Inspector Test #8

Reports of inspectors falling down on the job abound across campus. Record number of complaints, and an unheard of number of acquittals at trial.  New tests are being developed to see if you have the ability to apply the Campus Code of Conduct’s Dress Code properly.

Let’s look at Abby. Not many girls keep wearing shorts, but it is not a violation to do so.

Would you stop Abby for an inspection just because she is wearing a pair of short shorts, Daisy Dukes?

An experienced inspector knows shorts are an easy means to conceal panties. So one might assume an inspection is necessary to verify she not wearing panties, right? But she knows an inspector knows she might be concealing a pair of panties, so being a smart girl, she would never wear panties under her shorts. No inspection would be necessary, right?

Oh, but there is a chance she elected to wear shorts today because she didn’t have time to shave off her pubic hair. So the smart inspector might decide to inspect, right? Yet the same applies. She knows the inspector knows this, and she would not risk the inspection and getting caught, right?

Panties or pubic hair. Could be hiding under her shorts, but she knows we know this. Knowing this, she would never dare to wear panties or not shave when wearing shorts. Oh, how clever. We know she knows this, and she would not dare to do such a thing, but her knowing we know she knows means she knows she just might get away with wearing panties or not shaving.

As you can see, Abby decided to wear her shorts with the waistband rolled down. A clearer sign she is not wearing panties. Oh, but could that be a diversion? She wants us to know she is not wearing panties, making it possible for her to slip passed without shaving this day.

The inspector in this case decided she might be trying to outsmart us. Inspectors have to be careful not to inspect all girls in shorts. Too many inspections without finding a violation will send a negative message. Too many girls getting away with a violation sends the wrong message, too.

In this case, an inspection did happen. Abby was quick to show she was not wearing a bra. Of course, she knows by flashing her breasts in the inspector’s face, he may not pay as close attention to other matters. then the slow tease lowering her shorts. Why a smart girl may be doing that strictly to cause the inspector to stop looking at her breasts and top.

Only one solution to this. Do you know it?

It is simple. Remove the distractions and inspect.

No panties. Abby was not trying to hide them.

No bush. Abby knows the rules.

Anything else? Well, Abby is naked, and it would be a shame not to see how she would look on a naked date, right? The girls know inspectors will do this. Some even think it is a compliment asking them to pose in sexual positions. It means the inspector finds them sexual desirable.

Let’s try to determine if this was a reasonable inspection or not. What do you think? Did this inspector make more girls more careful in selecting their outfits? Or did he make it so the girls feel there is no use to what you wear – Inspectors will inspect you regardless.

photos by w4b

5 thoughts on “Inspector Test #8

  1. Stickler

    Take another look at the first picture. If the waistband weren’t rolled down, the top and shorts would overlap. These items of clothing clearly can’t go together, and it’s reasonable to inspect for further breaches of the dress code. I’d say that top is plenty long enough to count as a dress.

    1. base Post author

      Interesting observation. However, if the shorts were designed to be rolled down, then the potential overlap would be not much different than pulling a skirt waistband high enough to overlap with a girl’s top. Would a high waistband on a skirt pulled low become a violation? This is a tricky area of interpretation to the Dress Code.

      One would have to know the designer of the jeans and the original intent. Or perhaps the denim outfit was meant to be variable?

      Could a girl wear a tube top pulled down and enter a “No Topless” building? She does have a top, but the intent is that she keep her breasts covered in those buildings, even if some girls leave their blouses wide open.

      We do know some girls who wear just a skirt and pull it high to enter the “No Topless” buildings. If a long skirt, it becomes a short dress. If a short skirt, they can sit in their seats without distracting the entire class or professor.

      We’ll see how others wanting to take this Inspector’s Test think on the matter.

  2. f

    Being a newbie at inspections I might be completely off on this. But isn’t the rolled down waistband in violation of the layering rule?

    1. base Post author

      No. Read the College Rules of Regulations (link below top banner).

      Layering is when two items of clothing are place on top of each other. The fly on your pants would otherwise be considered layering or even a button up blouse when buttoned would be considered layering.

      If she was wearing just the skirt rolled at the bottom, no one would question her sense of fashion. And thus just rolled at the top is equally allowed. This inspector test is about not just the bottoms, but with a top, too.

      The confusion comes in when A dress is rolled up to allow the wearing to also don bottoms. Too many girls did that to sneak pass the inspectors and once pass them they unrolled their dresses and hid the fact that they were really wearing something under their short dresses. A clear violation.

      There is also the confusion that prohibits a dress or skirt from having a lining. When girls wore them, it was complicated for the inspectors. Was that a lining or a slip. A slip would be a violation. Some dresses have built in slips, but the girls were calling them a liner. They were told wear the dress without a liner. That made some girl protest the dress without the liner was too sheer. Fine, wear the liner without the dress. The same girls protested that the liner was too thin to wear alone. So, it was clear to all authorities, the girls were wearing sheer dresses simply because they had a liner. And the liner itself was too thin to wear alone. Much the same as short skirt and panties. Wear one or the other, not both. Hence, no liners allowed.


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