Jennica – White Cottons (archives)

“Jennica, what do you think you’re doing?”

It wasn’t quite the greeting Jennica had in mind when her friend, Allison, called and told her to meet her at the woodland trail.

Jennica said, “What’s wrong? You told me to meet you here.”

Allison said, “Sorry, it’s good to see you.” Allison gave her friend a hug and kiss on the cheek. “But how could you leave your dorm dressed like that?”

Jennica spun around, “It’s cute, isn’t it?”

Allison smiled. They played this game before. “No, you are cute. You make the outfit look cute, too.”

Jennica gave her friend another hug and kiss as her thank-you.

Allison said, “But what I meant was you are taking a big risk wearing that outfit outside the dorm. An inspector might see you.”

Jennica laughed, “Well, the blouse might be a little long, but when I spot an inspector, I just open the blouse. Flashing my little titties usually gets the inspector smiling and let’s me pass their Dress Code inspections.”
Allison said, “That’s a big risk to take.”

Jennica pouted. She said, “But I’m not as comfortable as you walking around topless.”

Allison said, “That’s why I called to have you meet me here.  It’s such a warm day, I thought we’d go for a topless walk around the woods together.”

Jennica said, “You mean through the woods, right?”

It was Allison’s turn to pout. She said, “I mean around the woods. No one will give you a second look. Look around. With the sun shining, lots of girls are going topless today.”

Jennica peeled off her blouse. “Okay, but just for a little while, and only because  walking around the woods, we might be spotted by an inspector.”
Allison said, “Great! Let’s go!” Allison had Jennica feeling good about being topless in the sunshine.  Jennica even proudly posed for a couple of boys passing by. One whistled.
They walked hand-in-hand for a few hundred yards when suddenly Allison pulled Jennica to a stop. “Jennica, there’s an inspector up there. I know him. He stopped a girl from my dorm last week. Stripped her bare and tore up her clothes to teach her a lesson.”

Jennica asked, “How can he do that? Didn’t she strip when ordered to do so?”

Allison said, “Sure she did. Nobody makes that mistake anymore. But what could she do? The inspector has all the cards.”

Jennica asked, “So why did he tear up her clothes? A violation or something?”

Allison got a worried look on her face. “No, She was wearing a tube top and panties.”

Jennica was puzzled. “That should have been okay. unless she was bushy down there.”

Allison said, “No way! What she was wearing was white cotton panties, and that inspector hates seeing white cottons. He stripped her and tore up her panties and tube top because he didn’t like her panties.”

Jennica said, “He can’t do that!”

Allison said, “Tell me, but he did. She was going to protest it at her hearing, but the inspector never cited her. He just left her naked with tattered clothing. She had nothing she could do!”

Jennica said, “Poor girl.”

Allison looked Jennica in the ye, then looked down to Jennica’s  panties, then back to her eyes.

Jennica screamed, “No! He wouldn’t dare!”

Just then the girls notice the inspector turning towards them – still quite a distance from them. Allison said, “Hurry! Get rid of your panties!”

Jennica was shocked, “What? here? I’ll be completely nude!”

Allison said, “Better to be nude by choice than to have the inspector shred your clothes, besides, he might tear up my panties, too, since I’m with you.”

Jennica had only a second to think. She didn’t want her friend paying for her white cotton panties. So, Jennica slipped off her white cottons. The two girls hurried up the pathway leaving the white cottons in the trail.
As they passed the inspector, he asked for Allison to show him that she didn’t have a bush hiding under her sheer panties. It was clear she didn’t, but Allison wasted no time in flashing him her smooth pussy.
After the inspector left, Jennica saw him head straight to her white cotton panties. He picked them up, smelled them, then tore them in half. Jennica said, “Allison, thanks for the warning, but what am I going to do? You got me on the far side of campus naked!”

Allison said, “Well, my dorm is close by. Come over there until it gets dark, and I’ll walk you back to your dorm.”

Allison hugged her friend for being so thoughtful. But by the time they walked back to Allison’s dorm, they passed by the auditorium just as the concert was letting out.  Campus police held the walking traffic for several minutes as the cars filed passed shining their headlights on a topless Allison and a naked Jennica.

At the dorm, Allison kissed, hugged, and reminded Jennica, “See? You spent all evening naked and nothing bad happened. We’ll have to do this again sometime soon.”

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i’m still eagerly awaiting the just sittin around – health check story…please. 🙂
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