearly hidden?  You see, Melissa (who is normally rational beyond reason) has come to believe that she is cursed.  Whenever she finds herself with a large audience, one way or another her clothing gets ripped from her body.
Suddenly self conscious, she gulped and took a step back.  That was a bad move, she thought, as she felt the crest of the podium behind her scrape her pretty ass through her skirt.  She over corrected by jumping forward and tearing through her skirt, which remained snagged on the podium crest.
And there she stood, inevitably bottomless before an auditorium of her peers from across the state.
“…it is a clear, um…. Violation of the… second law of…” The boys were now enthralled as they stared at her exposed nethers.  Her pussy moistened to the scrutiny.  She stammered for a minute more, but she could not continue.  Finally, Mr. Spencer, the judge, offered her an out.
“I think that’s enough, Melissa.”
“Thank you, sir.” As she stepped down from the stage she stumbled into the flag pole., nearly knocking it over.  When she attempted to right it, her top snagged.  Lifting the flag to it’s rightful position, she heard a second ripping noise and looked up to see her top flying proudly.
The boys saluted.
Mr. Spencer noticed she was trembling as goose bumps formed first on the curve of her bottom, then up her firm tummy to her perky breasts.  He said to her “You aren’t exactly thrilled at the notion of remaining nude for the remainder of the weekend, are you?”
She hadn’t thought about that.  In order to save on expenses, the girls were not allowed to bring any changes of clothes on this trip.  “No, sir.”
“Well, let me give you a chance to win some clothes and make this a learning opportunity.  Robin, will you please step up here?”
Robin, blonde, blue-eyed, and statuesque, had been enjoying the spectacle up until this point.   “Me?” she asked.
“Yes, please.”  Reluctantly, she climbed out of her seat and took the stage.  “We are going to have a little debate.  For each point Melissa scores, she can take an article of clothing from Robin.  If Melissa loses, Robin will have a chance to win her clothing back.  Once a point is scored against a naked girl, that girl loses.
“But Melissa is already naked,” Robin complained.
“That’s right – you are already up two points just for having the good fortune to not have your clothes torn off.  But I get your point.  Melissa has everything to gain and nothing to lose, so we need to raise the stakes.  Here it is – the loser has to blow Kevin.
“The topic is democracy in the Middle East.  Melissa, you are pro.  Robin, you are against.”
“What?  I have to argue against democracy?”
“Don’t give away your opinions” Mr. S. coached.  “It makes it harder to when over the judges.”
Robin surprised herself with a moving argument about the economic price of overthrowing military regimes, but Melissa countered with the economic success stories of Germany and Japan since World War II, positing that such success could be duplicated in the middle east.  Right or wrong, Robin could not think of a counter and lost her shirt (literally) to Melissa.  Now, Robin’s tits are something of a miracle in flesh, and there was not a boy (or girl) present who could concentrate on anything else, but Melissa had found her groove.
Robin made her second attempt, pleading concern for the loss of life necessary in any war.  Melissa countered with an economy-of-life argument that was admittedly vulnerable, but Robin missed the opportunity.  She dropped her skirt to her ankles and defiantly kicked it over to Melissa.  The two friends-made-adversaries exchanged dirty looks over the move, which had forced the beautifully bottomless Melissa to bend over to retrieve the skirt.  The crowd enjoyed the vision.
Robin failed to make a third point, so Kevin was brought on stage.  Robin knelt before him as the excited crowd egged her on.  “You planned this, didn’t you?” she teased as she unbuttoned his pants and reached for his cock.
Robin would get her revenge back at the hotel – but that comes later.  First, the gang was playing truth or dare, but it was all dares, and it was Melissa’s turn to challenge heather.  Melissa was still feeling confidently clad and took her time speaking.
“You and Mark step into the hall, please.”  The two stepped out of the hotel room as instructed.  Melissa closed and locked the door behind them.  “Heather,” she said through the door, “I know that you are wearing pink panties under those skin-tight jeans.  You two will be let back in the room when Mark is wearing those panties and you are wearing Mark’s boxers.”
Mark and Heather exchanged glances. “The bathroom downstairs!” Heather announced.
“Men’s or Women’s?”
“Either!  It is better than getting naked in the lobby! “  They ran for the elevator.
Downstairs, they found two locked doors with “Out of order” signs on them.
“Shit!” said Mark.  “How did she know?”
The lobby was busy for that time of night.  Heather noticed an elderly man was lecherously eyeing her firm rear while his wife searched for something in her purse.  “This won’t do,” She said.  “We’ll have to use the elevator.”
“Isn’t that a little risky?  What if someone gets on?”
“You have a better idea?”
“Alright, let’s go.”
They got back in the elevator and pressed the button for the 17th floor.  They were still alone as the doors closed.  “Quickly now” Heather prodded as she unzipped her jeans and pushed them down over her thighs, taking her pink panties with them.  Her blue top hung carelessly from the angle of her breasts, leaving her exposed from her lower ribs to her knees as she struggled out of her too-small jeans.  “Get moving!”
Mark had not noticed that he had been staring when he should have been stripping.  He dropped his pants and was stepping out of them just as the elevator stopped.  “Fuck!” muttered Heather.  The doors opened to reveal no fewer than six middle aged couples.  All crowded in and pressed up against the half-naked students.  Heather was too ashamed to notice if the looks they were getting were disgusted or longing.  At least one must have been the latter, though.  She felt a hand caress her rear.  She passed her panties to Mark through the crowd and grabbed at his boxers.  She smiled to herself when she saw that he was having trouble not poking a woman with his erection.  Her handsy friend had grown bolder and had slipped a finger down her butt crack and into her pussy.  She quickly stepped into the boxers, still avoiding eye contact with the crowd.
Back at the door to the hotel room, Melissa called out “Let’s see them!”  Heather rolled her eyes, unbuttoned her fly and displayed the boxers.  Mark flashed the pink panties.
“Alright!” announced Heather, suddenly empowered with a turn of her own.  “If that’s how we are going to play it… Truth or dare, Robin?”
“Well, dare, of course.”
“I was hoping you would say that.  Kevin, strip.”  Kevin disrobed until he was as naked as Robin.  Next, Kevin’s hands were cuffed behind his back and the two were pushed out into the hallway.  “Robin, when you are prepared, stand with Kevin facing the peep hole and say ‘We’re ready!’  If we can’t see Kevin’s erection, we will let you in.”
Robin looked down at Kevin’s clearly rock-hard cock.  No chance in that calming down anytime soon.  Robin shifted her wait to one foot and crossed her arms under her tits as she thought.  “This is easy” she smirked.
“Oh yeah?” Kevin’s erection throbbed at Robins perfect exposed body.
“Sure.  She didn’t say you couldn’t have an erection.  They just can’t be able to see it.  I’ll just cover it with my hand.”  She reached down and grasped his (admittedly large) member.  It was hard and smooth in her soft hand.  This was clearly a two-hand job.  She applied her right hand just up-shaft from her left, but still had several inches to go before reaching the tip.  She heard a door down the hall start to jiggle and the gentle breeze of the hallway on her bare ass reminded her just how exposed she was.  Panic struck her pretty eyes when she heard the elevator ding.
She knew what she had to do.  “Looks like I get another taste.” She winked at Kevin and quickly fell to her knees.  She placed her lips around his dick and rested the tip on her tongue.  It was already pushing against the back of her throat, and she still had several inches of exposed shaft to hide.  She relaxed as best she could and slid the cock down the back of her throat until she had taken the whole thing.
She wasn’t done yet.  She still had to tell them she was ready.
“Mmmph mmmmph mm!” she managed, as loud as she could.
“What was that?  Did you say something?” giggle Heather from the other side of the door.  Robin’s blue eyes crossed in frustration as she struggled to retain control of her gag reflex.  Down the hall a door opened and a suitcase was placed in the hall.  The door remained propped open as the occupant (as yet unaware of the beautiful naked girl on her knees with a mouthful) surveyed his room for anything he might have left behind.
The elevator doors audibly opened on the other side.
“Myme Mruh Muh!” she tried again.  Heather opened the door and dropped to the floor laughing and kicking as the naked couple hurried into the room.
“OK.  My turn.” Robin wiped the drool from her chin with the back of her arm.  “Melissa, it’s payback time.  Unless, of course, you pick truth?”  Her eyes issued a dare of their own.
Melissa gulped at the challenge.  There was really only one choice.  “No, I’ll take dare.”
Robin grinned as she moved toward the peep hole.  “Good.  While we wait for the hallway to clear, take of MY clothes.”  And she had been so happy to be modestly dressed.  Kevin, recently freed of his restraints, was setting the handcuffs on the coffee table.  “And we will need these” Robin said as she scooped up the cuffs.  Melissa pulled Robin’s top over her head and began to shimmy out of her borrowed skirt.  So much for the spoils of war.  Once free of her clothing, Robin cuffed Melissa’s hands behind her naked back and ejected her and Brad out into the hallway.
“You two can come back in” she promised, “when Melissa is wearing Brad’s cum on her face.”
“You bitch!” laughed Melissa, half serious.  She surveyed the hallway.  There was no one around, thankfully.  “Alright, Brad.  Let’s get this over with.”  The gorgeous crimson naked beauty knelt on the floor in front of Brad and presented her freckled face.  He unzipped his pants and began to eagerly masturbate.
“Nuh-uh” came Robin’s voice from the door.  “No fair jerking off.  That’s Melissa’s job.”
“What?  Those weren’t the rules!”
“Excuse me?  I believe I am the one who gets to make the rules.”
“But I can’t jerk him off with my hands cuffed behind my back.”
“Not my problem,” sang Robin.
Melissa banged the back of her head against the locked door in frustration.  Doorknobs rattled as the commotion they were causing drew attention.
“We better get going” said Brad, nervously looking around.  His cock involuntarily jerked through his fly.
Our heroine took a deep breath, closed her pretty green eyes, then lurched forward and swallowed his erection whole.  Brad nearly fell over backwards at the sudden sensation.  His shoulders thudded against the opposing door audibly as Melissa slurped away.  Doors opened.  First heads, then entire people emerged from various doors to see what was transpiring.  Soon Brad found himself surrounded by a small crowd in the narrow hallway on either side while the freckled Melissa, naked and kneeling gulped at his crotch.
In rhythm with her motions, he moaned “Oh… my… God… Yes!” and slammed his fist against the hotel door on which he was leaning.
On cue, Melissa spat out his penis unceremoniously, tilted her head back, closed her eyes and rested his penis on the tip of her dimpled chin.  A stream of hot ejaculate arched over her spotted nose, across her right eye and into her red hair.
Melissa opened her mouth to sigh relief and was met with a second load full in the mouth.  Half of it shot down her throat before she could seal it off.  Her cheeks filled quickly and the remainder painted her chin.  She was prepared when the third load splashed across her puffed cheeks.  The crowd applauded as Brad slumped against the opposing door.  Melissa choked on the cum in her throat, letting it splash down on her spotted tits.
Robin, still naked of course, and obviously guilty at the disproportion of her dare, opened the door and let Brad and the cum-soaked Melissa back into the room.  The crowd lingered for a while outside the door.
There were not enough seats on the ride home.  There never were.  Stupid budget cuts.  So the girls had to ride on the boys laps.  The most modestly dressed girls wore tiny skirts (sans panties, of course). Even Heather had had to surrender Mark’s boxers and her own jeans due to some archaic rule of the competition.  In fact, the only pair of panties on the bus were the ones Mark was wearing.  Why is it that the guys never lose their clothes?
Kevin and Brad sat together, with Robin and Melissa on their respective laps.  Both boys seemed happy but troubled.  It was Kevin who found the courage to speak.
“Robin,” he said.  “I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed our time on the stage the other day.”
“Oh, right,” she replied, shifting her bare bottom on his lap as she turned to face him.  Her naked tits were now at eye level as she looked down at him, blonde hair forming a curtain covering half their faces.
“Anyway,” he continued.  “I was hoping you might want to go out some time.  Maybe?”
Robin saw something in his nervous plee that frightened her.  This suddenly wasn’t fun anymore, but this well-endowed boy was delicate.  “I don’t think so.  I’m sorry.”
“Oh.”  Kevin’s spirits sank and his lap was suddenly more comfortable.  Robin felt terrible.  Also, something about the trip still bothered her.
“I’ll tell you what,” she offered as she lifted her leg over his head, bringing it down to straddle him.  “I need to know how I could have beat Melissa in that debate.”  She unzipped his pants and found his freshly renewed penis.  She yanked his pants down as far as she could manage in the little shared bus bench.   “For each good response” she said, carefully angling his dick at her awaiting vagina, “I will take another inch.”  She rested gently on his throbbing tip.
“OK,” Kevin attempted.  It was getting a little hard for him to concentrate.  “I think you had the wrong approach.”
“How so?” Robin donned a quizzical look, which just made her all the more stunning.
“You were arguing against a struggle for freedom, but the question was about democracy.”
“I suppose so…”  she slid the tip into her pussy.  Kevin’s head fell back.  “Remember” he managed. “America is not a democracy.  It is a representative republic.”
“Oh, that’s good!” she moaned and slid down another inch.
Kevin was done, but Melissa was enjoying the show.  She whispered in his ear.  “No fair coaching!” Robin said incredulously.
“You don’t get to make the rules this time,’ smiled Melissa.
Of course, Robin absolutely did get to make the rules.  This was her game.  However, she was enjoying the way it was turning out.
“The French” managed Kevin, “threw out their monarchy for a true democracy, and demonstrated that the will of the people can be more brutal than any single dictator”  Robin slid down and inch further… or maybe it was two… her ability to measure cock using only the sensation in her pussy was somewhat hampered. Her eyelashes fluttered as her eyes rolled back slightly.  Melissa grinned wickedly as she continued to coach Kevin.  At this point, he was no more than her meat puppet.
“The rule of law” he said, “must be maintained above any…” Robin cut him off with a kiss as she took the expansive remainder of his shaft generously.  He fingered her asshole as he returned the kiss, consummating their not-relationship.  He wondered if he would ever recover from this brutal rejection.

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