Lucy’s Trip Home (archives)

Lucy was one of the girls in a class here at the College where the teacher thought he would help the girls understand how unimportant dress length really is.  To help the girls, he made them sit in front of the room, in folding chairs.  Naturally, the girls sat with their legs together, and looked very prim and proper.  Then, the teacher told the girls to relax their legs, and let their knees touch those of the girls to their left and right.  It soon became clear that the teacher would wait patiently until all the girls opened up.  First one girl complied with his order, opening herself up to public view.  Then another girl spread herself wide, then another, until finally all the girls were on display.  Some of the girls blushed, and others covered their faces.  Some even showed signs of sexual excitement, which is a surprisingly common reaction when a girl is forced to show her pussy in public.

“So you see, girls,” said the teacher, “it really doesn’t matter how long your dress is.  I have the power to force you to open your legs in public, and no dress will help you.”  Then, just as the girls thought their ordeal was over, the teacher dropped the other shoe.  He forced the girls to identify the one among them wearing the longest dress, and strip her naked.  It was fun for the boys, and even for some of the girls who were tired of always being stripped, and took some pleasure in stripping someone else for a change.  Once one of the girls was naked, the teacher would keep her clothes, until the next class.  She would be required to remain naked for the remainder of the day, all night, and the next morning.  She would come to class naked the next day, and then she would be allowed to put on her clothes (or what was left of them) again.  I say that because sometimes, a girl will resist being stripped, and the others will be forced to rip her clothes off her.  In some cases, there really isn’t anything left but shreds to put on the next day.

Needless to say, none of the girls wanted to be the one wearing the longest dress, so they stopped wearing dresses altogether.  They reasoned that it was better to go to one class bottomless than spend the whole day naked.  Of course, all the girls reasoned the same way, so one of them, bottomless though she may be, is wearing the longest dress at any point in time.  On one particular Friday, all the girls but one wore a top short enough to expose her belly button, along with everything below it.  This girl, of course, was stripped, and faced the prospect of spending not just 24 hours naked, but the entire weekend.

It’s not a whole lot of fun to be naked at the college on a weekend.  The Dress Code isn’t as strictly enforced, so weekends are a time for girls to relax a bit, and maybe enjoy wearing panties or even pajama bottoms for a change.  For another thing, many parents visit the college on weekends.  And many students go home for the weekend.  If a girl is planning to go home for the weekend, and then discovers she’s required to be naked all weekend, then she either goes home naked, or cancels her trip and stays at the college.  Either prospect is no fun.

So the teacher offered the girls a deal.  If all the girls would agree to spend the weekend bottomless — that is, no clothing below the belly button — then no one would have to strip.  The girls talked it over, and agreed that it would just be too mean to make the one girl with the audacity to cover her belly button stay naked all weekend, and so they would keep their bottoms off until Monday’s class.

Lucy wasn’t too happy about this, but she went with the majority, and agreed to spend the weekend bottomless.  She would just have to explain it to her parents, and hope they agreed.  She was looking forward to seeing her old high school friends, but in this condition, it would have to be at her house, she supposed.  So, resigned to make a go of a bottomless weekend, she headed out to the parking lot and got in her car.

I’ll let Lucy tell the story from here…

I breathed a sigh of relief when I sat my bare butt down in my car. I hadn’t gone far before the “empty” light went on. I thought I could make it home, but I ran out of gas about 10 miles from home, about half a mile from a 7-11.  I must have sat in the car for half an hour before I got up the nerve to walk the 7-11.  When I got there, I asked if I could buy half a gallon of gas. “What are you gonna put it in?” asked the clerk. My car, I said. He laughed. “No, I mean to carry the gas.”  Oh, I laughed. He stared me. I resisted the temptation to cover my bald pussy. “Let’s see yer titties” he said. I looked left and right. There was no one else in the store. I forgot all about the security camera until much later. I slowly raised my top until my tits popped out. I waited while he enjoyed the sight of my little boobies, and felt my pussy tighten the way it does when I cum. My nipples were rock hard as he just stared at me.

Just then, a middle aged woman came into the store, followed by a couple teen-age boys. Instinctively, I covered up my tits.  “I’m not done with you yet”, said the clerk. Slowly, I raised my top again. The lady looked at me with curiosity, but apparently the boys hadn’t seen me yet.

“I’m a little embarrassed,” she said.

“By little Miss Naked?” asked the clerk.

She glanced at me, then back at the clerk.  “No.”. She laughed nervously, and lowered her voice. “I need a… personal lubricant.”

“No problem, they’re all in aisle three.”

I slowly pulled my shirt down. It felt good to cover myself up again. The lady narrowed her choice down to two brands. “I don’t know which one to pick,” she said.

“Try them both,” said the clerk.

“I can’t afford to buy both.”

“Try them first,” he said, “then buy just one.”

“Right here in the store?!”

“Yeah,” said the clerk. “Try them out on her.”. Seeing I had covered myself up, he simply whipped off my top, leaving me naked. “Use one on her left tit, and the other on her right one. Then feel them, smell them, whatever you want.

“Are you sure that’s OK?” she said half to the clerk, and half to me.

“Sure!” said the clerk in a hearty voice. He picked up a cigarette lighter and flicked it a couple times under my top.  I got the picture. He was holding my top hostage!  I nodded gravely.

I interlaced my fingers behind my head, and waited patiently as the lady lubes my right breast, and then my left. She felt them for softness, looking at me from time to time to make sure I was OK with it.

“I like them both,” said the lady. “But…” She seemed even more embarrassed than me. “I don’t plan to use the lube on my breasts.”  I think I saw her flush.

“You can try it there,” said the clerk.

I gasped.  He picked up my top and pretended to examine it. I spread my legs, and felt her hand on my back. Oh, *there*, I realized. I bent over, and grabbed my ankles, legs spread wide. To my horror, I realized the boys had been standing behind me for some time.

The lady was very gentle, mixing the lube with my natural juices. With quick, feather light motions, she gently stroked me, starting  at my clit, sliding her fingers inside my lips, dipping gently in my vagina, along my perineum, and then sweetly circling my anus. I felt my vagina open all by itself, as if to invite her to probe deeper for my sweet juices.

“Would it be OK to see how it tastes?” asked the lady.

“Absolutely!” said the clerk. The boys found this all very funny.

My pussy felt like it was taking gulps of air as the lady stroked my inner thighs, and traced the outline of my lips. So sweetly and gently, she took my hand, and led me to the table, where she busied herself moving the coffee creamer, napkins, and lids to other tables. I helped her clear the table, keeping my legs spread wide to maintain full lubrication, and then I hopped up on the table and knelt with my legs spread apart. I felt like I shouldn’t sit down, because I was covered with juices of all kinds.

The clerk stepped in to help. “Knees and elbows,” he ordered.

“Thank you, dear,” said the lady.

I assumed the position, my back arched, my ass high in the air, on my knees, which were spread apart as far as humanly possible.

The lady was very nice to me, taking the time to rub my back, belly, and breasts with the soft gooey lubricant. Maybe she saw the way my vagina was staying open, and she wanted to save me the embarrassment of cumming in front of those boys. In any case, her gentle touch all over my body felt really good.  Finally, the lady decided she was ready to judge the taste. She gently spread my cheeks, and nuzzled me, while massaging my thighs and butt. Her tongue felt slippery and warm inside me as I relaxed and let her have her way with me.

Like a freight train, my orgasm was unstoppable.  It washed over me in wave after wave as the lady grabbed me with both hands and pushed her face into my bottom. Both my holes were open and quivering with delight.

The experience was so intense, I must have passed out for a little while, because the next thing I remember, I was lying on my back, totally relaxed, the soles of my feet together.  The lady was stroking my hair, and kissing me softly on the cheeks and lips.  The clerk was rubbing my belly, and the two boys were giving me a really sweet leg massage.  I say it was sweet, because they both stopped just short of my vagina or asshole. One of them would rub me right up to the edge of my outer lips, and then the other would rub me right up to my cheeks, and then stop. I could feel my vagina opening each time the boys’ fingers came near. It was saying, “cum in”, but they continued to just tease me.

While I was still recovering from my multiple orgasms, and on the brink of another, the lady held up one of the tubes of lube to the clerk. “I think this one is the best, but I’m still not sure. Can I use the girl for one last test?”. She looked at the boys, and I saw one of them had taken off his pants.

“Of course,” said the clerk. Within seconds the boy was on top of me, stabbing me wildly with his dick.

“it’s OK,” I whispered. I guided him into my waiting pussy, and he made floppy sounds as he slid up and down on my slippery body. I rubbed and scratched his back and buttocks, and then he exploded inside me, and collapsed, still quivering.

I heard a terrible crash, and saw my lover lying on the ground. At first I thought he fell, but soon realized the other boy, who was now naked, by the way, threw him to the ground.

“Hands and knees, sweetie,” said the clerk.

I was too numb to resist. The nice lady squeezed a liberal amount of glop onto my lower back, and gently rubbed it all over and between my cheeks, and between my legs as well. She was so sweet and kind, I think I came again. When she was done lining me, she touched my hair and kissed me softly. I closed my eyes, and rested my shoulders and face on the table, not even thinking about my juicy, quivering ass, which was high in the air, or the boys and girl who had gathered around it as if it were a campfire.

I might have dozed off for a second when I felt the naked boy grab me roughly by my slippery, sweaty breasts. Getting no purchase there, he grabbed me beneath both shoulders, and almost lifted me off the table. So sudden were the boy’s moves, and so slippery was my body, that it took a few seconds to realize he was inside me.

Living at the college, of course I had been raped before. Like many freshman girls, I lived in constant fear of being raped.  Just about every day I saw one of my classmates get stripped naked, and then like a train wreck, I kept watching as boys would touch the poor girl between her legs, forcing her to open herself up for more fondling. Inevitably, despite her best efforts, the girl would become aroused, which the boys took as an invitation to rape her.

Even though I had stood and watched as many as half a dozen girls get raped, it came as a surprise to me when I was raped for the first time. I didn’t think it could happen to me because I was such a good girl. I avoided being inspected by wearing such skimpy clothes that couldn’t possibly hide any sort of underwear. One such outfit was a backless baby doll dress that made me look really cute.  Since naked girls are usually the ones who are raped, and I was such a good girl, I felt safe.

Then one day, while I was wearing a backless halter top, and no bottom, a boy came up next to me as I walked to class, and started chatting with me. He was very nice, so I didn’t mind that he brushed his hand over my butt now and then. I thought it was accidental until he rested his hand on my butt and tickled my asshole with his middle finger. Like a good girl, I stopped walking, and spread my legs so he wouldn’t think I was denying him a feel.  I wanted to ask him to stop touching me, but I knew this was against the rules.

“I’m late for class,” I said.

“Bend over,” he replied

I did as I was told and felt my pussy moisten and my heart beat fast. A crowd gathered as I dropped to all fours.  “Be gentle,” I begged. He pushed his way into my back door, and told me to relax so it won’t hurt as much. I obeyed him, and I guess he tried to be gentle, but it still hurt.

Since then, I’ve been raped several times, and although it’s still upsetting, it’s not as bad as the first one. Each rape gets a little easier.

So here, naked, in the 7-11, I knew the routine. I relaxed my sphincter, and let him in. Then, to increase his satisfaction, I pooped him almost all the way out, then relaxed again. With all the lubrication, both natural and artificial, there was no pain at all. He rubbed my breasts, then my hips, then pushed again. I pushed him out and relaxed. He palmed my spread pussy, mmmm, so good. A little twitch came over me, and I felt like letting go, and cumming again, but I resisted going over the brink. He rubbed my belly, then my pussy again, rubbing my from my clit all the way down to the shaft of his own penis, ready to make a final push into me. I saw stars as I came all over my body!  I came deep in my vagina, and on the surface of my clitoris. I came in my colon and on my asshole. My rapist was so sweet to me, gently stroking my chest as he let himself go limp between my cheeks. I let him hug me, and I came again. I felt a crazy kind of love settle in me, on me, and all over me. Dog tired, barely able to open my eyes, I willed myself to sit up and kiss the naked boy. We kissed long and deep, and I felt him get hard again. I laid him down on the table and stroked his hairless body, warmed by the regrowth before my eyes. I licked the delicious juices from his firm shaft, a warm mixture of the love we felt for each other at that moment. He began arching his back, so I stopped licking him, and kissed him instead. I settled my warm, moist pussy on his belly and kissed him some more. I pressed my breast into his as if by force of will, we could become one person. I slid down his slippery body until the tip of his penis rested against my open vagina. Still kissing him, I very slowly lowered myself around him. I arched my back for perfect alignment, dangling my wet hair in his face.  Then we were one. I didn’t dare move knowing he was ready to cum at any moment. I kissed his lips lightly, and stroked his cheek. I slowly and gently rocked my hips, feeling my asshole open slightly as his shaft pulled, and then feeling the warmth in my pussy as he pushed. I felt him tense up. I rocked again, and then he grabbed me hard and pushed. “I love you,” I said as I came again and again. “I love you,” he said. And in that moment, we both believed it was true.


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