Judy makes a campus visit (archives)

“I’m going to love attending this college!” a very excited and very nude Judy screamed to the world.

Selina laughed, “Not quite the reaction I expected. Care to see the rest of the campus while you are here?”

Judy said, “Only if you make me do the tour nude.”

Selina laughed again, “I can’t make you do anything. You stripped on your own. It’s your choice.”

Judy cocked her head. “You mentioned the donation boxes. Is there one close to us?”

Selina helped the girl pick up her clothing and carry it over to the donation box.

At the donation box Selina reviewed the events leading to Judy stripping nude.

“Judy, I want to make sure you understand you are under no obligation to donate your clothing. In fact, since you checked in with the Administration Building, your temporary ID clearly makes inspections and the Dress Code voluntary for you during your campus visit. Only students are subjected to Dress Code inspections.”

Judy looked as if Selina might be disapproving that she was naked. She pondered what Selina told her, then took her temporary ID and tossed it into the donation box. “Now what happens?”

Selina said, “Now you are on campus without an ID, and that means any inspector has the right to stop you. Also, any student has the right to touch your exposed skin.”


“Anywhere and everywhere!”

“Oh my, I’m really going to love coming here.”

Selina said, “Coming is another problem. Coming will indicate to the boys your willingness for consensual sex.”

Judy seemed to smile even more. “Really? In public or do you have little rooms for that?”

Selina said, “Public. And really, it is not as enjoyable as you might dream it to be.” Judy just kept smiling.

Selina picked up Judy’s panties, “When I told you that the Dress Code did not allow panties under skirts to encourage the wearing of a longer skirt, I gave you the option of removing your sexy little skirt or removing your panties. What did you say?”

Judy took the panties from Selina, “I decided that I would rather wear the short skirt than just the panties. Someone real close would know, especially at the right angle, that I wasn’t wearing panties, but without a skirt, even people clear across the lawn here would know I’m running around in my panties.”

Selina corrected her, “On campus, we call it a ‘mall’, not a lawn or yard. Sometimes it is called ‘Common Grounds’ when between the Schools or Dorms.”

Judy said, “Right. Mall. I think having everyone see me wearing my panties would be more embarrassing to me than just a few in passing realizing I was pantiless. So I took off my panties and kept my skirt. I learned that carrying panties was as much a violation as wearing them when I had on a skirt.” Judy turned around and tossed her panties into the donation box. She smiled at the two guys that stopped to see what the nude girl was doing.

Selina then picked up Judy’s sexy lace bra, “And when I informed you that the Dress Code did not allow a bra under a blouse or or top, and either the top or bra would have to go, what did you do?”

Judy said, “It was like the panties. I removed my bra. Someone from quite a distance would realize I was shirtless and wearing a bra, but with my blouse, even as sheer as it is, it provides better protection from roaming eyes.”

Selina smiled. “Actually, by campus standards your blouse is not so sheer. Look at that girl.”

Judy covered her mouth muffling her, “Oh my goodness!” She then said to Selina, “Her dress is nearly transparent! Even across the… mall… I can see she is wearing nothing underneath it.”

Selina said, “That’s exactly what she wants you to know, well, wants all the inspectors to know. Your blouse may cause an inspector to hail you from across the mall wondering if you had a bra hidden underneath. As he would approach he might see you weren’t wearing a bra, but now that he stopped you, he’d still continue the full inspection.”

Judy said, “Why? Once he knows, isn’t that enough?”

Selina replied, “No. Public inspections serve two purposes: it keeps most people from breaking the dress code, it reminds everyone the dangers of breaking the dress code.”

Judy said, “I think I understand. She is wearing a really sheer dress to avoid any chance of inspection, but a less sheer dress might result in having to strip to show everyone everything. Like yours?”

Selina smiled, “There is nothing you can do to avoid any chance of inspection. Remember that if nothing else. Inspections happen. There are things you can do, like wearing a really sheer dress, to minimize the likelihood of an inspection, but inspection still happen. I decided to wear this dress, actually an old boyfriend’s dress shirt I use as a dress, just leave it unbuttoned with a belt as an accessory. Most inspectors realize I’m showing enough to avoid a full inspection, but sometimes an inspector will make an example of me or someone else.”

Judy took the lace bra from Selina, but Selina questioned her, “Why did you remove your bra to keep your blouse since you had to remove your blouse first, then your bra, exposing your firm little tits to the world before recovering them with your sheer blouse?”

Judy answered after a moment of thought. “While I had to flash my breasts for a minute to a few people in the mall, I thought it was better than having walking around campus in my bra for all to see.” She turned and donated her lacy bra to the box. She noticed a small crowd forming around them.

Selina then picked up Judy’s sheer blouse. Selina smiled seeing her fingernail polish design through the thin fabric. She thought she was really lucky to have spotted the girl wearing the really transparent dress at the moment in question. In fact, Judy’s sheer blouse was as sheer as anything Selina had hanging in her own closet. “Now you were down to your tiny skirt and this blouse. What happened next?”

Judy said, “It is not a blouse really by the Dress Code. It was a dress or full cover. The hem extended below my navel and even touched my skirt waistband. Well, if my skirt had a waistband. You then told me either the skirt or cover would have to go. Two bottoms were against the dress code.”

Like a professor, Selina quizzed her student guest, “Why did you select removing your blouse rather than your skirt?”

Judy made sure to ponder her answer. She placed one hand on her chin and supported the elbow with her other hand. Finally she responded, “The blouse was sheer. It did nothing to hide my breasts. When I attempted to roll the tails and tie the tails together, you told me that even tied the rule would applied untied since once out of the inspectors’ sight I could untie the tails. I realized removing my skirt meant showing my pussy and butt to everyone, and still having my tits visible under the sheer fabric. But going topless just meant showing my tits. I decided to remove my blouse.” Judy took the blouse from Selina and tossed it into the donation box. By now, the crowd had grow to encircle the two girls.

That left just Judy’s tiny skirt laying in the grass. Selina bent over to retrieve it, and the crowd behind her smiled as Selina’s skirt rose high enough to expose half her bum and reveal a set of smooth pussy lips.

Selina asked, “And what became of your skirt?”

Judy snatched the tiny band of garment with fringe on both sides where it was obvious that Judy had cut off the waistband and raised the hemline. Judy said, “Topless girls are not allowed in all the buildings, but nude ones can pass. It is assumed that a topless girl has done so on her own and might be a distraction to her professors and classmates, but a nude girl is assumed to been inspected and had her clothes confiscated for her hearing and court date. Innocent until proven guilty, no one thinks less of the girl that is forced to be nude.” Selina spun around to quickly add the skirt to the donation box.

Selina congratulated Judy of her understanding the dress code from her first voluntary inspection.

Judy asked Selina, “One thing I don’t understand is how using this same logic not everyone is nude? If I did the same thing back in the dorm before classes, I’d be just as nude, right?”

Selina said, “Think about your choices and how those choices affected the outcome.”

Judy was puzzled. “What would you have removed first?”

Selina said, “The panties. Your reasoning would have been my own. The difference is that I would remove the blouse and kept the bra. Keeping the blouse made you still have two bottoms. I might have been down to a lacy bra and short sexy skirt, but I’d been covered going to class. Do you see the difference?”

Judy leaned to whisper to Selina, “Of course, I do, but I wouldn’t have all these people staring at me. If just one of them touches me, I’ll be coming a stream for sure.”

Selina said, “Save that for when you are student here.” Selina turned to the audience gathered around them both, “Shows over folks. She’s just here on a Campus Tour.”

Most the people sighed and left. A few looked puzzled and chatted. Selina pulled Judy along to finish their tour before any of the boys could figure out that Judy didn’t have her temporary ID.

At the end of the tour, Selina realized she could not send this student home naked. Off campus, she would be too exposed, and she wouldn’t have any protection. Judy resisted the idea of taking Selina dress – the button down shirt, but Selina insisted Judy at least having it in her car for the drive home. Judy placed it in the trunk and slammed it shut.

Judy gave Selina a bug naked hug and kiss on the cheek. “Thank-you so much! I’m going to love attending college here. When I come back in the Fall will you teach me more about the Dress Code? Or more importantly, how to avoiding dressing all semester?”

Selina leaned in towards Judy and planted a wet kiss on her lips. Judy responded, and Selina hand found a moist pussy. A few fingers into action produce a massive shiver through Judy’s body. She broke the kiss to watch in amazement the flow she was producing. Selina kissed Judy again and said, “Better get driving before a boy sees you in this condition.”

Judy climbed into her car and reluctantly pulled away from the beautiful and naked Selina. Selina waved until the younger girl was out of sight. She slipped her belt around her waist and smiled and laughed to herself all the way back to the dorm. Selina realized Judy taught her something as she was teaching Judy.

I can’t wait to hear about Judy’s later visits, and experiences with higher learning! Such eagerness must make a teachers job worthwhile!
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At the risk of being self-promoting, I’ve written a story that continues Judy’s adventures: ‘Stirrings of Discontent,’ with Base’s blessings. Hope you enjoy it.
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